17 Clever Clothes and Shoe Racks

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Small space living has its ups and downs, and most setbacks come from not having room to store everything.

Where will you put your couch? How is that dresser even going to fit in there? One of the biggest issues small space occupiers face is shoe and clothing storage.

Luckily, a few clever designers have come up with pieces to help solve these pesky problems and utilize your unique space to its fullest.


1. Grid Coat Stand

Simplicity is beauty. The Grid Coat Stand understands this and doesn’t inflict harsh colors or overly indulgent design on its user. Clean lines and a sturdy build are all it needs to create the perfect space for hanging your    coats or wardrobe items.

It fits perfectly with your décor while providing enough room for clothing items, as well as a shoe rack at its base. This coat stand’s minimalist design hits the nail right on the head.


2. Zeugwart


Magazin.com sells a storage ladder similar to Ikea’s wall hanger called Zeugwart Shoe & Boot Locker, but the shelves are simply rungs on the ladder.

While some may find this an unorthodox shoe shelf, the shelves are spaced just far enough apart to securely hold your shoes without having them fall off, and with a storage capacity of 26 shoes, this piece is ideal for those with a fetish for footwear.

If you decide to use it as a shoe and clothing hanger, you don’t need to sacrifice your shoe space to hang up your garments. A square set of rungs folds down from the top of the ladder to provide places for hangers. The best part? No wall attachment necessary! More info and bying at Magazin.


3. Homissue Industrial Pipe Garment Rack

Thick metal pipes paired with rustic wood grain shelves comprise this gorgeous piece of industrial style furniture.

The Homissue Industrial Pipe Garment Rack can hold up to 60 hangers and sports two large shelves for folded clothes, shoes, and/or various accessories. Despite the solid metal piping, the garment rack can be transported between rooms via the locking caster wheels that are attached.


4. Hangup


Tim Wigmore who lives and works in Wellington New Zealand has won several design awards. When designing Hangup Tim Wigmore was inspired by Samurai warriors who are ready at the entrance to receive coat and shoes. About his motivation as a designer he says:

‘I strive to connect people with their things – to design objects that people will enjoy conceptually, physically, and emotionally. My aim is to create work that resists obsolescence, and to use materials and processes that reflect a deep respect for the health of the collaborators, clients, and their surroundings.’

Hangup is made of FSC plywood with natural oil finish and available in the colors natural, red, black, white. More info here.


5. Toj Clothes RackToj-Stand-cloth--shoe-rack

Small spaces don’t give you a lot of leeway when it comes to decorating. You need both form and function, but options are limited. Thank goodness for the Toj Clothes Rack, a combination shoe rack/clothing hanger that adds all the value and space-saving capabilities you need to live comfortably without sacrificing vital room.


6. FOF Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

This space-saving clothing rack has a rustic industrial style that I just can’t get enough of. Its single hanging rack sits atop a slim, space-saving frame that also has a sizeable shoe shelf.

The FOF Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack isn’t just for home use, however. Retail stores will find it useful for transporting stock or displaying choice outfits. FOF comes in two different sizes: a 59-inch and a 63-inch.                       Simular product: Costway Industrial Pipe Garment Rack.


7. ZQFFB Rolling Garment Rack

Amazon offers a more budget-friendly storage option, the ZQFFB  Rolling Garment Rack with shelves, at a price your wallet will love.  Made of stainless steel and easy to move by the 4 caster wheels.

Suitable for entryway or bedroom for hanging coats, clothes, hats, scarves or suitcases. The garment rack is sturdy and the top rod of the garment rack has been extended to hang more items.


8. Kiila System

Many designers struggle to keep hardware hidden from the user, but Artek is letting it all hang out. The Kiila Furniture System by Daniel Rybakken is all about exposed parts that show off the construction of each piece.

Nothing is left to the imagination, and the end result is an open and honest design that amazes and inspires. From desks to coat racks to wardrobes, Kiila never pretends to be anything else but what it is.


