7 Best Wardrobes and Closet Systems

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You’ve moved into a new apartment, but there’s no closet or wardrobe. How are you going to store your clothes? By using a wardrobe or closet system, of course!

These wardrobes and closet systems can help you make your bedroom set complete and provide you a place to hang your favorite outfits.


1. Whitmor Double Rod Closet Organizer

double rod closet organizer

Whether you need a wardrobe or you want to neatly organize your closet space, Whitmor’s Double Rod Closet Organizer does the job simply and efficiently.

The closet organizer set comes with five storage shelves, two garment racks, a shoe rack, and and overhead shelf on the top for extra accessories. You can also purchase a cover for the closet organizer to protect clothes from dust or just keep your wardrobe out of sight.


2. LANGRIA Heavy Duty Zip-Up Closet

freestanding closet organizer

The problem with closets is that they get dusty and moldy, which can transfer to your clothing. LANGRIA’s Heavy Duty Freestanding Closet helps eliminate this problem by using a cover to keep clothes dust-free.

The unit can hold an astonishing 463 pounds and is comprised of powder-coated, rust-resistant metal. Its shorter garment rack can be used to store scarves and other accessories.

metal wall-mounted clothes rack



GREENSTELL Metal Hanging Clothes Rack



3. YOUDD Wardrobe Storage Closet

non-woven fabric wardrobe

The YOUDD Wardrobe Storage Closet would make a perfect his and hers wardrobe! Separated compartments, four of which are suitable for hanging clothes that can’t be folded, keep everything tidy and protected.

The four smaller compartments are perfect for folded clothing, pillows, or extra sheets. The wardrobe is made from durable reinforced iron tubes and a water-resistant cover featuring non-woven fabric to keep dust and moisture away from your stored items.


4. JOISCOPE Portable Closet Clothes Wardrobe

closet clothes wardrobe

Imagine having a full wardrobe that you could easily take from room to room. Unlike trying to drag a heavy wooden armoire, JOISCOPE uses lightweight resin composite that remains sturdy, yet transports easily when needed.

The closet comes with two spaces for hanging clothes and six generously sized cupboards with solid white covers to keep items out of sight.   JOISCOPE Closet Clothes Wardrobe is waterproof, making it ideal for bathrooms.

closet organizer




Whitmor Closet Organizer





5. Amazon Basics Expandable Storage Organizer

expandable storage organizer

Amazon Basics has some real gems, and this is one of them.                Amazon’s Expandable Storage Organizer has a ton of storage space for clothing, accessories, and other essentials.

There are ten height adjustable shelves that can be used as is or with Amazon Basics’ foldable storage cubes (sold separately). Also included are two garment racks. The unit can be purchased in either a black or bronze finish.


6. SONGMICS Portable Clothes Closet

portable clothes closet

Unfortunately, some freestanding clothing racks just don’t cut it if you’re trying to store longer clothing like dresses and pants.                        SONGMICS’ Portable Clothes Closet doesn’t have this problem.

It has two high garment racks that give you plenty of ‘leg room’ for longer clothing to hang free. SONGMICS comes equipped with a cover to keep dust off your clothing; it also has nine storage shelves for shoes and other items.

metal clothing rack



IRIS USA Clothing Rack




7. LITTLE TREE Free-standing Clothes Rack

free-standing clothes rack

If you don’t like the look of cheaper wire clothes racks, LITTLE TREE offers a modern, modular option. Made to last, and capable of holding up to 350 pounds worth of items, LITTLE TREE Free-Standing Clothes Rack delivers long-term storage and closet organization that is both fashionable and functional.

It comes equipped with a spacious garment rack, several shelves, and a shoe rack, all on a solid metal frame that won’t wobble or fall over. Looking for more wardrobes and closet systems on Amazon, click here.


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