Stylish Coat Racks & Umbrella Stands

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These stunning coat racks and umbrella stands may be too sleek for your hallway. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Yet often, when it comes to the first impression our home makes, we don’t walk the talk. Ugly coat racks that almost succumb under the jackets and shoes thoughtlessly kicked in a corner are pretty standard.

Stylish hallway coat stands allow you to impress visitors with your sophisticated taste. Some models feature shelves for extra storage but all of them will make your guests slowly nod in admiration. The splendid pieces infer the end of our hallways being the neglected stepchild of interior design.


Coat Rack Stands

These stylish coat rack stands with hooks or elegant branches have a sturdy design to create an efficient coat rack. They are suitable not only for your hallway but for multiple rooms in your home and they will attract a smile from those entering your home.


1. KASLANDI Wooden Coat Rack

Premium rubberwood is a great material to build furniture with. The KASLANDI Wooden Coat Rack has the benefit of being very solid and durable.

This sturdy freestanding coat rack tree fits perfectly in a small hallway, narrow foyer or multiple rooms in your home, hotel or office. A chic coat rack with nine hooks and three shelves to hold coats, scarves and a tray on the bottom for a storage box, a potted plant or another object.


2. Hang-ON Coat Rack

I would love to have a ‘forest’ made entirely of this coat tree. The Hang-ON Coat Rack looks like a glistening copper tree that delicately holds your hat or coat with its elegant branches.

The slender metal poles are held in place by a solid cement base, meaning your coat rack is very unlikely to ever tip over. Aside from durability, Hang-On has plenty of ‘branches’ for all of your favorite outerwear and accessories.


3. SONGMICS Coat Rack

It only takes one simple statement piece to give your entryway some modern flair. A coat rack like this one from SONGMICS might be just what you need!

SONGMICS’ sturdily-built Coat Rack supports almost 100 pounds and has rounded coat hooks strategically placed so that you can use all nine of them at once, no struggling to get one coat out from under another.


4. Adesso Toby Coat Rack

With its extra slim silhouette and plywood in oak veneer, Adesso’s Toby Coat Rack does the job simply and effectively.

You’ll be able to enjoy a clutter-free entryway so that you can concentrate on more important things – like what you’ll do with all that extra time.


5. Monarch Specialties MetaL cOAT rACK

This artistic, sculptural coat rack is easily placed in the epicenter of any room, or stuffed into an empty corner where the maximization of space is necessary. The Metal Coat Rack is perfect for anyone who is designing a modern home, or has someone that does not believe in closets.

You can hang anything from work clothes at the end of the day all the way to hats on this beautifully-designed piece, and it will always attract a smile from those entering your home. Available in black, cappuccino and silver.


6. Stan Coat Rack optimizes hallways in style


Stan Coat Rack is a minimalist and sustainable coat rack with a big container box and handy little boxes.

The color contrast of the elements , wood and white lacquer, emphasizes the different functions of the coat rack. Designed by Italian-based architect Giancarlo Cutello.


7. Mind reader Metal Coat Rack

What is there to say about perfection? The Mind Reader Metal Coat Rack is sleek, stylish, and has 11 hooks to fit your entire cold weather wardrobe into your entryway.

Each hook has a rounded endcap that prevents clothing from sustaining damage, such as rips and tears that other coat racks might inflict. The powder-coated metal of the frame is also rust and water resistant.


8. Langria Bamboo Coat Rack

The LANGRIA Bamboo Coat Rack is an innovative, modern take on the old-fashioned coat rack. It looks like an elk tree with branches to which different garments can be hung.

Equipped with 8 hooks and suitable not only for your hallway but for multiple rooms in your home. Sturdy and strong enough for winter jackets and heavy bags, yet with a stylish look. Available in white, wood and coffee color.


9. Umbra Flapper With Folding Hooks

Umbra Flapper is an amazing coat rack with nine hooks which can be flipped over when not in use.


10. Tojbox Wardrobe – Danish design


Designed by Woud, a new Danish brand, Tojbox Wardrobe is made of soap treated oak and measures 112 x 38 x 200 cm. Read more about this stylish Danish design at The Modern Shop.


11. Twist coat stand can be flipped


Twist Coat Stand, designed by Robert Bronwasser, can be mounted in two different ways in which forms the wooden panel or a coat or a stabilizing base. Made of of American ash gives Twist the entrance area a warm appearance.


12. Bamboo Cascando with adjustable hooks


Bamboo Cascando, designed by Peter van de Water has a steel base and hooks made of matt white nylon. The hooks are adjustable and be fastened using the rubber ring. This stylish coat stand is available in two sizes and different colors.



The 9 Hook Clothes Coat Stand Rack is an innovative, modern take on the old-fashioned coat rack. It looks like a tree with branches to which different garments and accessories can be hung.

This modular, functional standing rack is made of high quality waterproof wood, requires no screws or glue and is easy to assemble.
It fits perfectly in a corner of an entryway or bedroom without taking to much space. A great solution for people who need every inch of living space.


