Windowless Bedroom Furniture To Make It Brighter And Roomier

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When your bedroom has no windows you’ll have to be inventive in order to avoid feeling like you’re residing in a tiny, dark dungeon. There are various tricks and hacks that you can use to create a room that feels spacious, light, roomy, and just pleasant to be in.

Learn how to decorate a windowless room from the best interior designers, Hollywood’s set builders, and other experts. Here are 18 tips on how to make a room without a window appear larger and brighter.

1. Modern Wall Sconce Set

Diffused lighting cheers up dark corners creating a more joyous atmosphere in a windowless bedroom.  The Modern Wall Sconce‘s shape shoots light in two different directions to create a unique vibe in any room, windowless or no.

You can fully light a room with this small wonder, its soft glow, and its variety of color options add even more brightness and hue to otherwise dull, dark rooms.


2. Wall MURALS

For a truly spectacular view, consider putting a giant mural in your room with your favorite cityscape or view. Wall Murals provide a focal point for your room, and when they’re used effectively, they can double or triple your room’s visual size.

Wall stickers and artwork are also great options that let you mix things up a bit without permanent effect.


3. Modern LED Chandelier

Windows create visual space, but you can still double the size of your room with the GMENLIGHT’s Modern LED Chandelier. Its swooping shape and glowing LED bulbs, curved delicately into a spiral, shine a bright light on all the darkened corners windows seem to miss.

Watch as the light rays bounce off the pendant’s open structure for spectacular effect!


4. Kartell OPTIC STORAGE Cubes

Kartell’s Optic Storage Container Cubes create a stunning centerpiece for any room. Its lively colors and its reflection of light beams are dazzling to behold, and its glassy exterior hides a well-kept secret – hidden storage!

Instantly free up space by storing household items inside the Optic, or stack décor on top of it to highlight special pieces.

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5. Artificial Daylight Coelux



The nourishing light of the sun and the emotional benefits it brings is like a phantom memory for those stuck in windowless rooms. Coelux aims to change that with its innovative new lighting system.

Coelux mimics natural sunlight using an LED lighting system that will brighten your horizons with lifelike renderings of the sun and sky. Kiss those dreary days stuck indoors goodbye!




Windowless rooms mean no air flow, so installing a ceiling fan like this one can be a lifesaver. Air flow doesn’t just cool you down; it also makes you more comfortable in the space you’re in.

Rooms seem infinitely smaller when they’re hot, sticky and dusty, but put a Hunter Ceiling Fan in there, and you’ll notice the room expand before you know it.


7. Translucent BEDSIDE TABLE

Bifronte Bedside Table with Drawer

Minimalist, low-profile furniture helps create an open feel to a room. This little beauty is a work of art that’s both fascinating and functional. The Bifronte Bedside Table has a stowaway storage cubby underneath a wavy wooden surface.

Of course, you could always get the variation without the drawer, but you’re going to want the storage for knick knacks that would otherwise take up space and shrink your room size.





Do you miss the bright rays of sunshine peeking over your windowsill? Don’t worry; you don’t have to install a window for that kind of nostalgia. A Philips Wake-Up Light mimics the dawn with its circular shape and slowly brightening light.

You’ll get a gentler, more natural awakening that really feels as if you’re woken by the sun. Artificial dawn alarm clocks help combat morning grogginess and winter gloominess by putting that little bit of sunshine back into your life.


9. Small Floating Wall Shelves

If you want to free up floor space while adding more interesting elements to your room’s décor, try the OAPRIRE Small Floating Wall Shelves Set.

Its bare bones design keeps books and other accessories off the floor while allowing lighting fixtures to have rule of the roost, spreading beams of light to every corner.

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What better to make a room than by doubling it? In a mirror, that is. The Standing Floor Mirror creates the illusion of a bigger room with its reflection of the light that is present.

Not only is it a tasteful addition to your décor, but several mirrors put together can make a windowless room seem absolutely huge. Whether its the look of a taller ceiling or a wider room, mirrors have a big effect.




A common trick up the sleeve of interior designers, use mirrors to visually open up a room and create a feeling of spaciousness. Save space and increase your room’s size with the Duty Box Wall Mirror Cabinet!

After all, why do you need a window when the view is so much better in the mirror? The Mirror Cabinet reflects light off of its shiny surface to make the room appear bigger, as well as helping to provide adequate lighting that other systems fail to.


12. Adust Gooseneck Wall Mount READING Lamp

Don’t buy modern lighting that fails to meet your needs. You don’t want or need fixed lighting; that’s why you’re buying the Adust Wall Mount Bedside Reading Lamp.

Cozy up with your favorite novel and enjoy flexible lighting that moves with you wherever you go. Simply adjust the neck of the lamp for different angles and a more versatile lighting system.


13. Antarctic Star Electric Fireplace in-Wall


Any room feels cozier with a fireplace, but put on in a windowless room, and it makes for an astonishingly attractive addition.

Fireplaces create a point of focus that relax you; you won’t even notice the room’s size or flaws if you’re busy toasting your toes by the flickering flames and burning embers. Learn more about the Antarctic Star Electric Fireplace in-Wall.




Bulky shelves tend to take up space, their shadows sucking all of the light out of the room. Here, less truly is more. You won’t have to cram other furniture pieces in the corner when you have these floating shelves.

Corner Floating Shelves not only save you space, but they eliminate shadows cast by larger furniture that leave your room dark and dim. Try lighter colors to brighten the room even more.




Closed doors can make a room feel cramped, but they won’t if you use a hanging mirror on the back of one. This Over The Door Mirror is a simple, elegant addition that widens the room with its reflection.

It’s not just an illusion – it’s a smart way to visually increase a room’s size without getting rid of precious furniture.


16. Motion Sensing CLOSET Light


This automatic light may be hidden away in your closet, but it creates a world of its own in a big way.

Small closets and cramped spaces seem bigger when faced with luminous LED lighting systems, and Motion Sensing Closet Light does the job with great vivacity. Highlight your best outfits or simply enjoy being able to find them with high quality lighting for your small space.




You could have the view of a lifetime without the cost that comes with it. Simply attach scenic Window Wall Stickers to your fake window (a simple frame will do) and enjoy the city skyline or peaceful lake view. Install daylight bulbs in the window and hang drapes on the sides for an even more realistic effect.

Another option lies with Raspberry Pi, a tiny, low cost computer that can hook up to a TV or monitor to display customized views with different lighting and sounds of scenery. Who needs a real view if you can ingeniously stream webcam feeds of world’s most scenic spots into your bedroom?


18. MUZATA LED Channel System



MUZATA LED Channel System is completely hidden, but you’ll definitely notice it when you turn it on. Hidden light can make an otherwise boring, windowless room stand out by lighting up every bit of space in reach, or you can focus each light in a particular direction.

Add lights wherever you need them; the MUZAKA channel system doesn’t confine you like conventional lighting systems.



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