21 Modular Office Seating Systems

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The corporate world is changing in an ever faster pace. In modern day offices, flexibility and optimal use of space have high priority. Cleverly designed modular office seating systems fits in this trend.

These seating furniture allow workers to adapt to various workspace settings and situations. The office and its infrastructure faciliatates the people who work there, not the other way round.


1. Jaan Bench by Walter Knoll

Bench by Walter Knoll

seating systems by Walter Knoll

The Jaan Bench from designer EOOS offers double-sided seating with configuration options galore. Minimalist design meets sleek chic to bring a modern touch to anywhere from the office to boutique hotels.

Covered in soft, cool leather with a wooden frame, this bench fits into corners, entryways, or wherever you need some extra seating.


2. PodMeeting

office meeting furniture

office meeting benches

Who knew office meetings could be cozy? The PodMeeting seat and sofa from o4i Design Studio makes it possible.

With high, padded walls and comfortable seating, the PodMeeting sofa envelopes you in your own private meeting space while still providing you with the essentials for an effective meeting: a whiteboard, power outlets, a lamp and a table with seating for four.


3. Parade

sliding chairs can create group seating

sliding chairs and side tables can create group seating

Parade Seating from Emergent Crown brings contrasting tones and contoured seating together in an infusion of bold colors.

Parade Seating’s complimentary rolling stools fit neatly against each seat to create group seating, or you can use each individually and convert the stool into a table. Sliding chair legs make rearranging seating quicker and easier, with no damage to your flooring.


4. Manhattan

modular office group seating

modular office group seating

Stacked geometrical shapes in Howe’s Manhattan seating module form three different heights in this design from Morten Nicolajsen. Each height creates a different seating experience, and the hexagonal design defies the traditional meeting circle, encouraging new ideas with a unique shape for office furniture.

The Manhattan’s varying levels and movable pieces allow for different arrangements to change up your space depending on your needs for that day.


5. Openest


office furniture by Patricia Urquiola


office furniture by Patricia Urquiola

Designer Patricia Urquiola has successfully designed versatile office furniture in a work environment that is constantly changing.

The Openest furniture collection is a series of pieces, including a sofa, convertible armchair/pouf, and a sprig table, that caters to those searching for multi-functional yet stylish office equipment. Plume screens are included to help maximize privacy while still providing an open design.

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6. Jaxx Zipline Convertible Sleeper

convertible sofa

multifunctional convertible sofa

Jaxx’s Convertible Sleeper Sofa is a multifunctional wonder. It serves as a loveseat, living room sofa, guest bed, lounger, children’s play mat, and much more. The sofa’s three inner cushions can be taken out to use as ottomans, while the main sofa piece folds down into a high king-size mattress.

As comfortable as the polyurethane foam is, you could very well forego a regular living room sofa in favor of this cozy construct.


7. Brackets

multiple seating arrangements

multiple seating arrangements

Adding some funky feng shui to the mix are Brackets for Kokuyo, a collaborative product of designers Oki Sato and Nendo.

Much like the Opera Chair from Softline, the high back provides quiet space to concentrate, but Brackets has a backrest for extra support, taking the aches and pains of office chairs out of the equation. Brackets can be fitted into multiple seating arrangements to suit any space. Don’t mis:


8. Docks

modular seating system

modular public seating system

Sometimes what your office needs from its furniture is not only comfort, but simplicity. Ophelis Docks, an array of futuristic-looking office chairs and couches, answer the call in a harmony of colors and options for add-ons, complete with electrical outlets for maximum productivity.

Add-ons include noise-cancelling partitions as well as connected side tables big enough to work on.


9. Modular Ø Bench System

modular bench system

modular public bench system

Plush cushions and soft, rounded corners make you feel all cozy inside. One is tempted to lie down on the Modular Ø Bench System instead of use it for work, and you can if you’re not at your place of employment.

Its three pieces can be separated or put together to form one big sofa; the possibilities for configurations are enough to get anyone excited. It’s perfect for a meeting space or your living room at home. See also:

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10. Q5 Bench Collection

modular public bench and table collection


This futuristic configuration isn’t an alien lifeform, nor is it from the vast reaches of outer space. The unusual aesthetic is all part of designer Jonathan Prestwich’s plan to dominate his industry through functional, modern design that sparks the imagination and entertains while staying completely still.

