10 Space-Saving Floor Sofa Beds

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Renovating a guest room is a lot of work, but what if you could cut out all the construction with a single piece of furniture? Floor sofa beds are a slim, simple, and affordable option that you’ll love. Check out some of these awesome sofa bed designs, and you’ll want one of your very own.

Floor Sofa Beds


1. Milliard Tri-Fold Mattress Sofa Bed

The super-portable Milliard Tri-Fold Sofa Bed fits perfectly into any living space, big or small. Short on space? Not a problem! This fold-out lounger hardly uses any and folds up when not in use.

College students who need some extra cushion or visitors looking for a comfy place to sleep will love the lounging capabilities of this versatile and space-saving sofa bed.

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2. Merax Floor Gaming Sofa Chair

Merax’s Folding Chaise Lounge is like sitting on a cloud; the cushions are amazingly plush and soft! Although the comfort level could be described as “squishy”, there’s plenty of support from the steel frame and sponge layer in the chair’s center.

You can adjust the chair anywhere from sitting straight up to laying flat, allowing you to also use it as a guest bed.


3. MAXDIVANI Portable Travel Sofa

Convenience is key when it comes to camping accommodations. Gone are the days of roughing it, thanks to space-saving sleeper sofas like this one. Slim and compact, the MAXDIVANI Portable Travel Sofa fits neatly into the back of your truck or inside your camper.

The washable cover in the color blue or dark grey allows for a quick, hassle-free clean, and the memory foam mattress will quite possibly make your camp’s sleeping situation more comfy than your actual bed! This portable sofa is also available in queen-size.


4. COSTWAY Double Folding Sofa Bed

This portable floor sofa is practically maintenance-free. PU leather is a breeze to clean, with only dusting and the occasional spot-clean required, and it’s waterproof to top it all off. A steel frame maintains the soft cushion’s shape, which folds down into a slim floor mattress for guests or an impromptu nap.

COSTWAY Double Folding Sofa Bed makes a great addition to a gaming room or teen’s room, thanks to both its slim design and easy-to-clean material.


5. Fold Down Floor Couch

Honestly, why would you spend all that money on a full-size couch when this comfy slice of heaven exists? With plush seating for two, this loveseat-sized Fold Down Floor Couch is everything your small space needs to turn it into an attractive and comfortable lounge.

The couch folds down into a queen size futon for guests; when used as a couch, the ergonomic support and lumbar cushions keep your spine properly aligned, minimizing back pain and supporting you where you most need it.


6. Jaxx Zipline Convertible Sleeper Loveseat

Jaxx’s Convertible Sleeper Loveseat is a multifunctional wonder. It serves as a loveseat, living room sofa, guest bed, lounger, children’s play mat, and much more. The sofa’s two inner cushions can be taken out to use as ottomans, while the main sofa piece folds down into a high queen-size mattress.

As comfortable as the polyurethane foam is, you could very well forego a regular living room sofa in favor of this cozy construct.


7. Harper & Bright Chaise Lounge Sofa Chair

Whether you’re looking for a guest bed or some multifunctional furniture for your gaming room, the Harper & Bright Chaise Lounge Sofa Chair is heavenly. Its lumbar cushion adds extra support right where you need it. Say adieu to a sore neck and back!

To enhance the comfort, Harper & Bright gave this floor sofa bed a plush cushion and silky soft suede fabric. Simply fold and unfold to convert from a sofa to a guest bed.

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8. Intex Pull-Out Sofa Inflatable Bed

Pull-Out sofas can be used just about anywhere you’re short on space if they’re inflatable. When not in use, they can be deflated and neatly packed away a drawer or dresser.

Intex’s Inflatable Pull-Out Sofa Bed combines comfort with compatibility.
Dorms, guest rooms, and even campers can accommodate this convenient and cozy bed.

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9. Best Choice Queen Mattress

Quaint and quintessentially modern, Best Choice’s Queen Size Mattress is a simple and compact solution to the guest bed problem. Sofa beds are on the expensive side, yet this sleek floor sofa is just under $140.

High-density foam provides firm support and protects the user’s neck and back from hard flooring. You won’t find this much comfort in a sleeping bag, and conversion from sofa to bed takes mere seconds. Also available in size twin and full.


10. Lucid 8 Inch Convertible Foam Sofa

LUCID Floor Sofa is a comfortable floor sofa and guest bed with cover, that’s light and mobile and easy to move and fold up. This comfy sofa is completely ‘sans legs’, and it comes with an 8-inch foam mattress that’s just begging for you to sleep on it.

As mobile as it is, with a weight of only 40 pounds, it’s easy to get up and go to another room with it. Rearranging your family room is no longer a hassle as it would be with bulky couches, so enjoy the freedom of the LUCID 8 Inch Comfortable Foam Sofa – you deserve to!

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