19 Best Ergonomic Desk Stools Encourages Active Sitting

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Conventional desk chairs invite you to slouch and lounge for hours on end, with all kinds of detrimental effects on your body. You’re all for forcing your office-slouched body into a better posture? The following ergonomic desk stools may improve an unhealthy pose.


1. Learniture Active Learning Stool

height adjustable stool


height adjustable desk stool

The Learniture is designed with dynamic workplaces in mind. It’s ideal for touch-down areas and fast meetings and is designed to work with adjustable-height desks.

On a Learniture, you can get comfortable but you’re always aware of your posture, preventing that mid-meeting feeling of slump.


  • comfortable and sturdy
  • pneumatic height adjustable
  • reasonably priced


  • almost no cons


2. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Stool

hydraulic height adjustable ball chair stool

If active balance chairs are a little too active, the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Stool may be a better solution.

Rather than forcing your legs to constantly hold up your weight, it uses micro-movements that encourage your muscles to subtly compensate for your movements. You can still relax at work while toning muscles and improving posture – it’s that easy!


  • hydraulic height adjustable from 18″ to 23″ making it perfect for office, home and classroom
  • micro-movements encourage your muscles and improving posture
  • full degree swivel


  • locking mechanism on the wheels is not necessary


3. Turnstone BUOY Stool

better posture sitting stool

Buoy better posture desk stool

If balance ball chairs aren’t your thing, there are some creative alternatives on the market. The Turnstone Buoy Stool provides a better posture sitting experience and has a flat top for better balance.

The base swivels in order to allow you to rock back and forth, twist and turn, and generally stretch normally achy legs. Some complaints about the Buoy include the seat area, which barely has any cushioning to it and can make your butt sore. Overall, it may not be worth it for the price it’s currently at.


  • encourages better posture sitting
  • pneumatic height adjustable
  • a built-in handle for easy moving


  • too little cushion on the seat to sit on a full day


4. Safco Active Seating Chair

active seating chair stool

active seating stool

Safco’s Active Seating Chair isn’t just pretty to look at (it has so many fun colors!). It’s also one of the best active seating chairs for working your core muscles as you sit.

The base stays firmly in place as you sit and lean on the stool, which then causes your legs to hold part of your weight. You’ll feel your muscles strengthening and toning each time you use it!


  • pneumatic height adjustable seat
  • great active sitting chair for your core muscles
  • flexible ring underneath provides active sitting and ergonomic posture
  • 360 º swivel chair


  • can be a bit noisy on wood floors


5. FRNIAMC Adjustable Saddle Stool

Adjustable saddle stool

Find your perfect seating position with this wonderful height adjustable stool from Spa Luxe. Its saddle seat design supports your rear and lumbar regions, and added support comes in the form of an adjustable back support.

The stool’s five caster wheels ensure smooth rolling from place to place as you effortlessly go about your work day. The FRNIAMC Adjustable Stool comes in one of two neutral colors to blend in with most office furniture.


  • comfortable, multipurpose stool
  • adjustable height and backrest
  • ergonomic tilting saddle seat
  • sturdy metal base


  • some users find the saddle seat too hard


6. The Original Balance Fit Ball Office Chair

Balance ball desk chair

You may not develop a six-pack from using this chair, but you’ll feel healthier with a stronger core. CoreSeat’s Original Balance Ball Chair helps strengthen your core muscles as you work with little effort. It’s like a workout without the stress, and you’ll love how comfortable the chair is.

CoreSeat comes with pneumatic height adjustment, an anti-burst dome seat, auto-locking caster wheels, and a three year guarantee. You’ll sit straighter and feel stronger, leaving you happier and more productive at work.


  • comfortable active sitting chair
  • supports core, shoulders and back while working at your desk
  • pneumatic height adjustment
  • auto-locking caster wheels
  • made of durable and hight-quality materials


  • some people prefer a balance ball with backrest


7. MOBIS Stand-Up SEAT

Height-adjustable stand-up seat

Height-adjustable stand-up seat

The tilting mechanism in the Mobis Seat encourages better posture sitting. It’s designed to give you a hip-to-torso tilt of 130 to 135 degrees, thought to be the best angle for a standing stool: leaning back at this angle reduces pressure on your hips and engages your muscles, while still being far more comfortable than standing up for long periods.