14. VASAGLE Industrial Coat Rack

It’s always a bonus to have extra storage space on a coat rack. VASAGLE ‘s Industrial Coat Rack not only has plenty of hooks for your coat collection, but it also has three spacious shelves that can be used as a shoe rack.

The design is compact enough to fit into most entryways, even those in cramped apartments or awkward spaces and the iron frame keeps it from toppling despite its slim design.


15. Pin Flag minimalist design


Pin Flag designed by Oliver Bahr consists of a square-shaped base on which any number of rods may be inserted. The base is made of cast concrete and the rods are solid untreated ash or oiled walnut.

Coat rack-umbrella stands

Whoever said that umbrella stands were a thing of the past hasn’t seen these bad boys. Coat racks and umbrella stands are a classy addition to your entryway, and their timeless charm hasn’t diminished over the years.

Take a look at some unique designs with a modern twist that will have you rethinking your home’s style.


1. Bazar Coat Rack

The Bazar Coat Rack by Steffen Kehrle is multifunctional furniture at its finest, and while you won’t find much in the way of color choice, neutral tones make blending in a breeze.

Bazar’s entire midsection is a wonderland of storage for umbrellas or other items, while the pegs on the top gently hold your jacket and display it like a pro. Its pegs are adjustable so that you can arrange the coat rack however you’d like.



Umbra has come through with another breathtaking Scandinavian-style design: the Pillar Coat Rack. Not only does it present itself in a compact modern design, but it also has a feature that you’ll simply love.

At the base of the coat rack is a built-in stool that you can use to set your purse down, leave your keys on, or perch your foot on when you’re lacing up your sneakers. Pillar features six coat hooks for all your entryway outerwear and accessories.


3. Frenchie Black Umbrella Stand

As a shorter person, I appreciate the thought behind the Frenchie Black Umbrella Stand. Unlike other coat racks, the top of it rests at eye level, making it easy for shorter people like myself to hang their coats.

There’s no stretching on tip toe when it comes to this combination coat rack/umbrella stand. The bottom metal hoop allows for plenty of umbrellas to be stored, and an impressive twelve hooks adorn its top.


4. Festival Modern Coat Stand

Tired of piling your umbrellas by the door and throwing your coat over the nearest chair? Let’s face it: we’ve all been lazy enough to ignore the hangers in the coat closet and just toss our coats wherever, but having Festival’s Modern Coat Stand by the door saves you from the hassle of clutter.

Five wide knobs provide space for coats and sweaters and prevent them from slipping off. As many as six umbrellas can fit into the holder at the bottom of the stand.


5. Glaubi Coat Hanger

I am in love with this minimalist coat rack! The color, design and height are all absolutely perfect, but don’t let me stop you from getting your own. There’s plenty to go around!

The Glaubi Coat Hanger uses circle hoops that rotate to easily change from a coat rack to scarf hangers (or whatever suits your needs). Glaubi also makes a great purse rack for your vast collection.


6. Winsome Memphis Coat Tree

For an ultra-compact coat hanger with storage, Winsome’s Memphis coat tree is definitely a winner. A family of four would have room for a coat and umbrella each.

Memphis Coat Hanger is made from solid and composite wood for a lightweight, yet durable build. It fits snugly in small entryways and makes a great companion that serves as an alternative when no closets are available.


7. Mind Reader Coat Rack Umbrella Stand

Why let bulky coats eat up all your closet space when you can get this modern coat rack from Mind Reader? Extra wide hooks shaped as loops can hold purses, coats, umbrellas, key chains, or whatever you can wrap around them.

Mind Reader’s Coat Rack Umbrella Stand is made from metal for extra durability and, despite weighing only seven pounds, stands firm with minimal wobble.


8. Gravity Hang

Much like D-TEC’s Floor Coat Rack, the Gravity Hang by Arik Levy comes pristinely polished to the point where you could probably use it as a mirror too.

Unlike its predecessor, however, the umbrella stand portion of this modern coat rack is left out in the open. It’s quite nice, actually. You don’t have to dig through coats to get to your umbrella. See? Every design has its function.


9. Gray Bunny Coat Rack

I’ve been to waiting rooms without a good coat rack. You have to shove your coat uncomfortably into your seat or awkwardly across an end table; it’s not fun.

The Gray Bunny Coat Rack solves this problem by providing eight hooks and an umbrella rack for coats and umbrellas, leaving you free to enjoy lounging by yourself. Made from solid cast iron, its durability and stylish design will last for many years.


10. Adesso Steel Coat Rack

The Adesso Coat Rack and Umbrella Stand is a sleek, steel and sturdy coat stand with wood accents. There are six coat hooks and a tray on the base for dripping umbrellas, which offers protection to the floor.

It is a well made and nice looking coat rack, perfect for various rooms in the house, because it takes up little space. Even suitable for other surroundings, such as offices.


11. Merkled Coat Rack

This minimalist coat rack is designed for functionality, sleek for a professional and modern look, and durable enough to hold even the heaviest of coats for years at a time.

The open middle is the perfect place to store umbrellas, while hats and coats can be hung up on the various racks and posts that this beautiful piece of furniture has to offer. The Merkled Coat Rack is easy to assemble, and come in an array of customizable colors.


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