Modern Waiting Room, Lobby And Reception Furniture

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How to furnish a modern lobby, reception or waiting room?

The entrance to a building is the first point of entry for customers, clients and business partners; it makes sense that first impressions happen there.

Furniture plays a huge part in making that first impression, so we’ve gathered 21 items of waiting room furnishing ideas that are sure to set the right mood.

It concerns:


Furniture and accessories for a Contemporary Waiting Room Area


1. Lobby and Reception Chairs & Sofas


Peach Tree Black leather Reception Chair

If you want your reception or lobby to feel utterly luxurious, you need Peach Tree’s Black Leather Reception Chair. A glistening chrome frame holds comfortable, high quality PU leather seats, complete with padded armrests and a highly modern design.

Whether you want a stylish reception chair or a supportive waiting room chair for your doctor’s office or hospital, Peach Tree delivers the epitome of modern waiting room furniture with this elegant and tasteful solution.


Atrium Accent Chair

This Barcelona inspired bonded leather chair not only looks amazing, it’s also easy to clean. Use it in your lobby or reception area to make a bold statement while maintaining comfortable seating.

The Atrium Accent Chair can be combined with the Atrium Accent Ottoman and is available in the colors black or mushroom.


AmazonBasics Leather Guest Chair

Waiting rooms and reception areas don’t have to be filled with uncomfortable furniture thanks to chairs like this.

AmazonBasics Guest Chair is modern, stylish and comfortable. Plush cushions nestled into a sturdy base provide excellent support; even the chair arms are cushioned. The low price makes it one of the most affordable pieces of waiting room furniture, and you can choose from five different colors.


Flash Furniture Stacking Chair

Sometimes, you have to share a corporate space, rearranging when need be. For anyone working in this arrangement, stacking chairs can be a godsend.

Ultra-Compact Stack Chair from Lancaster Home is easy to move around, stack, and rearrange when the occasion calls for it. Lightweight, yet comfortable, it offers quality reception seating that is both economical and pleasing to the eye. It also boasts a staggering 850 pound weight capacity, impressive considering its slim and compact build.


Flash Furniture Hercules Chair

One look at this chair will have you thinking “conversation starter”. Hercules, from Flash Furniture, is beautifully crafted in a contemporary design that will become the centerpiece of your living room.

The steel frame of the Hercules Chair keeps its cushions firmly in place for extra support; the cushions are also removable and feature a gorgeous toasted cognac color. Additional modules like the loveseat and sofa are available for a complete living room set.


Alera Lounge Loveseat

No lobby is complete without a comfortable loveseat. Alera’s Lounge Loveseat is a budget-conscious solution for waiting rooms, lobbies and reception rooms that guests and clients will love.

A solid mahogany frame holds seating for two on its firm leather cushions. Modest armrests allow the user to recline in comfort while they wait for their next appointment or business meeting.


KFI KOOL 4-Seat Waiting Room Chair

Clients and guests visiting your waiting room have the right to be comfortable, so why aren’t all chairs created equal? Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about that when you use KFI’s Kool 4-Seat Waiting Room Chair.

With extra wide seats and a perforated back, all mounted on a strong and secure steel frame, your visitors will be able to sit comfortably until you can meet with them.


Bestmart Reception Sofa

If what you want in your modern reception area is a little more flair, this lively and easy-to-clean Bestmart Reception Sofa is just what you need. Orange and black PU leather make for an impressive and bold display in any waiting room or lobby.

Simply wipe the leather clean with a damp cloth when needed. Assembly of the reception sofa is quick and easy, and the durable chrome frame gives you many years of life from this wonderful piece of waiting room furniture.


Flash Furniture HERCULES Sectional Sofa

When you want to make an impression, go big or go home.  The 6-piece             Flash Furniture’s Leather Sectional Sofa is sure to impress clients as they sit atop its comfy cushions in your business’ reception room.

Its modular design provides you with the components and ability to rearrange as your lobby or reception area changes. A distinguished look will set your business apart from the competition, and this sectional certainly delivers.


2. Waiting Room Coffee & End Tables


Furinno Coffee Table

Another essential piece of waiting room furniture is a side table or coffee table. Guests, clients and patients appreciate somewhere to perch their cup of coffee, and Furrino’s Coffee Table provides a modern and budget-conscious option for your reception room.

