Arco Desk Box

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The Arco Desk Box almost seems futuristic with its minimalist rectangular shape that doesn’t give away anything about its multipurpose character.




Except for the visual gimmick of a pencil hole that, when a pencil is inserted, indicates there’s more than first impressions would indicate.


The wall-mounted shelf hides an extendable part that, when extended creates a small desk.

A great example of how furniture that can move and transform can at the same time be highly elegant and subtle.




When pushed inwards the desk is transformed to a box that measures only half the size of the box that can hold a laptop, tablet, or other goods.

A good example of space saving furniture. Make sure to check out these 33 of the best Space Saving Furniture Ideas.




This elegant wall desk is designed by Stoke Newington duo Raw Edges for Dutch furniture brand Arco.




The top part slides down via a parallel mechanism, similar to that used in compartmentalised tool and sewing boxes. Thus, a flat work surface is created.




The Desk Box represents a new typology in Arco’s focus on tables, which is an area of specialisation that sets the company apart from others.




Especially when furniture is wall mounted in smaller spaces it is essential for it to blend in, to be minimally invasive. The creators of the Arco Desk Box have succeeded in optimally utilizing function packed in a graceful shell.



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