Best Home Office Organization Products For Clutter-Free Productivity

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Let me guess, it’s time to stop cluttering up your desk, am I right? You have decided to keep your desk tidy once and for all. Whether it’s in your home office or at the corporation, these clever home office organization products will make collegues or spouses sillently nod in admiration.

Neatly store your office supplies yet be able to easily and quickly to grab them if needed. We’ve listed various types including organizers big enough to hold everything you could need, wall-mounted space saving items, and expandable units that can be arranged in any configuration.


1. Kingom Leather Desk Organizer

The Kingom Leather Desk Organizer is made of stitched PU leather for a sleek minimalist finish. It has a rectangular pen holder with two long slits to hold items like phones, calculators, and notebooks.

The compartments mean your items are easily to hand, so it’s easy to see things without groping. This 7-storage desk organizer is available in 10 different colors.


2. Office Desk Organizer


This six-compartment organizer is big enough to hold everything you could need, with plenty of space to hold a notebook upright. The heights of the compartments are tapered, so smaller items fit neatly in the front and larger items are kept out of the way at the back. There’s also a drawer to hold little items like paperclips.

The Office Desk Organizer is made of coated steel mesh, with rubber feet at the bottom to hold it in place and prevent scratching on the tabletop.


3. G.U.S. Multi-Device Charging Station

I don’t know what it is about electronics made from wood, but I find them fascinating (not to mention fashionable). The G.U.S. Multi-Device Charging Station is all class and suitable for all your tablets, laptops and phones.

This Eco Bamboo Charging Station looks  trendy chic on your desktop and is availbale in multiple finishes.

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4. Deflecto Sustainable office DocuPocket

The Deflecto Sustainable DocuPocket is sure to raise a smile in your office. The pocket is made of durable recycled plastic and can be attached together without additional holes in the wall, minimizing damage to the mounting surface.

They look great fixed to the wall in a cluster. You can ad more pockets and and fully utilize available space.


5. Safco Mesh Hanging Desk Storage

Sometimes you find the perfect desk that’s attractive, budget-friendly, and just the right fit for your space — the only problem is… it has no storage.

Safco’s Mesh Hanging Desk Storage is designed to fit on most desks to add a little storage space where there is none. Safco organizes your important files and papers so that you don’t fall victim to desktop clutter. It comes in a variety of sizes to suit your personal organizational needs.


6. Simple Houseware Monitor Stand Riser

If you have neck problems like I do, you know how essential it is to have your computer set at just the right height. Unfortunately, not all desks are adjustable.

Instead of stacking books or magazines under your monitor, use something more stable and ergonomic like this Monitor Stand Riser from Simple Houseware. It even comes with a sliding drawer to give you that extra bit of storage space you’ve been missing.


7. Untitled Pocket

This metal wall organizer combines a small shelf with a series of coat hooks, allowing you to tidy away clutter like keys, mail, and phone chargers. It comes with holes drilled so you can add extra storage, such as butchers’ hooks to hang handbags.

At just 10cm deep, the Untitled Pocket takes up barely any space on your wall, but the sturdy steel construction means it’s far stronger than it looks.

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8. Over the Door Organizer


This Over-Door Organizer is designed to hold schoolwork, folders, and notebooks. The open pockets mean all your items can be seen at a glance and grabbed quickly if needed, without having to tip everything out like you do when something gets lost in a desk drawer.

At 28 inch tall, it fits inside a large school locker or on the outside of a cupboard.


9. Sketch Desk Tidy


Imagine a sketch of a rectangular pencil holder, made three-dimensional: the Sketch looks half Escher, half Ray Koons. Instead of sides, this desk tidy has only a series of wire squares held above a wooden base.

The wire compartments are at different heights to hold pens of different sizes, and there’s a grooved base to stop items spilling out from the open sides. Sketch Desk Tidy is available in three different colors to match your desk. See also this Desk Organizer with Phone Stand.


10. Wall File Organizer



This Expandable Wall File Organizer is ideal for a home office. Hang one pocket on the wall using brackets (not included), and others will clip on easily with no extra fitting.

The set comes with four pockets, but they’re so light that you can attach more than that to a single bracket. Transparent smoke-colored plastic makes it simple to find what you’ve stored at a glance.




No two office spaces are alike, so why should furniture be a one-size-fits-all design? The Wall Control Office Organizer lets you mold your storage system into something you can work with. You’ve got enough stress without having to struggle with storage.

This organizer has everything well in hand, and each shelf can be rearranged quickly when you need a change. You can even use magnets, giving you even more choices for accessories.

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12. Mesh Desk Organizer

Thank goodness we retired the Trapper Keeper years ago; this design is much more refreshing. Although it’s not mobile like its predecessor, you have all the room you need for supplies.

DecoBros’ Mesh Desk Organizer fits right into your home office or on top of a student’s desk, holding the exact item you need like an open palm. Its variety of uses will last you long after you’ve waved goodbye to the college campus.



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