24 Small Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Small bedrooms can be organized and arranged for optimal comfort but there’s a limit to how much smart decorating yields you in terms of space. Well-designed small bedroom furniture will help you maximize space. The following space-saving design furniture pieces will let you live large in the most cramped bedrooms.


1. Reindee Chair

coat hanger and seat in a slim design

Your small bedroom doesn’t have room for all the things you want, so why not consider this space-saving option? The Reindee Chair from Baita Design combines a coat hanger and comfortable seat in a slim design.

You’ll love the bright color of this piece with its unique flair and ample hanging space. It’s a great place to hang your coats, shirts and purse to keep them out of the way so you can fit the rest of your furniture in.


2. Untitled Rail Hanger

leaning rail clothes hanger

This clothes rack leans against the wall at a natural angle, and the weight of the hanging clothes locks it into place. When it’s not in use, you can pull it apart and store the poles in a drawer.

At less than 6kg in weight, the Untitled Rail Hanger is easy to carry around when you move house. The powder-coated steel frame comes in black, white, blue, or orange. See also:

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3. CU Side Table and Seat

sofa side, bedside table and seat

Turn it any way you like; it’s still a coffee table at heart! The CU Large Seat and Table functions as both a bedside coffee table and a stable bench when flipped horizontally.

This dependable bedroom furniture piece has an elegantly simple design, making it easy to fit in with just about any décor. There’s also the fact that you can stack multiple CUs together to form larger tables or seats (even cubby shelves!) should you get a bigger space. Available in black, white and red.


4. Way Basics Eco Storage Cube

modular eco stackable storage cubes

Storage cubes are a beautiful, simple way to add modular storage to your bedroom. The Way Basics Eco Storage Cube has both an open and closed cube version (the latter of which features a door with a magnetic closure).

You can easily stack cubes on top of one another, adding on more storage as the need arises. These modular cubes are available in several colors and finishes.


5. Baxton Armeena Storage Bed

storage bed with drawers

The Baxton Armeena Storage Bed features a beautiful scalloped headboard with silver nail head and three convenient storage drawers on one side of the bed.

The bed lets you store whatever you like inside it. Unsightly piles of clothes spilling out of your closet will be a thing of the past. You can simply store extra items in the world’s best storage bed! Also take a look at:

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6. ColouredSHAPE Space Saving Lamp

minimalist lamp shade light

This wonderfully-modern design is an eye-catching piece for any room. Space saving in its ability to be mounted to the wall, the ColouredSHAPE Lamp is the perfect addition to any room and comes in a variety of colors.

Whether you are concerned for space, or concerned about knocking down a lamp, this sleek answer to your prayers is all you need. Available in white, grey, blue, black and red.


7. WLIVE Fabric Dresser

fabric dresser with five drawers that function just like a wooden chest of drawers

An elegant modern dresser that won’t break the bank? You’ve got it. WLIVE brings together the affordability of fabric drawer storage and the storage space of a dresser to create this wonderful piece.

The WLIVE Dresser comes with five drawers (three regular, two wide) that function just like a wooden chest of drawers, but without the hefty price tag. It’s available in both Modern and Unique styles with eight color choices in each.


8. MEGAFUTURE Portable Wardrobe

wardrobe consists of storage cubes

Imagine an entire bedroom wardrobe set in one single piece. An image of the MEGAFUTURE Portable Wardrobe  should appear. This piece has everything you need to store your clothes and bedroom supplies.

The five storage cubes also have a clothing railing for longer wardrobe pieces. Rather than being bulky, the storage shelf fits snugly and securely against the wall. Don’t miss:

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9. BedShelfie

bedside shelf

Cramming a nightstand into an already tiny room isn’t going to happen, but BedShelfie is the perfect solution. It takes up no floor space and attaches right to your bed frame, providing a side table for all the essentials you need close by.

Up to 15 pounds of bedside items can fit on the sturdy shelf. Bed Shelfie is available in two sizes (regular and Plus) and comes in nine different colors. You may also like this Avantree laptop stand or tray table.


10. Zeugwart Coat and Shoe Rack

coat and shoe leaning ladder

Tuck space-sucking items away on this minimalist coat and shoe rack! The Zeugwart easily holds clothing, shoes and miscellaneous items that normally take up valuable space in your bedroom and keeps them out of the way with fashionista flare.

You’ll love how sturdy and dependable it is; standing only inches out from the wall, it’s one of the slimmest coat racks available! See also:

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11. LiliLite Shelf Light Bookmark

bookshelf with light

Light just when you need it and a good book balanced delicately within an arm’s reach. What more could you ask for while snuggling in bed? The LiliLite is the world’s smartest bookshelf.

The light automatically turns on when you grab your favorite novel and off again when you put it back. It even keeps your place as a functional bookmark while keeping your other books safely tucked in its soft wooden angles.


12. Madison Tall Corner cabinet

tall corner cabinet

The RiverRidge Madison Tall Corner Cabinet is a clothing storage solution for awkwardly-shaped rooms, with as much internal space as a regular cabinet but designed to fit neatly into a corner.

