6 Mobile Tablet Chairs

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Innovative design can be found everywhere, but the classroom is one where you might not expect it. Gone are the days when a simple wooden desk with hinged lid was the only tool a student was provided. These mobile tablet chairs are helping kids learn and stay healthy!


1. SixE Learn


Do you want an office but are struggling to find room for one? The SixE Learn solves that problem for you. This compact work area has a desk attached to an ergonomic office chair.

Now you can take your office with you as you spin around your home in your new rolling chair. If it’s in your way, simply fold it under the table; we recommend taking your coffee cup out first, though. The SixE Learn by Howe even comes with a cupholder for your favorite beverage.


2. Learniture Mesh Back Chair


There’s a lot going on with this chair, but lets start with its desktop. The Learniture Mesh Back Chair comes with a resting place for the student’s pencil and a large work surface for learning.

It’s easy to move chairs around to rearrange with the desk’s wheels, and when the school day is done, all you have to do is fold it up and out of the way.


3. Node Chair




Fidgety students will enjoy the spinning wheels of this mobile tablet chair. The caster wheels keep your student’s feet busy while the learning happens up top on the spacious work surface. Storage underneath provides plenty of space for backpacks, shoes and notebooks, so learning is never crowded.

The Node Chair encourages good posture through its flexible design and mobility, allowing students to adjust their position to fit the current classroom activity.


4. KI Learn2 Intellect


Mobile tablet chairs are getting fancy. Don’t you wish you had something like the KI Learn2 Intellect? This thing of beauty is as functional as it is pleasing to the eye, and students of all ages can benefit from it.

The chair easily moves from classroom to classroom; it even comes with the option for upholstery if you want extra comfy seating. Storage on the side can hold books, folders and more.


5.Learniture Mobile Tablet Armchair


Perfect for kindergarten and primary school, the colorful Learniture Mobile Tablet Chair makes learning fun. Aside from an adequate workspace up top, there’s storage underneath the chair for holding books or a backpack.

Rather than having a backpack in their lap or hanging off the back of their chair, your student can work freely without cluttering up their desktop. There’s also a handy pencil holder built in and six caster wheels for mobility.


6. Flash Furniture Tablet Arm Chair


Changing times call for changing designs. Flash Furniture realized how drastically the landscape of the classroom was changing and designed this tablet arm chair for technologically advanced schools.

The compact shape of this Flash Furniture Tablet Arm Chair is perfect for students using school-issued tablets for classwork, as well as larger classroom sizes that need to preserve as much space as possible. The chair, available in various colors, also comes with floor glides to minimize scraping and other damage from the chair’s feet.


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