  • support a better posture
  • a built-in handle for easy moving
  • height- adjustable
  • comfortable and solid


  • not angle enough to use as a real standing stool


8. Ballo Stool

Ballo desk stool

Ballo desk stool

One of the most unique ergonomic desk stools is the Ballo stool. Humanscale created this piece with the intention of improving on the traditional exercise ball, long favored by office workers looking for a different way to sit at a desk.

Unlike exercise balls, the Ballo Stool is compact and can be easily stored away when not in use.


  • comfortable
  • eco-friendly TPV material
  • a built-in handle for easy moving


  • not height adjustable


9. Uncaged Ergonomics Wobble Stool

Ergonomic height adjustable wobble stool

Ergonomic height adjustable wobble stool

Who needs the gym when you can use a wobble stool? Active seating is the new workout; wobble stools are an excellent stool for improving balance, toning muscles, and working your core to keep you fit and trim.

Uncaged Ergonomics’ Wobble Stool has an adjustable height and a padded cushion for supreme comfort during your work day. The tool-less assembly allows anyone to take advantage of this amazing office accessory.


  • a stable base for easy moving
  • tall height adjustable
  • non-skid, non-scratch rubberized coating


  • for some people the padded seat is too large


10. KORE Everyday CHAIR

Ergonomic height adjustable stool

The Kore Chair seems to be the perfect middle man. Rather than rolling or rocking, the chair “wobbles” just enough to thoroughly exercise your core muscles while staying put in one spot. Assembly is required, but the Wobble Chair goes together in a few simple steps.

It looks quite sophisticated for an ergonomic chair, making it ideal for office jobs and professional environments, but don’t be fooled by its appearance. Several models have had breakage issues centering around the base and lack of durability doesn’t make it an ideal choice.


  • adjustable
  • comfortable
  • stable and flexible


  • lacks durability


11. Be Well Medical Spa Stool

Ergonomic height adjustable swivel stool

Ergonomic height adjustable swivel stool

Staying mobile with a regular office chair isn’t easy. That’s why the Be Well Medical Spa Stool is a favorite among medical doctors and students alike. There’s no longer any need to tire yourself out by constantly moving your office chair.

Its swivelling seat allows for 360º turns and a wider range of motion so you can go from station to station without ever getting up. Be Well’s seat is also highly comfortable, supporting your spine as you go about your work.


  • height adjustable seat
  • highly comfortable and spine supporting
  • 360 º swivel chair
  • swivel wheels for easy movement
  • looks stylish


  • with prolonged use the vinyl does not retain its consistent thickness


See also the Be Well Medical Spa Stool with back cushion:

Be Well medical Spa stool


12. Stand Steady Active Motion Stool

Active motion stool

Height adjustable active motion desk stool


Active motion desk stool

What’s a great way to stay in shape that also makes work time fun?           Stand Steady’s Active Motion Stool! Designed to help work your core and tone muscles, this ergonomic office stool has it all.

The Active Motion Stool helps promote proper posture, along with keeping your leg muscles working, to reduce back pain often found in the workplace. Your focus will improve as you wobble your way to a better work day!


  • height adjustable
  • corrects posture and strengthens muscles and lower back
  • comfortable and sturdy


  • a cushion would be desirable if you sit long


13. Locus Mobile Stand-Up Seat

Mobile stand-up seat

Mobile stand-up office seat

Hip problems can be quite painful, especially if you’re stuck in an office all day. Sitting on uncomfortable chairs can worsen the problem.                        The Locus Stand-Up Seat is designed specifically for standing desks or tables and helps those with limited flexibility to increase their flexibility over time.

Rather than simply sitting or standing, its user will lean against the seat while the seat’s tilted base supports their feet, relaxing the hip muscles and improving posture to reduce pain in the spine and seat.


