Rustic Blanket and Towel Ladders

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When a coat rack just isn’t your style, and you don’t have room for a freestanding wardrobe, blanket and towel ladders are there to provide the perfect chic, yet space-saving solution. Each one of these ladders has a special something that will have you eager to try one out.


1. YAMAZAKI Leaning Ladder Rack

You’ll love this trendy, yet simplistic leaning ladder rack. With an ultra-slim design and sturdy steel construction, Yamazaki’s Ladder stands at just over five feet tall.

Despite being made from steel, the ladder is lightweight enough for easy transportation from room to room, and its space-saving design makes it a great towel rack for bathrooms. It also features rubber stoppers that keep it firmly in place and prevent scratching when leaned against a wall.


2. mDesign Metal Storage Ladder

This cute little storage ladder can’t be confined to just one room of the house — it’s an excellent storage solution for all of them.

mDesign’s Metal Storage Ladder stands at 5 1/2 feet tall and has non-skid feet to keep the ladder from tipping or sliding. Use it as a blanket rack in your living room for cold winter nights, or place it in your bedroom as a garment rack for clothes, purses and hats.


3. Modern Rustic Blanket Ladder

Not only does this blanket ladder provide slim, space-saving storage for your home, but it also has a feature most other blanket and towel ladders don’t — it separates into two pieces.

When not in use, the Modern Rustic Blanket Ladder splits into two sections for compact storage under beds, in closets, or behind bookshelves. Holding heavy blankets is no problem thanks to the ladder’s metal frame and extra wide design.


4. Umbra Adjustable Hub Ladder

How about a blanket ladder that adjusts to your unique space? This two-toned ladder from Umbra can expand from 16 inches wide to 24 inches wide.

At five feet tall and sporting four rungs, there’s plenty of space for hanging, and you’ll love Umbra’s solid build (a combination of ash wood and powder-coated steel). The Umbra Hub Ladder also has four hooks on its side for additional hanging space.


5. MyGift 4 Bar Bath Towel Ladder

MyGift’s Towel Ladder is perfect for your modern bathroom. Instead of leaning against the wall, MyGift saves even more space by having a sloped top that allows the bottom of the ladder to stand completely upright, hugging the wall.

Four rungs give you room for all your towels, hand towels and rags. The ladder can also be utilized as a drying rack for laundry, as the ladder is made from corrosion-resistant chrome plating.


6. HOOBRO Blanket Ladder

You’ll get even more storage space with this blanket ladder! In place of a top rung, HOOBRO’s Blanket Ladder has a small shelf that’s perfect for bathroom toiletries.

The ladder is nearly six feet tall and sports a lovely industrial design made from sustainable particle board and black metal. Matching furniture pieces, such as industrial ladder shelves and a ladder computer desk, are also available from HOOBRO.


7. RELODECOR Leaning Blanket Ladder

Do you need towel or blanket storage for the whole family? RELODECOR has the perfect blanket ladder for you. This six-rung ladder has so much space that you might not know what to do with it all.

You can use it as a makeshift drying rack for your laundry room, hang bathroom towels, or keeps a cozy plethora of blankets for cool fall weather. The RELODECOR Leaning Blanket Ladder also folds up for easy storage and utilizes slanted feet to balance the ladder when leaned against walls.


8. AmazonBasics Leaning Ladder Rack

This lightweight ladder rack is just as convenient as more expensive blanket and towel ladders, but it has a price tag that’s hard to beat. AmazonBasics’ Leaning Ladder Rack weighs under four pounds, so you won’t have any trouble moving it should you need to use it in other rooms.

Plastic feet provide stability and help prevent floor scratching, and its steel construction ensures that it will hold up under pressure (even from heavy wet towels!).


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