20 Modern Sectional Sofas

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Are you looking for another family couch that can keep up with your modern taste? These modular sectional sofas are just perfect for you, then! From the bare bones designs to the tasteful neutral tones and flawless shapes, these sectionals have everything you need to complete your family room.


1. Aurelle Home Reversible Sectional Sofa


Wouldn’t you love to have this sectional sofa sitting in your living room? The Aurelle Home Reversible Contemporary Sofa has a unique feature – the sectional is reversible. You can assemble it to angle right or left depending on your space, so there’s no guessing whether or not it will fit.

The sofa has a durable corduroy upholstery, which can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water in case of stains, ​giving you piece of mind that your sofa will stay in peak shape for its lifetime


2. Rivet Sectional Sofa


Cool grey combines beautifully with smooth metal legs to create this jaw-dropping Rivet Sectional Sofa. Not only does it have ultra plush cushions, but they’re reversible, doubling the sofa’s lifespan.

Rivet’s heavy duty fabric keeps stains at bay, prolonging the life of the sofa even further. Imagine yourself sitting down, having a cup of morning coffee on its thick cushions, enjoying the scenery outside your window. Even the assembly is effortless; you need only attach the legs.


3. Safavieh Couture Dove Sectional Sofa


This mid-century design as much as the quality makes a unique statement in your living room. The Safavieh Couture Dove Sectional Sofa comes with extra plush cushions to add a classy amount of pep to your décor.

The sophisticated construction of the softh upholstery and slender legs adds luxury to any living room.


4. BO Sofa


This curvy sofa sectional is all about function. Rather than install gadgets and gizmos all over its surface and depending on flair, the BO modular sectional sofa uses only the bare essentials.

Its rounded design fits into your living space like a glove. Plush, with more than a hint of ‘cozy’, the BO Sofa by Piet Boon will last you and your family through the years while cradling you in comfort.


5. Poundex Bobkona Sectional Set


What’s not to love about this sectional sofa? Bobkona Sectional Set is fashionable and trendy, right down to the nailhead accent found on the sofa’s edges.

The matching ottoman makes a comfortable leg rest for when you’re lounging on the couch over the weekend, watching your favorite episode of House Hunters or the next big Netflix series. Bobkona is spacious and can seat up to three or four people on its comfortable polyfiber cushions.


6. Peanut Sectional Sofa


The Peanut sectional sofa is little more than couch cushions assembled together on the floor, but it makes one heck of an impression. Its free form and plush cushions are so comfy, even looking at them will tempt you into a deep slumber.

The Bonaldo Peanut Sofa is not confined to one arrangement, however; different sections can be added to form different variations, all of which are as cozy as the next.


7. Zahra 6-Piece Sofa Sectional


Zahra’s 6-Piece Sectional Sofa is a great option for those who want a full-size sofa for their small space. It even comes with a comfy ottoman that hides a storage compartment inside.

Zahra’s design is both charming and functional, allowing you to enjoy the aesthetic of a modern home without having to take up too much space. The cushions are made from easy-to-clean polyester fabric, while the frame is made from sturdy birch wood.

8. Flash Furniture Leather Sectional

When you want to make an impression, go big or go home. Flash Furniture’s Leather Sectional Sofa is sure to impress guests or clients as they sit atop its comfy cushions in your home or business’ reception room.

Its modular design provides you with the components and ability to rearrange as your office space changes. A distinguished look will set your business apart from the competition, and this sectional certainly delivers. Aavailable in multiple versions and pieces.


9. Meridian Furniture 3 Piece Sectional Sofa



There are some furniture pieces that steal the show, no matter what else is in the room with them. Meridian Furniture’s Sectional Sofa is most certainly one of them.

Its velvet tufted cushions make other luxury furniture pale in comparison, and the chrome legs add the glitz and glamour you need to take your living room décor to the next level.


10. Kivik Sofa

The Kivik Sofa is the perfect middleman between traditional and modern design. However, it’s not its looks that make the biggest impression – it’s the sofa’s seats!

Composed of padded memory foam, each person will find ultimate comfort that’s just right for them as the cushions form around every curve. It’s a truly luxurious feeling to have memory foam cushioning surrounding you, and this sofa is not to be easily passed up.


