Modern Room Dividers-Panel Screens for Your Living Room

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Room dividers and panel screens make a versatile and attractive centerpiece in your living room. These seven room dividers make it easy to add extra privacy, divide a room that’s too large, or refresh otherwise dull decor.


1. YIZUNNU Hanging Panels

hanging panels in living room

These gorgeous geometric panels are sure to jazz up your living room and infuse a bit of modern charm that the whole family will love.

YIZUNNU’s Hanging Panels attach via anchor points in the ceiling; the panels come in sets of 12 and can be expanded upon with more sets. They’re also made from non-toxic, eco-friendly materials. YIZUNNU comes in 12 different patterns that can be mixed and matched by buying multiple sets.


2. Kernorv Hanging Room Divider

hanging panels room divider made of PVC

Don’t you just love these Moroccan-inspired hanging panels? Available in three other styles as well, Kernorv’s Hanging Room Divider is an environmentally safe option made from PVC.

The panels’ construction involves no glue or paint, so you won’t have to worry about toxic materials affecting your household. Kernorv is easy to install and can be attached to the ceiling with either the included hardware or by using adhesive hooks for a damage-free option.


3. Oriental Furniture Shoji Screen

oriental shoji screen room divider

Although this Japanese-inspired shoji screen is only three feet tall, many users have found especially creative ways to use it as a privacy screen. One Amazon reviewer showed off her loft apartment, which uses the screen to block the view of the loft bedroom from below.

Another reviewer placed the screen in a bay window, keeping anyone from peeping in while still allowing light to flood the room. Oriental Furniture’s Shoji Screen is available in 3, 4, 5, or 6 panels and comes in six finishes


4. Seto White Wood and Paper Room Divider

Japanese-inspired room divider wood and paper room divider

Yet another Japanese-inspired room divider can be found at Overstock, and it’s ridiculously gorgeous.

The Seto Room Divider‘s frame is actually made of white wood that has been painted to look like gold or silver. Seto stands at just under six feet high and features four panels, each with an elegant modern geometric grid pattern.


5. Giyano 4-Screen Room Divider

4-screen room divider with mosaic design

Geometric patterns are quite popular on room dividers, it seems, and for good reason! Giyano’s mosaic design will steal the show in your living room. Giyano Screen Room Divider comes assembled and ready to use.

Its four panels are translucent enough to allow light to come through, but opaque enough to give you complete privacy. Available finishes for Giyano are blank gold, silver, black, and white.


6. ORE International Four Panel Shoji Screen

Shoji screen room divider

Get swept away to the peaceful and beautiful land of Japan when you include this shoji screen in your decor. Made from solid pine wood with an exquisite cherry finish, each panel features a carefully crafted floral design to bring the beauty of nature and the land of the rising sun into your home.

ORE Shoji Screen is approximately 70 inches high and folds flat for easy storage.


7. Harper Boulevard Quentin Room Divider

natural woven fiber room divider

Can you imagine how long it would take to weave something like this?  Harper Boulevard’s Quentin Room Divider is woven from natural fibers in a chevron pattern to form perhaps the most beautiful room divider on this list.

A solid black frame creates a nice contrast with the woven water hyacinth panels. Use this amazing room divider to create your own private space in your living room, bedroom, or office.

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