17 Modular Seating Systems For Public Spaces

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Modular seating solutions for public spaces allow your venue to facilitate guests optimally. Whether you need to accomodate guests in a gallery, hotel lobby, museum, or shop, or other waiting areas; changeable and expandable furniture allows for maximum flexibility.

And, thus, an optimal client experience. The following customizable furniture systems fit well in large open lobbies and smaller public rooms as well.


1. Lowseat System

Lowseat system by Patricia Urquiola


Lowseat system by Patricia Urquiola


Lowseat system by Patricia Urquiola

The Lowseat System by Patricia Urquiola, comprised of individual pieces that you can tailor to your style, slide together and connect to form an infinite amount of possibilities when shaping and tailoring this furniture to your home and your space.

Want a full length couch? Or possibly a love seat and an ottoman? Or a couch with a chaise? All of these ideas can be brought to life simply by sliding and locking these individually-mastered pieces together. The ideas are endless! Furniture that can change with your tastes. Designed by: Patricia Urquiola.


2. Opposit Modular Bench

Opposit modular seating elements

Play your very own game of Office Tetris with the quirky and imaginative Opposit Modular Bench. Simple, square shapes fit together in the world’s easiest puzzle to give office spaces and public buildings the exact furniture arrangement they need, no matter how big or small their space is.

Individual units can always be purchased to expand the arrangements further as your venue grows and changes.


3. HERCULES Alon Modular SeAting


modular black leather reception seating

Most modular seating is made of straight lines and sharp edges, but the Flash range curves gently.

Put together a series of inward-curving pieces to make corner seating, use outward-curving pieces to make a central island, or alternate the two for a long sofa which undulates gently. Learn more about the HERCULES Alon Modular Seating.



 joining chairs together forms couches and benches

The Shey Sofa from the Actiu Collection flatters the eye with soft structural angles and graceful contour, all the while making your office the toast of modern, modular admirers.

Overlapping layers easily add on to the base chair, including high panels for more privacy. Joining chairs together forms couches and benches, and additional side tables interlock effortlessly to create working space between seating areas.


5. Seating Stones

Walter Knoll upholstered Seating Stones
Organic design meets modern innovation with Walter Knoll’s Seating Stones collection. These comfortable furniture pieces look perfectly at home either outdoors or indoors, but their unique design is also fully functional.

The many variations give you a load of options for outfitting your home, office or other venue with tasteful and attractive seating arrangements.


6. Moss | 3 Thonet

curved seating system

The Moss|3 is a symphony of sharp angles and flowing, curving lines that brings light and form to any public venue. Rather than create an unpleasant contrast, the angles and half-circle shapes complement each other as they arrange and rearrange to any space they’re placed in.

Thonet’s two-tone cushions and variety of shapes make it one of the most versatile seating systems on the market.


7. Chill-Out MOdular System

customizable sectional seating arrangements

customizable sectional seating arrangements

A waiting room is seldom the place for relaxation. Tense minutes turn into long hours; whether you’re waiting in a hospital, hotel lobby or office space, you want to at least be comfortable.

Chill-Out Modular System combines the pleasure of comfortable seating with the added bonus of a coffee table, making your waiting experience much more pleasant.


8. Flash Furniture Hercules Leather Seating

leather reception and waiting room seating

When you want to make an impression, go big or go home.                          Flash Furniture’s HERCULES Leather Seating is sure to impress clients as they sit atop its comfy cushions in your business’ reception room.

The chairs, loveseats and sofas provide you the ability to rearrange as your office space changes. A distinguished look will set your business apart from the competition, and this regal series certainly delivers.

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9. Lobby

modular seating systems for hotels

The aptly named Lobby is perfect for hotels and corporate buildings, but there’s so much more to it than meets the eye.

This fresh take on modular seating systems incorporates movable backrests that are completely optional for seating arrangements, along with complete comfort for any activity from lounging to getting some work done on your laptop. Choose from a variety of color combinations to meet your venue’s style.


10. Rift Composition

Y-shaped couch consists of different layers

A lot of modular furniture is boxy and bland; not the Rift range. Designed to sit in the middle of a room, this Y-shaped couch can be used in a variety of ways.

Rift Composition is comfortable for a group of people to hang out, but the angle of the seats allows strangers to sit without being forced too close together. Even the low, wide back can be used as a seat.


11. Common modular benches

Common modular system of benches by Viccarbe

The Common Modular Benches by Viccarbe is simplicity in its most beautiful form. Instead of grandiose curves and random attachments that provide little more use than an aesthetic addition, Common is graceful and mild.

It never claims to be anything other than a bench, but its multiple uses quickly become evident to anyone who’s fortunate enough to sit on it. Daybed, bench, sofa, office seating and more come together in a fully functional form.



12. ADD Bench System

versatile and modular seating system

For both commercial and residential use, the ADD Bench System makes seating arrangement a breeze. Each sofa piece works seamlessly with the others to create different combinations to fit into any space.

Several color options are available, and the ease of the linking system combined with clever color contrast and modern design makes these sofas indispensable.


13. Freeflow

upholstered seating system for use in large spaces

Freeflow by Gordon Guillaumier is designed specifically for large spaces such as airports or conference centers, though it can be adapted to larger office spaces.

Green or red cushioned stools, available in half or full circle, add just the right amount of color and fit perfectly into place to add more area to Freeflow’s already spacious design.


14. Stone

modular sofas for public areas

Stone has a regal bearing that brings to mind the empires of ages past, with grandiose chaise lounges where royalty lay down at their leisure. If you’re in the market for high-end seating for your business, Stone can be just the right fit for you and your clients.

Stone’s smooth shapes and slight curves mimic that of its namesake, stones polished and shining under a water current. It’s alltogether a relaxing sofa to spend your work day on.


15. Iceberg

modular system with varying sizes, shapes and heights

There’s no way to go wrong when arranging the Iceberg modular seating system. Units of varying sizes, shapes and heights provide endless combinations to keep you from getting bored like you would with other sofas, and the arrangements you’ll find are nothing short of stunning when placed in your business’ seating area or a public venue.

Say goodbye to dull benches, and say hello to the Iceberg.


16. Flores Seating

plush cushioned seating for waiting areas and meeting places

Less is more, as the saying goes. With Flores, its plain design is its secret weapon. Designers and consumers alike will swoon when they sit on the plush cushioning of Flores’ seating options, which include a lounger, ottoman and central seat (which also functions as a coffee table or makeshift desk).

The look and feel of the Flores Seating gives a cozier feel to any public seating area, bringing together new faces and personalities.


17. Sistema Modular Sofa System

modular sofa system with multiple compositionsmodular sofa collection with multiple compositions
Simplicity in modern design is a wonderful thing. You don’t have to worry about all the complications of detailed patterns, mechanics and parts that have no function.

The Sistema Modular Sofa System takes all the headache out of home décor and strips it down to its bare bones. Different configurations, each as easy to fathom as the next, all have a function that will meet every need you have.



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