8 Trendy Stacking Beds

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Staple stacking beds make not only great space-efficient solutions for guest rooms but also for small children’s bedrooms. Or what about cottages or tiny homes?

Whether you’re looking for a stylish guest bed or a stacking baby bed (scroll down), these eight modern staple beds let you make the most of a limited space.


1. Stacking Bed By Rolf heide



Are you tired of guests sleeping on couches and in sleeping bags, but you don’t have the room for a spare bed? Stacking Bed by Rolf Heide for Müller Möbelwerkstätten makes it easy to fit extra sleeping space into your home while saving you space.

Stacking Bed fits snugly on top of one another and can be taken apart quickly to provide a spare bed. Its design is simple, effective and trendy, all rolled into one!


2. Twice Stacked Bed



Authentics’ Twice Stacked Bed is a fun, colorful way to decorate any bedroom. The clean, flat mattress found on each bed can be purchased in white, black or purple, and users will love the comfort it provides while taking up little room.

Use it for a spare bed, lofted twin, or put the beds right next to each other for a luxurious queen size for two. Twice Stacked Bed is perfect for guest rooms or children’s rooms with limited space.


3. Disc-O-Bed Large

This is the first time I’ve seen a portable bunk bed, and I must say that it’s rather ingenious. Whether you’re on a camping trip, vacation, or road trip, the Disc-O-Bed Large is easily portable and highly functional.

The components can be used as bunk beds, separate beds, or a bench. It requires no tools to assemble, and you can fold the Disc-O-Bunk up quickly when you move on to your next stop.

There is also the Kid-O-Bunk, as the name suggests, only meant for children; the maximum weight tolerance is 200 pounds:


4. Staple Bed


Lönneberga-Stacking-BedUtterly chic with a color scheme that’s simply delightful, the Staple Bed is twice the fun with its two twin beds. What looks like a trendy couch soon transforms into extra sleeping room with style.

There’s even a built-in side table on one end for when you’re chilling out and watching Netflix, sipping your favorite drink. You’ll never be short of space with the Staple Bed. It’s perfect for lounging, sleeping and relaxing at any age!


5. Max & Finn Stackable Twin Beds

You’ve seen pull-out sleeper sofas, fold-down Murphy beds, and bunk beds, but have you ever seen a stackable bed? Rather than having to transform another piece of furniture into a guest bed, why not just stack it away underneath a bed that’s already there?

Max & Finn Stackable Beds can be divided into two twin beds; each bed has supportive wooden slats that can hold up to a 6″ high mattress.


6. Antigua


The Antigua by Milano Bedding is the ultimate lounger’s paradise. A deep blue frame on a beautiful chaise lounge is stunning enough, but wait until you see what’s inside. Open the bottom of the frame and out pops another bed!

Day-lounging for two or a twin sleeping area is great enough, but the second bed also has a folding frame that can be lifted up to the same level as its counterpart. You’ll be tempted to spend your entire day on this treasure.


7. Guest Set


Guest Set

Sometimes, a simple touch is what your décor needs. The Guest Set by Zeitraum is a subtle, yet chic addition that saves you some much-needed space.

Two twin beds blend seamlessly into one another to form a comfortable couch or lounger until you pull them apart. The solid oak frame makes it a durable, economical choice for residents of small spaces like dorms or studio apartments.


8. Toro Stackable Bed



The TORO Stackable Aluminium Bed comes with all the charm of most stackable beds, but one feature makes it stand apart. The lower mattress is completely hidden, and until you take the beds apart, no one will know its there or even realize it’s not just a trendy couch!

A small tab on the side lets you lift the beds apart easily without hassle to reveal a pair of twin beds fit for a great night’s rest.


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