  • designed specifically for standing desks or tables
  • helps people with limited flexibility
  • relaxes the hip muscles and improving body posture
  • height adjustable


  • takes up more space than other ergonomic stools


14. Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool

Height adjustable sit-stand stool

Height adjustable sit-stand office stool

We’ve all wished that we could burn calories while sitting. Well, now you can! The Varier Move Saddle Stool is an active sitting chair that strengthens your core and back muscles; unlike regular office chairs, this saddle chair moves with you, increasing your ability to balance and giving you a workout while you sit.

Varier now comes with a rubber pad for the base to secure the chair when it’s on slippery floors. Use it with a height adjustable desk for a completely ergonomic work space.


  • height adjustable sit-stand stool with adjustable gas lift
  • strenghtens core and back muscles
  • comfortable and moves with your body
  • easy to change postion


  • the price is on the high side


15. Office Star KNEE CHAIR

Height adjustable kneeling chair

Are you ready to get rid of lower back pain and improve your posture? If so, then the Office Star Knee Chair may be just what you need. Instead of a regular seated position, users kneel on the comfortable chair pads while their spine is supported and maneuvered into a healthy alignment.

You can use this as an office chair, reading chair and more. The Office Star kneeling chair also comes with dual caster wheels to move it easily from room to room (Bonus: it’s environmentally-friendly).


  • height adjustable
  • encourages active sitting
  • easy to rotate with the dual wheel carpet casters
  • comfortable and solid


  • some users prefer a smooth, easy-to-clean fabric



Better posture sitting desk stool

This three-sided stool encourages active sitting with its ergonomic shape. It features a raised footrest and pneumatic height adjustment so you can find the perfect position for you.

The slight instability of the seat means that you’re engaging your core while sitting on a Pogo Stool, counteracting that sludgy feeling that comes from a day spent at a desk. Designed for busy offices, the Pogo works brilliantly for hot-desking spaces or as a seat for quick meetings.


  • pneumatic height adjustable
  • encourages better posture sitting
  • 360 º swivel chair
  • easy portable
  • available in various colors


  • slight instability



Ergonomic height adjustable desk stool

If you want a truly durable ergonomic chair, the aeris Swopper Stool, one of the most exquisite ergonomic desk stools, is a great option. Granted, it’s not perfect, but you get some pretty outstanding quality for the price you pay (a wallet-crunching $769.00).

The stool is ideal for those who want an ergonomic sitting chair for back and hip issues. Although there’s a backrest available for purchase, going without is the better option to promote proper posture.


  • high-end ergonomic sitting desk chair
  • height adjustable


  • some users have complained that the leather seat option is a bit slippery


18. Kaleurrier Swivel Saddle Stool

Swivel saddle stool


It’s time to get back in the saddle… the office chair saddle, that is! This uniquely-designed office chair has great support for your spine, meaning you can use it much longer than your typical office chair.

Wheels and a swivel seat allow for a more mobile approach to office work. Paired with an adjustable seat, this ergonomic Kaleurrier Swivel Saddle Stool is a welcome companion for a long work day. Available with back and with back and footrest.


  • adjustable seat-height
  • rotatable seat
  • comfortable for back and spine
  • easy noise-free rolling
  • light-weight / easy transportable


  • some users find the wheels roll a bit slow
  • the seat has not a forward tilt option for the low back



Ergonomic sitting desk stool

Alternative sitting desk stool

The ErgoErgo stool is a nice alternative to ball chairs because it’s usable indoors and outdoors. Rather than picking up sticky mess and lint, the stool is made from mess-free technopolymer and won’t roll out from underneath you because of its flat base.

If there is a problem with the ErgoErgo it isn’t it’s functionality, but rather its durability. Some of the ErgoErgo chairs are known to leak quite a bit of air. Despite this, it’s a very well received ergonomic sitting desk chair.


  • comfortable
  • affordable, “well worth the price.”


  • no padding, you’re basically sitting on plastic


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