Best Height Adjustable Desks & Desk Converters

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We distinguish two groups of sit stand adjustable desks:


Height Adjustable Desks

Cramped muscles and stiff backs are the tell-tale sign of the average office worker. Sit Stand desks are a great way to keep your spin in tip-top shape, even if you have to work eight straight hours. These desks encourage you to get up and stretch your legs every so often, offering an adjustable height for easy transition from sitting to standing.


1. FEZIBO Adjustable Desk with Keyboard Tray

Having a standing desk does more than benefit your neck and back – it also improves your focus and mental health. The day in, day out bore of a sitting desk can really start to sour your mood. The FEZIBO Adjustable Desk with keyboard tray gives you the option to change things up in order to benefit your health and decrease your stress levels.

The electric lift system is powered by an easy-to-use, integrative control panel that lets you adjust the desk’s heigh.


2. Ergotron Work-Fit-D Desk

You won’t have to fiddle with complicated gears and knobs with this height-adjustable, sitting-standing desk; the Ergotron Desk needs only a light tap to release the brake system. This means you can quickly and easily go from a sitting to standing position.

Due to the ease of use, this popular sitting-standing desk has won over consumers, but it’s not just its mechanisms that are a fan favorite. Ergotron also has a sleek finish and a handy accessory line that includes monitor arms and a mounted keyboard arm. Don’t miss these affordable small computer desks with keyboard tray.


3. Safco Stand Up Desk

The Safco Stand-Up Desk is four levels of awesome. It’s like a compact cubicle that holds your computer, keyboard, printer and tower all in a 20-inch wide space. Mobility is no problem; four wheels attached to the bottom let the desk be moved around your workspace or room-to-room.

If you’re looking for a space-saving, multi-tasking desk that allows for both sitting and standing, Safco is an excellent choice.


4. Seville Sit-Stand Desk

When you want to go back to the bare basics, Seville Classics is the right choice. The Seville Pneumatic Sit-Stand Desk uses a simple locking mechanism that allows the desk to adjust from 29 to 42 inches high.

Perfect for at-home use or in the classroom, this easily transportable desk takes up little space while retaining a sturdy construction.


5. Standing Desk 02 Artifox

Why struggle with height adjustment when you can just adjust your own height? The Standing Desk 02 is designed to work with any counter-height barstool so that all you have to do to move to a standing position is, well… stand.

This purely simple idea is a refreshing change from brake systems and control knobs. After all, what’s more reliable than your own pair of legs? Other features include a cable management grid and adjustable feet for uneven floors.


6. AIZ Mobile Standing Desk

Sitting at a desk all day is murder on your neck and back, not to mention that it puts you at greater risk for blood clots. Keep your blood flowing and promote proper posture with this AIZ Mobile Standing Desk.

It comes equipped with a monitor stand, tilted keyboard tray, and a smaller work surface for your mouse or computer accessories. There’s also an under desk storage shelf that you can use for a computer tower or other office supplies.


7. Techni Mobili Sit-To-Stand Rolling Laptop Cart

Preparing a big presentation for the office board meeting can be intimidating, but having the right tool for the job gives you the confidence you need. Techni Mobili’s Rolling Laptop Cart is a sit/stand desk and podium all in one.

Shelving underneath the desk lets you store presentation materials, books, and other media so you can keep yourself organized. Caster wheels allow you to stay mobile, and the desk’s height adjusts from 28 inches to 43 inches high.


8. Crank Stand Up Desk

There’s no guessing game with this desk. Titled the “Stand-Up Desk” from the Stand-Up Desk Store, it does also have a sitting position. However, the real benefit of this desk is in the standing position.

Long hours on an office chair tend to cause spinal issues, and the ergonomically-designed Stand-Up Desk caters not only to your back’s needs, but your wrists’ as well. The keyboard tray sits at the perfect height in relation to the monitor to prevent cramping and carpal tunnel.


9. Split Top Electric Stand Up Desk

Heavy lifting is not an ability everyone has. The Electric Stand Up Desk takes care of this problem by using an electric lift mechanism that requires no lifting or pulling.

All you do is push the up or down button to raise or lower the desk. Having back pain is bad enough, but the Split Top Electric Stand Up Desk helps protect your spine, both from bad posture and heavy lifting.


10. FlexiSpot Electric Height Adjustable Desk

With just the touch of a button, you can raise or lower this desk to your preferred height. The FlexiSpot Desk uses an electric motor with simple-to-use buttons that adjust the desk from 28 inches to 47.6 inches, allowing users of all heights to enjoy its benefits.

You’ll be able to stretch your legs while you work, saving your neck and back from being worn out on an uncomfortable office chair.


Standing Desk Converters

Did you know that sitting at a computer all day is bad for your back? Now that you know, what should you do about it? Get a sit-to-stand desk, of course!

These desk converters can be used in either a sitting or a standing position so that you can stretch your legs, have better posture, and promote better spinal health – all at the same time!


1. Elevar Quickshift

Unlike some other sit-to-stand desks, the Elevar Quickshift doesn’t have preset height adjustments. The gas spring system lets you adjust it to any height within the desk’s total range.

Quickshift works with any existing desk and maintains a compact size for small spaces or narrow desks. Two levels give you a place for both your laptop/monitor and keyboard, and you can even adjust the keyboard tray to the left or right.


2. X-Elite Pro

Sturdiness and durability are important in a desk. Even if your current desk is a little wobbly, the X-Elite Pro sit-to-stand desk is built to last. The height is adjusted using a pump system that’s both dependable and easy to use.

X-Elite’s work surface is pretty big, so you can put multiple items on it. Its X-bar design keeps it sturdy and balanced while you work.


3. Lorell Sit-To-Stand Monitor Riser

Do you already have a desk? No problem! Lorell’s Sit-To-Stand Monitor Riser works in conjunction with your current desk by elevating the monitor and keyboard. You can also use it for your laptop if you like, or you can place two monitors on the bi-level risers.

The height of the riser has five different settings to accommodate various user heights. The best thing? It comes fully assembled and ready to go!


4. ReadyDesk2

This sit-to-stand desk has one of the biggest work surfaces I’ve seen. It can fit two huge monitors on the upper level, and you’ve got plenty of room for your keyboard, laptop, mouse and pencil cup on the lower level.

Readydesk2 is pleasantly simple; instead of a mechanical adjusting system, you just have to slide the levels into whichever slot height is right for you.


5. Avantree Laptop Table

Not in the mood to go to the office today? You don’t have to get out of bed to get your work done. The Avantree Laptop Table Standing Desk brings the office to you. Two autolock buttons help you to quickly adjust the height to your comfort.

When you’re ready to get up and stretch your legs, Avantree functions equally well as a stand-up desk that sits on top of your regular desk. Bring it to work and get the stand-up benefit on the go!


6. Halter ED-600

You can take any ordinary table or desk and transform it into a height-adjustable office desk with the Halter ED-600.

It comes preassembled so that you don’t have to worry about complicated instructions, and you can get straight to work in a flat minute. The height is adjusted using a set of squeeze handles that lock the desk into place once you let go.


7. ErgoDriven Spark

Are you shopping for a sit-to-stand desk with a small budget? ErgoDriven Spark is a very basic standing desk riser that is both economical and highly functional.

It’s made from cardboard, so you never have to worry about rusting metal parts, broken glass or jammed mechanics. ErgoDriven Spark is perfect for college students and those living in small apartments. While it’s not height adjustable, it does come in three different sizes.


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