20 Modern Modular Seating Systems

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Modular seating systems allow you to make the most out of a space. Whether it’s modular chairs and cubes for living rooms, for lofts or the dining area, their versatility and flexibility let you thrive. The following modern systems are great for reception areas, libraries, teen rooms or the home.


1. Hug Modern Sofa

modern modular sofa system

modern modular sofa system

modern modular sofa system

You look like you could use a hug… sofa, that is! The Hug Modern Sofa brings to mind memories of pillow forts and cuddling up in a warm fleece blanket. Large, plump cushions cradle you much like a bed would; it certainly makes sleeping on the sofa sound a lot better.

Mix and match components to make a loveseat, extra-long couch or double-sided lounger. No matter how you arrange it, it’s the comfiest couch you’ll ever own.


2. Chill-Out

modular seating system

modular seating collection

modular seating system

A waiting room is seldom the place for relaxation. Tense minutes turn into long hours; whether you’re waiting in a hospital, hotel lobby or office space, you want to at least be comfortable.

The Chill-Out Modular Seating System combines the pleasure of comfortable seating with the added bonus of a coffee table, making your waiting experience much more pleasant.


3. MaH Jong Sofa

Mah Jong Sofa

Mah Jong Sofa

A feminine touch can be just what your space needs to liven it up, and the Mah Jong Sofa more than delivers on that front. Its playful patterns and velvety seats will make your friends green with envy when they see the sense of style you have.

Better yet, the cushions can be rearranged to fit your living space despite any obstacles. Several color and pattern options are available to let you find the sofa that’s just right for you.


4. Kerman Sofa

modular seating sofa

modular seating sofa

Let’s take a trip back to the basics of modular design. Kerman is simple and efficient, with dashing good looks to boot. It doesn’t need any fancy patchwork or intricate pattern to make your living room look beautifully modern; it just needs you to plop down on it and enjoy its benefits and comfort.

The Kerman Sofa is there when you need a cozy modular sofa system that’s both functional and fun.


5. Mangas Space Collection

Mangas Space Collection- Patricia Urquiola

Mangas Space Collection- Patricia Urquiola

Are you in the mood for something playful and fun? Try the Mangas Space Collection by Patricia Urquiola. This furniture set comes with a Rhombus module, two poufs and a geometric rug in stunning colors and patterns.

Its femininity is topped only by its combination possibilities with other Mangas, which are made to work together should you have multiple sets. Your afternoon can only be made better by this cheerful sofa set with energizing bursts of patterns and hues.


6. Rodolfo Seating System

Modular seat -bed


The Rodolfo Modular Seating is a furniture piece without borders or frame. Conforming to any space with an eclectic design, this design sofa can easily be made into a series of chairs, a table or daybed.

Its bright colors make it an extravagant-looking addition to your living room or office space, and its versatility prove that it’s a worthy opponent for other couches on the market.


7. Alphabet Straight Sofa

Flexible sofa concept

Flexible sofa concept

The Alphabet Sofa wins the prize for being absolutely classy. Unlike other sofas, it has several variants that allow buyers to customize it to the shape of their room.

Cornered or straight sofa backings provide firm support while allowing you to personalize your comfort. Since the variants allow you to push more than one Alphabet Sofa together, you can add on to it later if you so choose.


8. Rift Composition

design seating system

Rift sofa-Patricia Urquiola

A lot of modular furniture is boxy and bland; not the Rift range. Designed to sit in the middle of a room, this Y-shaped couch can be used in a variety of ways.

Rift Composition by designer Patricia Urquiola is comfortable for a group of people to hang out, but the angle of the seats allows strangers to sit without being forced too close together. Even the low, wide back can be used as a seat.


9. Jaxx Zipline Convertible Sleeper

convertible sofa

multifunctional convertible sofa

Jaxx’s Convertible Sleeper Sofa is a multifunctional wonder. It serves as a loveseat, living room sofa, guest bed, lounger, children’s play mat, and much more. The sofa’s three inner cushions can be taken out to use as ottomans, while the main sofa piece folds down into a high king-size mattress.

As comfortable as the polyurethane foam is, you could very well forego a regular living room sofa in favor of this cozy construct.


10. Mags Modular Sofa

HAY modular seating

HAY modular seating system

Mags from Hay is a modular seating unit which offers endless combinations – a small couch, a lounger, or a long corner unit. It’s designed as a life-long investment: start with a basic two-person sofa, and then add more modular units to lengthen it if you move to a larger house or have children.

