6 Best Flip Sofas For Kids

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Think of a flip sofa for kids as the smaller version of adult sleeper sofas. A toddler flip sofa chair provides both a seating arrangement and a cozy napping space, all in one piece of kids furniture. These flip sofas are perfect for both at home use and in the classroom.


1. Olpchee Foldable Children’s Sofa

What’s better than one frog fold-out couch? Two frog fold-out couches! Olpchee has its own cute take on children’s sofas. This model comes in both a frog design and an owl design, measuring at just over 19 inches wide by 29 inches long.

Olpchee Sofa‘s raised armrests provide support while your child rests comfortably on the chair, and the soft cushions let them rest soundly when taking a post-playtime snooze.


2. Kinbor Kids Sofa

Those big eyes, those rosy cheeks… something this cute could only be the Kinbor Panda Kids Sofa Chair. Kinbor’s design is extremely lightweight, making it easy for children to move it.

Skin-friendly PU leather prevents rashes and irritation, and it also makes clean-up a cinch. All you need is a damp sponge, and messes are gone! Ultra-plush foam ensures a comfy seat and an even comfier naptime.


3. Delta Children Serta Convertible Sofa

Sleeper sofas aren’t just for adults. When your child is ready for naptime, or if they have a friend in the house for a sleepover, Delta Children’s Serta Convertible Sofa is there for you.

Up to three children can fit on the sofa at once when it’s pulled out, so no one has to fight over a spot. The comfortable foam sofa has a removable cover for easy washing and a side pocket for storage.


4. Fun Furnishings Toddler Flip Sofa

Back in my day, we had to make an afternoon nap spot out of some couch cushions. How lucky today’s kids are!

Fun Furnishings has created a Toddler Flip Sofa with a simple and clean design that comes in six colors. The sofa measures 20 inches wide and 33 inches long (when unfolded). Cleaning the sofa requires only that you remove the slip cover for washing.


5. MOCOHANA Foldable Kids Sofa

The delicate skin on your child’s body must be treated with care, which is why MOCOHANA’s Fold Out Sofa for kids uses skin-friendly fabric. Ultra-fine crystal velvet cradles your child in comfort and warmth.

An adorable frog design makes this a fun place to sit down with their favorite book or take a quick afternoon nap. MOCOHANA is suitable for children ages 1-7, and it comes in a brightly-colored “prince” or “princess”design as well.


6. Fivtyily Toddler Armchair

Lions, puppies, and bunnies, oh my! Fivtyily’s Fold-out Sofa has all the playfulness that your young one has, with colorful designs that are sure to spark imagination.

This flip sofa makes a great companion for daycares and preschool classrooms, as it folds out into a nap mat when activities are at a stand still. Fivtyily also features a removable cover for easy washing and cleaning.


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