15 Wall-Mounted Desks For Small Spaces

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Wall-mounted desks that don’t take up space are a bliss for anyone living in a small apartment.

No legs and retractable surfaces save space while no concessions have been done on looks. Without exception, these 15 desks are genuine eye-pleasers.

1. Pill Wall Desk

round wall-mounted desk

Simplicity is a beautiful thing, and no desk displays this universal truth better than the Pill Wall Desk. This desk comes with two cubbies on its underside for easy storage, keeping working materials out of the way until needed.

It provides an easy solution to small spaces and cramped offices, yet it maintains fluidity and grace with a clean design. Classic design meets modern form and function, and we must say that we’re absolutely loving it.


2. Mamba Desk-Shelf

curved wall desk

The Mamba Desk-Shelf makes a stunning visual statement with its curvy, sleek design. The Mamba snakes its way along the wall in an incredible aesthetic display, all the while making your work space a centerpiece.

Complete with LED lighting to showcase whatever you put on display, along with an HD plug converter to boot, Mamba’s two levels of shelves provide all the space you need for baubles, keepsakes and, of course, your computer.


3. FLÄPPS Wall desk

Fläpps wall desk

It’s easy to scoot tables and chairs out of the way, but what if your wall shelf isn’t movable? The Fläpps Desk piece takes care of this problem with surprising grace. Rather than move the shelf, you simply have to fold it up against the wall.

You won’t even know it’s there! Its white slats blend into its surroundings and only reappear when you fold the shelves down again. Fläpps Wall Desk can be combined with other modules to create a bigger wall shelving system and is easy mounting; it’s no wonder the Fläpps Desk is so popular.


4. Haotian Wall-Mounted Desk

space saving wall desk

At just under 30 pounds, this wall-mounted desk can hold a surprising amount of weight for its size. The Haotian Wall-Mounted Desk is a great solution for those in small spaces; it frees up leg space, cuts down on clutter, and is compact enough for most apartments (even studio apartments!).

A plethora of cubbies give users all the storage they need for their workspace, and a generous work area can hold a laptop or monitor easily. Also available in white.


5. Ghostwriter Desk

wall-mounted home office

wall-mounted desk

The Ghostwriter Wall Desk has an awesome futuristic look to it. Its design is sleek and simple. Several storage cubbies above the work surface let you stow pens, pencils, papers and more up and out of the way.

Smooth wood provides a cool place for your laptop to sit, while the lighting strip on the upper flap keeps your eyes from straining over your keyboard. And, of course, the desk’s top is perfect for knick knacks or extra storage space.


6. Folding Wall-Mounted Table

folding wall-mounted table-desk

Think of how much space you could save if you got rid of your dining room table. With this Folding Table from MM MELISEN, you won’t have to! Use it as a small dining table, side table, or a computer desk and study space.

The waterproof varnish makes it usable outside as well, although it will suffer some wear and tear when kept outdoors. Rounded corners make it safe to use in households with children.


7. Copper Grove Rocksound Computer Desk

floating computer desk

Mount this floating desk at any height you need! Copper Grove Rocksound Computer Desk lets you customize the height of your desk for your specific needs. Prepac includes a spacious work surface, three cubbies (one of which can be used as a keyboard tray), and a brilliantly white laminate finish.

It also sports a cable management system to further discourage clutter and free up floor space while preventing tangled cords.


8. Wooden Mallet

Wooden wall desk

The Wooden Mallet Wall Desk is a compact solution to an organized, clutter-free desk.

Packed away in a neat little box that easily fastens to your wall with a few simple screws, this desk folds down like a briefcase to reveal a sleek, white laminate work space (about 20 inches wide with a depth of 17 inches) complete with pockets for writing supplies and folders.

The Mallet desk’s sturdy build, which is shipped fully assembled, comes in either a mahogany or oak finish and stands only 4 inches out from the wall when folded up.


9. Float Wall Desk with Built-in Drawer

Wall desk-shelf with built-in drawer

The Float Wall Desk from Orange22 appears to hover in midair.

Similar to floating shelves, this desk seamlessly attaches to the wall to create a suspended work area for you and your laptop that holds up to an astounding 150 lbs using a wall-mounted bracket, which can be set to a sitting or standing height.

Under-desk storage has a sliding shelf where you can store your keyboard, notebooks and writing tools.This desk comes in five different color options to fit your style and décor needs, with your choice of walnut or oak wood.


10. Nubo

wall-mounted desk

When closed a stylish box, when opened  a functional wall-mounted desk with a cable slit.

With Nubo from Ligne-Roset, you don’t have to worry about moving a heavy desk or suffering from cramped leg space underneath; this piece’s design lets you fasten it to your wall at whatever height is right for you. Mount it just high enough for a seated desk, or put it up higher for a standing desk.


11. Wall-mounted Folding Laptop Desk

wall-mounted folding laptop desk

Ultra-slim, at only six inches deep, the Wall-mounted Folding Laptop Desk takes up hardly any space at all. Despite this, it has oodles of features.

Four cubbies hold office supplies like pens, staplers and the odd decoration; a paper organizer can be used for loose paper or magazines; and a long, shallow drawer on the bottom keeps other loose materials out of your way. The desk work area itself folds up to hide everything when not in use.


12. Flatframe

wal-mounted desk

If you want the thinnest of the thin for your wall-mounted desk, look no further than the Flatframe by Michael Hilgers.

When folded up, the Flatframe’s exterior, which has a depth of barely more than an inch, holds your choice of photo or painting, completely disguising the desk inside.

When it’s time to get creative, fold the desk down to reveal a working station with a magnetic board for tacking reminders, pen holders, and outlets to charge your devices in. Flatframe comes with an option for the exterior to be coated in blackboard paint, making it a memo board when not in use as a desk.


13. Wall Desk [Or Bar or Vanity]

wall-mounted desk

If you don’t have room for a desk in your small space, you may want to give the Wall Desk by Norm.Architects. It takes up no ground space and is attached to the wall, freeing up leg space and storage space at the same time.

The Wall Desk folds up when not in use and remains inconspicuous perched on your wall. Fold it back down again, and you’ve got ample workspace for whatever job you have.


14. Fold Out Convertible Desk

fold-out convertible wall desk

This wall desk is practically a magic act in and of itself. Behind the shiny birch veneer door lies an entire desk, complete with shelving and storage cubbies for all of your office supplies.

Southern Enterprises’ Fold-Out Convertible Desk comes with three bill organizers, two shelves, and a corkboard for organizing messages and notes. The desk’s work surface supports up to 20 pounds, just enough for your laptop and a few extras.


15. Gaston Wall Writing Desk

wall writing desk

Sometimes there just isn’t enough space for a desk at home, yet it’s hard to stay focused when you’re trying to work at the kitchen table. Gaston Wall Writing Desk has a flip-down table below storage drawers.

Since it’s wall-mounted, you can put it at exactly the right height for you, or even reposition it as your child grows. It’s modelled on the classic secretary’s desk, with a wood-effect finish and leather pull tabs on the drawers.


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