Although the sofa looks (and feels) like a pile of squishy cushions, it has a pinewood frame and cold-cure polyester padding which means it holds its shape and doesn’t sag.


11. Reed Reconfigurable Deep Seating

Modular Deep Seating Sofa

Modular Deep Seating Sofa Collection

Much like the UrbanMod Reversible Sofa, the Reed Sofa can be assembled in a variety of ways. However, Reed Reconfigurable Deep Seating has much more than just two options.

This modular sofa seating set has almost endless possibilities thanks to add-ons and rearrangeable pieces. Extra deep cushions allow you to kick your feet up and take a load off, and the soft foam cushions stay supportive thanks to Reed’s anti-sag design.


12. Rope Modular Sofa


modular seating sofa


The name Rope comes from the piping around the edge of this modular seating system, the only external decoration which hasn’t been stripped away from the minimalist design.

The Rope Modular Sofa features 12 interchangeable modules, and they have been built for comfort as well as style; the seats are filled with pocket springs, most commonly used in mattresses, rather than the usual foam rubber.


13. Halfway Extensible Sofa Series


extensible modular sofa

The Halfway Sofa is the firm foundation your home needs. Its strong build and solid cushions make it a fashion force to be reckoned with. Its functionality stops only when you let it, as you can arrange it into any configuration you like without hesitation.

Instead of bold colors, the Halfway lets you add your own while maintaining a quiet but calm exterior, signaling its strength without the need for flare.


14. Bikini Island

Bikini Island- sofa system


Bikini Island may sound like a getaway filled with beautiful, swimsuit-clad women, but it’s actually a tropical island paradise right in your living room in the form of the world’s most interesting modular sofa.

The rearrangable cushions can be easily integrated with various other components available from designer Werner Aisslinger to create a home away from home with all the elements of your favorite vacation spot.


15. Extrasoft Modular Couch

modern modular leather couch

modern modular leather couch

It’s not often that you see a modular leather couch. Most leather sofas are found only in the traditional design, but the ExtraSoft Modular Couch is a spectacular example of luxury meshed with modern design.

As the name implies, it’s so soft that you’ll feel like you’re laying on a pile of leathery goose down pillows. ExtraSoft is certain to impress your friends and neighbors. In fact, if you let them take a snooze on it, they may never leave! On second thought, maybe you should just keep it to yourself…


16. Cubit Modular Sofa



Your living space can be transformed into a centerpiece work of art with the Cubit modular sofa system. Varying heights allow you to choose which of the four pieces you want to lounge on.

Rearranging is easy, but you may be so comfortable on its soft fabric that you won’t want to get up. Cleaning is as easy as removing the sofa’s covers and tossing them in the wash.


17. Hinchada Modular Lounge


Hinchada modular lounge set

Raw composition meets fashion chic in this modular seating system from Loewenstein. With a bit of Parisian flair and just a touch of organic design, the Hinchada makes your living space livable again.

No longer will you have to be embarrassed by dull furniture or lack of proper seating. The pieces of this sofa system easily pull apart and rearrange to your specifications in the blink of an eye.


18. Courage Modular Based System

modular based seating system

modular based seating system

It takes bravery to make a bold statement, and that’s exactly why the Courage modular based system was named this way. Rather than be burdened by overly intricate design mechanisms, Courage goes back to basics with neutral colors and a minimalist form.

You’ll never get tired of switching the pieces around to suit your mood, as the combinations are endless. Make it your own with various arrangements and complimentary add-ons.


19. AVL Glyder

Element Sofa Collection


The AVL Glyder Line has a wonderfully muted design that fits in with just about any venue. Whether you’re using it for a hotel, office workspace or your very own living room, the AVL adds every bit of fashion and function that it should.

The sofa is suspended on a smaller block to create space underneath, and the backrest has a smooth gliding motion that gives the it its name.


20. Dolmen Sofa


dolmen modular sofa

Neutral tones on plush, chunky cushions make up the splendid Dolmen modular sofa. The sofa comes in a matching color combination of white, gray and blue and is as cool as it is comfy.

Although monotone grays are available as well, we much prefer the tasty color choices the standard version has to offer. The cushions are all hypo-allergenic and safe for those who may be more sensitive to fabrics and dust allergies.



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