11. DHP Emily Futon and Chaise Set


DHP’s Emily Accent Chair may be half the size of a futon, but it acts in much the same way. Just like a futon, the back of the chair folds down to transform it into a spacious ottoman or stool seat for two.

It does have a matching chaise lounger and futon so that you can have a full living room seating area. DHP Emily Futon and Chaise Set form a stunning sectional sofa set.


12. Copper Grove Ajibade Sleeper Sectional Sofa


Copper Grove combines the sleeper sofa with the elegance of a sectional sofa. This brilliant furniture piece includes a pull-out bed and storage ottoman. Paired with a two matching stools hidden underneath, Copper Grove Ajibade Sleeper Sectional Sofa is your best friend for Netflix night.

Its comfy cushions and adjustable headrest lend it to many years of use, watching your favorite TV shows with a steaming mug of tea or coffee.


13. Kardiel Cubix Sectional Sofa


Two colors means twice the fun! The Kardiel Cubix Sectional Sofa is one part playful design with another part functionality. You’ll adore the foam cushions with reinforced bottoms that hold up far better than other sofa seats.

Available in five different color combinations, this modular sectional sofa brings out your creative side while sprucing up otherwise dull décor.


14. Jazz Modular 8-Piece Sectional Diamond Sofa


The highlight of this piece is definitely the adjustable backrests. Sure, you can fold them up or down, but what’s really innovative about them is that you can adjust them forward or backward.

The Jazz Modular Diamond Sofa gives you a wealth of options for positioning your sofa just the way you like it. It’s composed of eight sectional pieces that stretch to 10 feet wide by 10 feet deep, so you and your family will have all the room you need for rest and relaxation.


15. Thea Fabric Sectional Sofa


The Thea Sofa is what you would call a sofa with ‘personality’. Truly vivacious coloring, paired with original design and full functionality, pack a real punch in the modular sofa market.

I particularly love the shape of the armrests, almost as if a real human arm made of fabric was draped delicately over the sofa’s cushions. Distinctly feminine and oh-so-chic, the Thea sectional sofa is the ideal pick for the trendy woman.


16. Reed Reconfigurable Deep Seating


Much like the UrbanMod Reversible Sofa, the Reed Sofa can be assembled in a variety of ways. However, Reed Reconfigurable Deep Seating has much more than just two options.

This modular sofa seating set has almost endless possibilities thanks to add-ons and rearrangeable pieces. Extra deep cushions allow you to kick your feet up and take a load off, and the soft foam cushions stay supportive thanks to Reed’s anti-sag design.


17. Extrasoft Modular Couch


It’s not often that you see a modular leather couch. Most leather sofas are found only in the traditional design, but the ExtraSoft Modular Couch is a spectacular example of luxury meshed with modern design.

As the name implies, it’s so soft that you’ll feel like you’re laying on a pile of leathery goose down pillows. ExtraSoft is certain to impress your friends and neighbors. In fact, if you let them take a snooze on it, they may never leave! On second thought, maybe you should just keep it to yourself…


18. Stendmar Sectional Sofa


You could get used to afternoon naps on this couch. This Stendmar Microfiber Sectional Sofa includes a sofa, chaise and ottoman.

This beautiful family couch offers comfortable seating, gives you plenty of room to really stretch out and relax and can even serve as a queen size bed.


19. Sofamania Sectional Sofa


Purple isn’t a common sofa color, but once you see this vivacious, bold Sectional Sofa from Sofamania, you’ll wonder why not! Its eye-catching violet hue creates an interesting centerpiece for your living room or lounge area.

The sectional sofa is quite large, with the ability to fit up to six people on its spacious memory foam cushions. You’ll adore how comfy an afternoon nap on this luxurious sofa is. Avaliable in: black, grey, navy and purple.


20. HONBAY Sectional Sofa


Your small space deserves an elegant sofa, but how do you fit one in? HONBAY’s Sectional Sofa is perfect for those living in small apartments and tiny homes.

The convertible sofa allows you to position the longer cushion at either the left or right end. Its linen fabric is easy to keep clean, and the plush cushions, which are firm (yet pliable), are perfect for lounging for long hours on movie night.


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