9. Sunpace Modern Garment Rack


Made of high quality metal tube, the Sunpace Modern Garment Rack is suitable for entryway or bedroom for hanging coats, clothes, hats, scarves or bags.

The durable construction makes this coat rack suitable even for outdoor as a clothes drying rack. A multifunctional and budget-friendly storage option.


10. Anker Rack

This neat and slim clothing rack is ideal to for hallways and bedrooms, to add a little extra storage space without the bulk of a whole cupboard. The rack has a bar to hang clothes and a platform for shoes and bags.

When not in use, the Anker Clothing Rack folds almost totally flat; to open it up, simply adjust the legs and use the simple clip system to hold it in position.


11. Monarch


If high-end style and comfort are more your thing, look no further than the Monarch. Its striking features add class and luxury to your entryway with cool, metallic color and a more than ample bench cushion.

The thick padding of the cushion will pamper your aching back after a hard day at work; you might even decide to sleep on it. It’s that comfortable. The coat rack and bench are lightweight at only 39 pounds, with four hanging hooks and a shoe shelf to boot.

Its wider design is not as ideal for narrow spaces, but you just might want to splurge on this one.


12. Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

William Roberts Vintage takes great pride in the products it makes, and that love for craftsmanship is evident in this Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack.

Real cedar wood and pipe fittings come together to form a rustic clothing rack that might just look better than your actual clothes. The rack comes with three shelves and a hanging rod to be used in both the home and retail stores.


13. SINGAYE Rolling Garment Rack

SINGAYE’s Garment Rack has something other freestanding closets don’t – mobility. This rolling garment rack features four caster wheels so you can rearrange your room at will.

Although its modest size doesn’t allow for an entire wardrobe to be stored, it does feature a generous shoe rack and room for your favorite outfits to be displayed, the perfect tool for minimalists and small spaces like apartments/dorms.


14. Beka


The Beka hanger rack is much like its name: simple but functional. Its minimalist design, which includes 15 holes to fit hangers and two storage shelves, makes it a non-intrusive addition to your décor that proves to be durable and versatile.

It looks like the sort of furniture your grandfather built you when you were a kid with its soft-color sanded wood and solid frame; those pieces lasted you into adulthood, and you were able to upgrade them with new finishes to modernize them.

The same holds true of the Beka hanger rack designed by Silvia Ceñal.


15. Tudy Prosim


If you like industrial chic and modular design, the Tudy Prosim is for you. Possibly the most versatile on this list, this valet stand offers a variety of useful features.

Though it boasts only four hooks for hanging your clothing, it also includes a small vanity mirror, two cones to store keys or small gadgets, and a multifunctional shoe rack that doubles as a stool or side table.

Another smaller stool can be exchanged to make the base smaller, saving you just a little more space. This stand is perfect for tiny apartments, entryways, and even bathrooms. Hopefully Tudy Prosim will soon be put into production. Look it up at designer Simona Hruskova.


16. VAsagle Industrial Rack Bench

The adequately named VASAGLE Industrial Coat Rack Shoe Bench is exactly what it sounds like, but the name doesn’t really do its quaint and homely design justice. This entryway piece has all the charm of a full wardrobe without sucking up the space.

With a dozen metal coat hooks and two racks for shoes, it stands at nearly 6 feet tall on four sturdy legs. There’s even a wood panel seat that you can rest on while you take your shoes off your tired feet.

An added bonus is the bar on the top which leans forward for a third row for hanging.


17. Mila


Mox’s Mila provides a standalone shoe rack with a ladder design and a single shelf on the top, but don’t be fooled; this piece is made to last.

It’s made from two of the strongest design and construction materials: oak and steel. The design fits against the wall fairly well, and the shelves are tilted to hide shoes stored on it to avoid any eyesores.

If you’re looking to hide unsightly shoes or just storage items you don’t want in plain view, the Mila steps up to the job with simplicity and grace.



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