9 Best Corner Bookcases & Bookshelves

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished for a corner bookshelf in my living room. Rather than angle a regular bookshelf to try to fit it in, why not use these corner bookcases and bookshelves? They’re designed to fit in 90º spaces to maximize storage and look good while doing it.


1. OIAHOMY Corner Bookshelf

corner bookshelf with metal frame

For those really tight corners where you need a little extra storage space, OIAHOMY’s Corner Bookshelf works brilliantly. It’s perfect for decorations, collections, artwork and books.

Made with a sturdy metal frame, high-quality fiberboard shelves and slim design fit neatly into apartments, dorm rooms, narrow hallways, and more. Even better, the assembly takes only a few minutes and is relatively frustration-free.


2. Decorotika Alice Shelf

L-shaped corner bookshelf

Decorotika’s Alice Bookshelf fits in just about anywhere in your home or office. Whether you want to use it as a spice rack in the kitchen, shelving for your bedside book collection, or an office assistant for all those files you need to organize, Alice does it in style.

Its L-shape design allows it to fit snugly against walls without sticking out; multiple units can be placed together to give the illusion of a built-in wall bookshelf.


3. Andrea Corner Bookcase

wooden corner bookcase

Do you have a few collectibles that you’re just itching to display, but you don’t have any room to display them? The Andrea Corner Bookcase sneaks into tight corners and allows you to proudly display treasured items or store favored book collections, all on warm cherry wood and at a reasonable price.

The A-frame bookcase can be secured to the wall to provide extra stability, but it’s pretty sturdy on its own.


4. Convenience Concepts Oxford Bookcase

L-shaped corner bookcase with solid metal frame

Another L-shaped corner bookcase that blends form and function is the beautiful Oxford Bookcase from Convenience Concepts. Rich cherry wood shelves sit on a solid metal frame that fits perfectly into the corner.

Five shelves in all (six if you count the top) give users a wealth of space for décor items and books. Other color options are available, such as black, white, sea foam, gray,and espresso.

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5. King’s Brand Corner Bookcase

wooden corner bookcase with five shelves for display items and books

For ultra-slim storage, you might want to consider the King’s Brand Corner Bookcase. It fits snugly into most corners while providing five full shelves for display items and books.

It works equally well as a plant shelf or alternative end table for the living room. The bookcase can be screwed into the wall to provide additional stability, but it’s pretty sturdy on its own thanks to the thicker particle board.


6. Corner Bookshelf with Open Side

solid corner bookcase with open side

It can be annoying, having to rescue books that have been shoved out the back of open bookshelves. The more books you add, the more you seem to lose! You won’t have to worry about that with this Corner Bookshelf from Coaster Home Furnishings.

Its solid back keeps novels and display items firmly in place; its solid build is an asset to any home. However, homes with children may want to avoid this one, as it has true (sharp) corners rather than rounded ones.


7. Monarch Specialties Corner Bookshelf

corner etagere bookshelf

The Monarch Specialties Corner Bookshelf works wonderfully for display items, but it’s equally at home holding a few of your favorite novels and coffee table tomes.

It’s charmingly similar to ladder bookshelves that you see, but this corner accent etagere is much more space-conscious in its design. Snug corners are no match for it, as it fits flush against the wall, maximizing tight spaces for storage and display purposes.


8. Decorotika Texas Industrial Cube Bookshelf

industrial corner bookcase

Wouldn’t several of these bookshelves placed together make an intriguing room divider? The Decorotika Texas Industrial Bookshelf has come out with this ingenious cube bookshelf, and its design is quite eye-catching.

Placed in a corner, it provides a space-saving place for book collections, DVDs, CDs, or whatever medium size items you want to place on it. Three of its sides are completely open, with a total of five shelves gracing its bi-colored frame.


9. Danya B. Corner Ladder Bookshelf

corner ladder bookshelf

I love the idea of using this as an alternative end table. Rather than trying to shove a full-size end table in the corner by your couch, why not use a corner bookshelf?

Danya B. Corner Bookshelf would be a convenient place for remotes, DVDs, and other couchside essentials. The simple, modern design fits in with both traditional and contemporary décor, and its space-saving design comes with tasteful display storage on its upper shelves.

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