8 Best Ladder Shelf Desks

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Ladder shelving is incredibly popular in rustic and modern style homes. If you’re looking to add more of this charm to your own home, you may want to include some of these leaning and ladder desks. They provide all the workspace a standard desk will while saving space, and their unique design makes them a functional décor item.


1. Carbon Loft Lahuri Ladder Shelf Desk


Carbon Loft’s Ladder Desk will keep you on track with its magnet board. It’s perfect for making notes and leaving yourself memos to help you accomplish your goals.

The ladder desk also comes with a generous work surface, a raised shelf for your monitor, two cubbies, and two top shelves for additional storage or a spot to put some cheerful desk decor.


2. Tali Contemporary 2-Tone Leaning Writing Desk


For a modern take on the leaning ladder desk, look no further than this space-saving and attractive Tali Writing Desk from Furniture of America.

It comes with everything a work-from-home entrepreneur could hope for: a compact vertical design with a work surface for your laptop, a storage drawer, a storage cubby, two open top shelves, and a dependable lean-to frame made from MDF wood and veneer. Tali is available in five finishes ranging from weathered white to walnut oak and black.


3. Haotian Modern Ladder Bookcase


Wouldn’t this be just darling in a children’s room?                                    Haotian’s Modern Ladder Bookcase combines the appeal of a ladder bookcase with the functionality of a desk.

Behind the built-in memo board is hidden storage, but the board also folds down to create a small work surface for laptops or homework. Children (or adults) can store study materials, books, and media on the other three, or use it for display.


4. C-Hopetree Ladder Desk


Don’t be fooled by this desk’s slim metal frame – it’s incredibly sturdy.           C-Hopetree’s Ladder Desk is a charming workstation fit for professionals and college students alike.

You’ll adore the compact design, which features laminate shelves and an A-frame that garners added sturdiness by bracing itself against the wall. A small storage shelf on the upper part of the frame can be used for décor items or writing tools.


5. Coaster Furniture Ladder Desk


In the style of a true lean-to ladder desk, Coaster Furniture’s Ladder Desk with storage is a welcome companion in small spaces.

The back is completely open, giving your room to sneak a few storage bins behind the desk (or a comfy footrest!). A storage drawer and two shelves are included on the sleek black frame, which is made of MDF and particle board.


6. Monarch Specialties Ladder Desk

Another ladder shelf desk with a fold-down work surface comes from Monarch Specialties. Its rustic taupe wood finish fits right in with modern décor.

The Monarch Specialties Ladder Desk with storage has not one, but two sizeable shelves for larger items, making it ideal as a computer desk with tower storage on the bottom shelf. College students and work from home professionals will appreciate the melding of functionality and chic design.


7. American Trails Ladder Desk


Not only does this ladder desk have a modern look that will appeal to college students, but it also has an affordable price tag.

American Trails’ Ladder Desk with storage has a cubby that’s just the right size for a keyboard, along with a pull-out drawer and two display shelves that can be acquisitioned for school supplies and computer accessories. Its two-tone design is especially lovely, making it a fashionable addition to dorm rooms and offices.


8. SoHo Leaning Bookcase


This budget-friendly option is one of the slimmest ladder desks available. Its space-saving design makes the SoHo Leaning Bookcase ideal for studio apartments, dorm rooms, and small offices.

Two display shelves provide just enough room for accessories or décor items, while the work surface will hold a laptop (and its perfect companion, a cup of coffee). The desk’s durability is ensured by its solid wood build, so you won’t have to replace it for a long while.


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