Simple, yet stylish, it comes equipped with a generous table top and magazine rack underneath for plenty of reading material while your guests wait.


FurinNo End Table Set

This splendid modern end table is another budget-friendly option that even the most modest of small businesses can use to furnish their reception and waiting rooms.

The Furinno End Tables come in sets of two, and each feature a small magazine rack underneath and rustic gray finishes on the table tops. Assembly takes only ten minutes, so you can have your lobby beautifully furnished in no time.


Parsons Modern End Table

Simplicity is the height of modernism, and this compact modern end table is a perfect example. It doesn’t need any fancy knobs, finishes or extra components to do the job well. It’s not just the design that’s simple – assembly requires absolutely no tools and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Lightweight due to its hollow core construction, Parsons Modern End Table can be moved and rearranged with minimal effort, allowing you to refresh the look your reception area with no fuss.


Parsons Modern Coffee Table

A companion to the previous table, Ameriwood Home Parsons Coffee Table is much like its predecessor. Its modern, stylish design is minimalistic and easy to assemble, as well as being highly affordable.

Four different colors (including the matching grey from the companion end table) are available for décor schemes of all kinds.


Winsome Maya Table

Spruce up a dull waiting room by infusing a bit of modern decor… like this table, for instance. Winsome’s Maya Table is just the ticket to have a chic modern waiting room or lounge.

Its compact size makes it ideal for snug spaces between couches or tucked in a corner with some magazines atop it. The Maya table is made from composite wood that’s painted black with a strong steel frame to keep up with heavy use.


3. Reception Desks


GW Furniture Reception Desk

Your front desk furniture is the focal point of your reception room, the epicenter. The reception desk should be “dressed to impress”, you might say. GW Furniture’s Modern Reception Desk will certainly make the right impression.

Glossy white, with a compact and sturdy build, it features drawer organization and more storage underneath, as well as a man-made marble counter top. The desk comes assembled in the package, and free installation is available from the seller.


Illuminated Curved Reception Desk

Reception areas come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s good to have an option that fits corners and other less than linear spaces. This curved reception desk is just right for those areas.

It comes with LED lighting for when you’re doing bookwork or scheduling appointments; the high gloss surface allows for a smooth work area. Like the GW Reception Desk, it comes fully assembled upon arrival. Two desk add-ons are available: the display cabinet and storage cabinet.


4. Waiting Room Accessories


Grey Bunny Coat Rack

I’ve been to waiting rooms without a good coat rack. You have to shove your coat uncomfortably into your seat or awkwardly across an end table; it’s not fun.

The Gray Bunny Coat Rack solves this problem by providing eight hooks and an umbrella rack for coats and umbrellas, leaving you free to enjoy lounging by yourself. Made from solid cast iron, its durability and stylish design will last for many years.


Sneeze Guard by Versa Products

Protect yourself and your clients with this L-shaped Sneeze Guard from Versa Products. Available in sizes ranging from 18 inches wide to 48 inches wide, any coughs or sneezes coming your way simply won’t get to you thanks to the thick acrylic material.

Strong suction cups fasten the guard to your desk or counter without scratching and marring the surface, making it easy to relocate the guard should you need to.


T-Sign Magazine Rack

If you want to highlight your business’ brochures, using this reception area  T-Sign Magazine Rack is a great idea. Not only does it have six pockets for various brochures and magazines, but it’s also highly unique.

The eye-catching design is sure to draw in customers, and they’ll gladly take a pamphlet or two. A bonus feature of this amazing modern magazine rack is that it folds up for easy transportation should you take it on the go for presentations.


SourceOne Brochures Holder

For a desktop solution, SourceOne’s Brochure Holder is a great choice. Your brochures and pamphlets will be front and center on the reception desk, giving your customers easy access to crucial information.

The clear brochure holder has four slots for business cards and literature, and thanks to its material, it’s resistant to scratches and other wear and tear.


Black Felt Letter Board

You’ve probably seen those cute Instagram posts that use felt letter boards to spell out inspiring (or funny) messages. This announcement board can be a handy tool for your business! Use it for announcements, information, or a simple message to brighten your clients’ day.

The Black Felt Letter Board comes with 348 characters for a wide variety of messages and is available in 13 different border colors.


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