This Madison Tall Corner Cabinet fits into any space without worrying about whether the door opens the right way. It’s an ideal piece for small guest rooms, or rented apartments with insufficient storage.

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13. Bed with Lift Up Storage Space

leatherette bed with lift up storage

leatherette bed with lift up storage space

This queen-size storage bed is the perfect addition to any room needing extra storage for absolutely anything.

Whether you want to store books, clothes, or craft products, this wonderful addition provides much more storage space without sacrificing comfort when you sleep. Learn more about the Bed with Lift Up Storage Space.


14. IBUYke 8 Hook Coat Rack Stand

hook coat rack stand

The IBUYKE 8 Hook Coat Rack Stand is an innovative, modern take on the old-fashioned coat rack. It looks like a tree with branches to which different garments and accessories can be hung. This modular, functional standing rack is made of high quality waterproof wood, requires no screws or glue and is easy to assemble.

It fits perfectly in a corner of an entryway or bedroom without taking to much space. A great solution for people who need every inch of living space. Also take a look at:

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15. Sonoma 12 Drawers Storage Bed

bed with drawers on both sides

With the Prepac Platform Storage Bed with 12 drawers, you can forego the bulky dresser. This bed has enough storage for all your needs! With three spacious, easy-sliding drawers and an attractive raw design, this bed is everything a cramped resident could hope for.

Free up tons of square footage and enjoy the reversible feature (you can face the drawers left or right) along with plush comfort.


16. Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

industrial pipe clothing rack

Are you lacking a closet in your already small apartment? Don’t worry! The Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack is an entire closet without doors. You can easily hang it wherever you like in your home at any height.

The free space underneath can be used to scoot shoes under or another furniture piece. Any space can fit this industrial hanging rack, a beautifully designed open closet for the savvy minimalist. Available in black or gold.

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17. Floor Mirror with Integrated CLothing Rack

freestanding mirror with integrated clothing rack

When over-the-door mirrors just aren’t an option, a great way to reflect is with the Umbra Vala Floor Mirror with Integrated Clothing Rack. This freestanding mirror has a handy clothes rack in the back to hang your next outfit or dirty clothes on, with either being hidden behind the large mirror surface.

No longer will you have to be embarrassed by a pile of soiled laundry! Simply toss it on the rack; out of sight, out of mind!


18. Bestar Queen Murphy Bed

folding bed for a small room

This folding bed is the ultimate space-saver for a small room. At night, a flick of the wrist brings down a full-sized double bed; during the day, the bed folds invisibly.

The Bestar Queen Murphy Bed is an ideal choice for a guest room, as it’s far more comfortable than a sofa bed but disappears into the wall when not needed. Don’t miss:

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19. Danya B. Corner Shelving unit

corner shelving unit

Every nook and cranny of your space has potential, especially those unused corners where no other furniture piece will fit. Thankfully, these Danya B. Corner Shelving Unit is just the ticket.

Place any knick-knacks, books or other items on its sturdy structure and watch spare floor space magically appear! You can even use it for a series of cat perches if you’re the animal-loving sort. Available in six different colors.


20. Clothing Rail

hanging clothing rail

All it takes are some strategically placed hooks and a quality-built clothing rail, and you’ve got yourself a closet with no walls, doors or ceiling, just the open air.

Only the bare minimum has been used to designed this chic Annaleena Clothing Rail and statement piece. It’s like having your own clothing store rack to show off your best outfits while keeping the floor clear and saving you space.


21. Monarch Specialties Fold-Down Ladder Desk

fold-down ladder desk

Those in the market for a space-saving desk need to take a look at the Monarch Specialties Ladder Desk. Many similar designs have been used as bookshelves and storage for display items, but very few can be used as a fold-down desk.

This ladder desk is perfect for cramped spaces like dorms and small apartments, but frankly, I’d love to have one of these myself. It’s way more stylish than the one I have! See also:

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22. Over The Door Mirror

over the door mirror

No room for a vanity table? No problem! This Over-The-Door Mirror takes up no space at all as it hangs steadily in place at the entrance to any room.

You can easily get a full-length view of what you’re wearing, or you can simply use it to do your makeup as you match your eyeshadow to your dress. The affordable price and space-saving, durable quality make this a hot ticket item for those in smaller homes.


23. Whitmor Rolling White Wire Underbed Cart

rolling wire underbed cart

The space under the bed is usually just a gathering place for dust and lost socks, but this rolling cart can be used for practical storage, such as clothes, shoes, blankets or pillows.
The Whitmor Rolling Underbed Cart has a steel grid frame with a white epoxy finish.


24. Left or Right Lamp

minimalist left and right bedside shelf lamps

Frugal design has never looked so good. The Left or Right Lamp is a minimalist design that functions as both lamp and table.

Though the table space will only hold a single book or cup of coffee, the easy mounting to your wall and bright luminescent bulb will have you enjoying all the comforts of a bedside reading companion while cozying up in your covers.


Which one do you like best?

See how you’re not forced to stacking and cramming in case of a small bedroom? This is design furniture dedicated to make the most of your space-restricted room. Ideal for a bunk room or the master bedroom. For teeny spaces or larger quarters because comfort is essential, especially in the room you spend at least one third of your life.


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