Several variations give you plenty of options for including the Q5 Bench Collection and table system in your home or office, including eye-popping colors and optional table components.


11. Mosaic

modular office seating system

curved modular office seating system

What sets the Mosaic seating system from Pulse Design apart are the quarter circle cushions that allow for optimum flexibility in office seating arrangements.

These cushions make it possible to form these sofas and chairs into a circular formation, square, rectangular, or even one that snakes its way around other furniture. It makes fitting into odd spaces a breeze.


12. Opera Sofa and Chair

public chair and sofa system

modular sofa and chair system for public spaces

The Opera Sofa and Chair from Softline meets both the needs for privacy and workspace.

Whether you need a quiet place to concentrate on projects or an area to huddle for a group meeting, Softline provides comfort and versatility in the form of a high back chair and sofa. Put two or several together to create your own private meeting space.


13. Dna

modular workspace seating system

modular workspace seating

With Teknion DNA Seating, your office’s lounge area is transformed into a comfortable workspace designed to both please the eye and improve your productivity.

Separate electrical outlet cushions conjoin each seat so you can share plugins while still maintaining your private space, and Teknion’s revolutionary design keeps your office’s interior modern and appealing.


14. #002 WorkSofa

Worksofa modular seating system

Worksofa modular office seating

Prooff’s #002 WorkSofa looks like a colorful jigsaw puzzle, with the intent of providing seating for any social activity and interaction. Its designers went great lengths to study the best seating options for productivity, with this optimized seating arrangement as the result.

High-backed chairs and solid wooden frames give your office a striking appearance that’s sure to inspire the energy and creativity needed for projects. You may also like:

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15. To Gather

innovative designed modular sofa system for public spaces

innovative designed modular seating for public spaces

To Gather from Studio Lawrence has, perhaps, the most eclectic design. Fitting together like puzzle pieces, the options for seating arrangements become endless.

To Gather’s burst of color fills the room with buzzing energy and makes meetings more fun and inspired. Studio Lawrence’s bold, innovative design makes it a steep competitor in the world of office decorating.


16. PARCS Causeway

modular sofa system for public spaces

modular seating system for public spaces

PARCS Causeway by Bene not only offers seating options, but the design also lends itself to standing and leaning positions often used in the workplace. It’s comfortable for everyone!

Different combinations of pieces can either give privacy by using the higher screens or encourage open discussion with lower bench seating and joining side tables.


17. Hercules Modular Seating


curved modular seating for public spaces

modular seating arrangement for public spaces

This seating arrangement makes me feel like I’ve been upgraded to first class. Sleek and refined, the 4-piece Hercules Alon Set is the perfect modular seating arrangement for public spaces.

You can use it in hotel lobbies, office spaces and so on to create a luxurious atmosphere for anyone lucky enough to sit down on Hercules’ firm, yet comfortable cushions.


18. Bi Silla

seating system for public spaces

modular chair system for public areas

Settle into your comfort zone with Bi Silla squares from Silvia Cenal Idarreta.With warm and inviting textures and colors, Bi Silla isn’t your typical office chair.

A high panel conformed to the chair provides your own personal enclosure where you can concentrate and work without distraction. Scoot several of these chairs together, and you have an informal, collaborative workspace.


19. Smallroom

contemporary office meeting system

contemporary office meeting workspace system

Offecct’s Smallroom collection is more toned-down in color, but it makes up for it in functionality. Strategic spacing between pieces lets Smallroom give you privacy while staying connected to others through a window effect.

Sofa options include having the seat set to the right or left, as well as a block designed into the furniture for storage or workspace. Consider:

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20. POP Sofa

modern office meeting sofa system

modern office meeting sofa system

The POP Sofa, designed by Patrick Bengtsson and Pierre Sindre, relies on calmer, cooler pastel colors for a more relaxing office environment. Components mix and match to form endless design possibilities that fit into just about any layout.

Accessories include side tables that function as both separate furniture and integrated desks, with conjoining seat cushions and sound-absorbing back panels.


21. Hub Modular Seating

modular seating for public spaces

Your office is always a hub of activity, but now you can have a seating area that rises to the challenge and finds a place for everyone.

Hub Modular Seating is an inventive and powerful seating system that brings your office community together while giving each person their own space, complete with a cupholder for morning (or afternoon) coffee.



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