12 Space-Saving Multifunctional Wall Beds

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These space-saving wall beds come with the ability to be a desk, a couch or a dining table during the day, when fold up. They provide a comfortable place to lay your head and are perfect for those who need to save space, conserve energy, or just update their home.

They are the ultimate space-saver for a small room or an ideal choice for a guest room, ideal for anyone who wants to make the best of their space, or simply needing a dual purpose for one room.


1. Ulisse Dining

The Ulisse Dining seamlessly-integrated murphy bed provides a comfortable place to lay your head, and a minimalistic, modern place to dine with family or friends whenever it is put away.

Boasting of a simplistic lifestyle and giving you all of the comforts of a modern home within a compact space, this murphy bed is perfect for those who need to save space, conserve energy, or just update their home.


2. Copper Grove Wall Bed & Sofa Set

This Murphy bed goes the extra mile. Not only does it have a pull-down bed for guests, but it also gives guests a comfy sofa for lounging. The sofa’s cushions need to be removed in order to fold down the bed. When the bed is not in use, the bed’s cabinet frame functions as a backrest for the sofa.

Copper Grove’s Wall Bed is available in either full or queen size, as well as two color options.


3. Otis Wall Bunk Bed

Whether you live in a small space or not, you have to admit this set of bunk beds is ingenious. The space-saving design keeps the beds neatly folded into the frame, which stands only 16.5 inches out from the wall, until they’re needed.

Otis Wall Bunk Bed accommodates two twin mattresses and comes in a sleek white design with retainer rails and a metal ladder, as well as pull-down handles for easy setup.


4. Bestar Nebula FULL WALL BED Kit

This folding bed is the ultimate space-saver for a small room. At night, a flick of the wrist brings down a full-sized double bed; during the day, the bed folds invisibly into a fitted wardrobe, with drawers and hanging space at one side.

The Nebula Full Wall Bed w/ Storage Unit is an ideal choice for a guest room, as it’s far more comfortable than a sofa bed but disappears into the wall when not needed.


5. Bestar Versatile Queen-Size Wall Bed

This pull-out Bestar Versatile Queen Wall Bed is a must-have for anyone wanting to redecorate their room. With plenty of display shelving to fill with your pictures, books, or knick knacks, this bed pulls out seamlessly with no box spring required.

Fold it up to maximize space, and fold it down to experience ultimate comfort. Easy to pull down, and easy to put up.


6. Kali Duo Board

The Kali Duo Board space-saving bunk bed is comfortable and safe by night, and a working desk by day. This is the ultimate work-and-sleep package for someone wanting to make the best of their space, or simply needing a dual purpose for one room.

The desk is sturdy, the bed is comfortable, and not an ounce of safety has been compromised.


7. Stellar Home Furniture Urban Full Wall Bed

Isn’t it amazing how certain designs come back into style? The Murphy Bed was much less glamorous “back in the day”, but now it’s trend chic.         Stellar Home Furniture’s Urban Full Wall Bed is modern and sophisticated. With pull-down handles and compatible storage units (not included with the bed), it does what a full bedroom set can do, just in less space.

When not used for sleeping, it folds up and looks just like a set of cabinets – no one will even suspect it’s there!


8. Urbino Murphy Bed with Sofa

A couch by day and a bed by night, this seamless transition from daytime play to nighttime rest is the perfect addition to any home, whether you are looking to converse space or just update your home.

With all of the modern appeal without all the cutting of walls, the Urbino Murphy Bed with Sofa will provide comfort no matter what time of day it is.


9. Royal Queen Wall bed With Desk

The Royal Queen Wall Bed Table with Desk is a twin-size bed and a sturdy and conveniant table or study desk with shelving.

This space-saving bed comes with the ability to be a desk during the day, so when you are done sleeping, you simply fold it up into the wall and fold down the desk. Available in select finishes.


10. Bestar Lumina Full Wall Bed Desk

The Bestar Lumina Full Wall Bed Desk is a space-saving, minimalist murphy bed which comes with the ability to be a desk during the day, so when you are done sleeping, you simply fold it up into the wall and fold down the desk.

For those who work and play in the same space, or simply want a little bit of an update to your home, you cannot go wrong with a decision like this.


11. Bestar Nebula Full Wall Bed

Murphy beds never went out of style – they just got modernized.                   The Bestar Nebula Wall Bed makes it easy to clear your space after a good night’s rest. Simply fold the bed back into its cupboard and voila! You now have space for other activities.

Space above the cupboard provies storage opportunities as well. As a safety precaution, the designers of this space-efficient bed installed a dual piston system for easy folding up and folding down.


12. Adam Tavolo Wall Bed

Unlike traditional Murphy beds, the Adam Tavolo Wall Bed disguises itself as a bookcase. However, that’s not all it’s hiding. This Tavolo also comes with a fold-down desk for the ultimate space-saving bed/table combo. You can work, rest and eat – all in the same place!

This would be a lifesaver if you’re an apartment dweller in the big city, with only enough square footage for a bedroom. Your loft apartment won’t seem so cramped when you have Adam Tavolo.


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