18 Modern Comfortable Rocking Chairs

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When regular rocking chairs just aren’t what you’re looking for, gliders and lounge chairs can be great alternatives. They’re typically more cushioned, durable, and comfy when compared to most rockers, so why not give these  comfortable rocking chairs a try?


1. Nana Rocking Chair

Tired moms have been begging for this chair since… well, forever. Who doesn’t want an exhausting job to be a little bit less exhausting?

Breastfeeding takes a lot of time and energy, so Alegra Design came up with this amazing Rocking Chair Nana to pamper busy moms who want a little bonding time with their children. Its breathable fabric and wide armrests are a treat for sore backs; the storage space for breastfeeding supplies is definitely a bonus.


2. Windsor Glider & Ottoman

This rocking chair looks like it would be the perfect addition to a nursery. With soft padded armrests and plush cushions, nursing mothers won’t have to suffer aching backs while they care for their child.

Windsor’s Glider lulls babies to sleep with its smooth rocking motion while the ottoman gives moms a place to rest their feet. 14 color choices give you plenty of options for matching the chair with any room in your house.


3. Fulton Rocker

I didn’t think rocking chairs could look this fancy! The leather upholstery and variety of both wood and metal finishes put other rocking chairs to shame.

If you thought that leather armchairs were the epitome of luxury, you might want to try the Fulton Rocker. Its luxurious leather cushions and smooth rocking motion will leave you more relaxed than you’ve felt in a long time.


4. Delta Children Blair Nursery Rocker Chair

Adults should be green with envy over how much kids furniture has improved since they were kids. Take this rocker chair, for example. Delta Children has fashioned a comfortable and trendy glider chair with enviable features such as a 360º swivel, padded armrests, and non-toxic materials that are easy to clean with just mild soap and water.

Delta Children’s Nursery Rocker Chair comes in three different colors, all in a slim, space-saving chair design.


5. G-Spot Rocker

Relax! Before you go thinking dirty thoughts, the G-Spot Rocker (yes, that is its actual name) gets its name from its form, not its function. The curved frame forms the letter ‘G’ on both sides, hence the cheeky moniker.

If you’re the more daring type, you can tell your guests the name of this chair and watch them blush when you explain the actual reason for it. For shyer types, just make up a different name; no one will ever know.


6. Carson Carrington Idbyn Velvet Rocking Chair

Is this the world’s most comfortable rocking chair? It certainly looks like it. With a high back and raised armrests, you are in for a treat when you sit back against the plush velvet material covering this exquisitely modern rocking chair.

The Idbyn Chair comes in three different colors set on a durable wood and metal frame that can hold up to 280 pounds.


7. Yashiya Retro Rocking Chair

Gone are the days where your aching back was made worse by a purely wooden rocking chair. Yashiya’s Retro Rocking Chair has a modern design that harkens back to the original design, yet its plush fabric provides updated comfort that also looks great in your home.

Its solid wooden base delivers a steady rocking motion that can lull you to sleep in minutes, but it’s also a great place to watch your favorite movie in comfort.


8. Retro Wooden Rocker

Classic design with a bit of mid-century flair mesh together in the Retro Wooden Rocker from Granite Grey Fabric Retro. You’ll enjoy years of life from this throwback design with its thick cushions and rocking action.

Despite its traditional looks, the Retro Wooden Rocker goes well with all sorts of décor schemes, so you can invite it into your home without worrying that it will clash.


9. Era High Rocking Chair

I can see the Era High Rocking Chair sitting snugly in a quiet corner, gently rocking its user into a deep slumber of restful sleep. It just looks so peaceful!

The soft neutral tones and shiny silver legs are a perfect pair that complements modern and mid-century homes alike. However, let’s not get distracted and forget about this rocking chair’s neck support – it’s top notch.


10. Best Choice Rocking Accent Chair

This is one of the most solid looking armchairs we’ve seen. Best Choice’s Rocking Armchair design speaks of elegance and comfort, and you’ll be able to feel that as soon as you sit down in it.

It’s easy to rest your weary body after a long day in its plush linen cushions with a high tufted back. The low-lying frame, which is made from solid birch wood, is especially designed to stop the chair from rocking until you are ready to put it into motion. The chair is available in beige and pink.


11. Haotian Rocking Chair

Nothing feels better than the soft touch of cotton. The Haotian Rocking Chair has a cotton fabric cushion that delivers supreme comfort while rocking you into a cozy cocoon of bliss. Mothers with infants could ask for no better lullaby!

Perfect for either carpeted or hardwood floors, Haotian utilizes the time-old tradition of the rocking chair that doubles as a modern lounger that looks wonderful in any home.


12. Cowrie Rocker

Is this even a rocking chair? You bet it is! The Cowrie Rocker is a design like you’ve never seen before. Its saddle shape mimics the unusual lines of a sea shell, and it makes for the perfect lay-down lounger.

All you have to do is gently rock with your legs; you don’t even have to sit up to enjoy its comforts. The Cowrie Rocker offers cutting edge design and a comfortable rocking lounge chair all in one.


13. Modway Rocker Lounge Chair

For some mid-century flair, the modway rocker lounge chair is an ultra modern delight. Molded PP plastic forms a contoured seat that allows for comfortable seating, and the surprisingly sturdy frame has a soft, fluid rocking motion.

Available in five bold, complementary colors, Modway’s Rocker Chair is sure to strike up conversation as well as carry one into the later hours.


14. Christopher Knight Rocking Chair

I love a good, comfortable rocking chair. It’s so very soothing to sit out on the porch or in your reading room, rocking your troubles away as you sip on hot tea. Christopher Knight appreciates this and has made the perfect cozy Braant Rocking Chair that is both comfortable and functional.

Extra thick cushions cover the back, seat, and arms to support your spine and prevent aches and pains normally associated with bare wood rocking chairs.


15. POLYWOOD Presidential Rocking Chair

The POLYWOOD Presidential Chair comes in 13 different colors, and it’s one of the most comfy rocking chairs you’ll ever own. Its contoured seat and high back make rocking an afternoon away on the porch go by like a dream.

The chair is made from recycled plastic and scrap lumber pieces, making it highly sustainable and less susceptible to harsh weather. POLYWOOD can be used both indoors and outdoors to give a colorful addition to your patio or porch.


16. Sway by Markaus Krauss

You may not remember when you were a baby, but the soothing sensation of being rocked to sleep has never left you. Markus Krauss’ Sway Rocker is, in essence, the adult version of a rocking cradle.

Spending an afternoon taking a nap while you’re slowly rocked back and forth sounds like heaven, and that’s exactly what you get with this giant rocker. It’s fun for adults and children alike!


17. Ace Bayou X Rocker Gaming Chair

A complete gaming setup isn’t really complete without this amazing gaming chair. You’ll have everything you need to immerse yourself completely in the game, including an almost surround sound experience thanks to the headrest’s two speakers and a subwoofer on the chair’s back.

The Ace Bayou X Rocker Chair comes with a headphone jack, volume/bass control, and is compatible with mainstream gaming consoles like Xbox and Playstation.


18. Magis Voido Rocking Chair

The Magis Voido Rocking Chair is the ultra-modern cousin of the traditional rocking chair. It makes for a surprisingly comfortable rocking chair despite its odd appearance, and design gurus, as well as modern households, are eager to get their hands on one.

Voido offers superior balance and cushioning, and it works equally well outdoors as it does indoors. Just imagine the looks on your guests’ faces when they see this on your patio! Available in light grey, white, orange and glossy black.

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