26 Home Office Furniture Pieces For Small Spaces

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With the whole ‘ditch the 9 to five’ movement going on working from the home has taken a leap. The office is transforming from a factory-like setting to a more casual environment. From the coffice (coffee shop), a tropical beach near a digital nomad hub, to the workstation in the living room, work is no longer at a fixed location.

Whether you are a home based entrepreneur, a student, or a remote worker, arranging a comfortable space in which you can thrive and your productivity is optimized may require some well-designed furniture.

Especially when you are spatially-challenged at home. Small houses ask for clever home office furniture solutions. So whether you want to spruce up a den or create a dedicated study room, here are 26 practical, space-efficient furniture pieces for your home office.


1. Ergonomic Office Chair

This ergonomically-designed Low Back Swivel Task Chair by Flash Furniture is made for comfort and long-withstanding usage without being bulk or hard to maneuver.

Covered in glossy white or black vinyl, this eye-catching addition to any office will allow you to converse space without trading comfort and style. Made to keep your back comfortable, your legs from stiffening, and your office professional.


2. Floating Wall Desk

This piece does not only take up no floor space at all, it’s inconspicuous too. Because the Floating Wall Desk doesn’t really look like a traditional desk it fits seamlessly in any living room or bed room.

Got two left hands? No worries, and no sweat either, thanks to Prepac’s easy to use hanging rail system. Also take a look at these space-saving wall-mounted desks.


3. LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

Proper illumination is essential for a sound work ethic and satisfying results, especially when your workplace is tucked away in a closet or attic nook.

A desk light that’s small in stature yet offers flicker-free, ghost-free dimmable lighting is this eye-caring, energy-saving LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port. It won’t take up a huge amount of space on your desk while illuminating your work area the best a LED lamp possibly can.                            See also these wireless charging desk lamps.



Are you ready to get rid of lower back pain and improve your posture? If so, then the Sleekform Ergonomic Kneeling Chair may be just what you need. Instead of a regular seated position, users kneel on the comfortable chair pads while their spine is supported and maneuvered into a healthy alignment.

You can use this as an office chair, reading chair and more. Sleekform also comes with caster wheels to move it easily from room to room (Bonus: it’s environmentally-friendly).Interested? Find out more ergonomic desk stools.


5. On-Stage Wood Studio Workstation

Whether you’re a college student or professional artist, the On-Stage Workstation provides you with the home office furniture you need to succeed. Its multi-level design gives you space for a keyboard and monitor to increase your visual real estate and productivity while working.

Made from laminate wood and steel, its durability matches its functionality to give you a long-lasting home office setup.


6. Calico Designs Rolling File Cabinet

Mobile home office equipment makes it easy to rearrange and access items. This Rolling File Cabinet is a great example! For optimal organization of files, not just any under desk storage cabinet will do.

The Calico Designs File Cabinet comes in one of four neutral colors and features three drawers, one large file drawer and two shallow drawers for all your office supplies. The drawer also sports five caster wheels, one of which sits on the underside of the file drawer for extra stability. Also check out these modern mobile under desk cabinets.


7. Stanton Computer Desk


Don’t be fooled by its minimal looks because although small, the Stanton Computer Desk packs a punch. This modest-sized desk facilitates a full-fledged desktop computer including a huge 23 inch screen.

A bottom storage surface and pullout keyboard tray allow you to install a printer or store books. It may not appear so but this humble desk is one robust bugger.


8. LIANFENG Ergonomic Swivel Desk Chair

If your space is limited, or in case you’re setting up office space camp in the living room, you don’t want a massive, unwieldy Herman Miller office chair.

This Ergonomic Computer Desk Swivel Chair offers an alternative that looks good, is height adjustable and easy movable. The chair is multi-purpose and executed a stylish color combination.


9. Furinno Home Computer Desk


Small but mighty, the Furinno Home Computer Desk offers you a workplace on a budget. Less suitable for heavy iMacs or bulky laser printers but for a laptop and some lightweight peripherals this inexpensive desk will let you do the job.


10. SimpleHouseware Utility Cart

Extra office storage can come in a variety of forms, but the SimpleHouseware Utility Cart is one of the most attractive. This four-tier storage unit is perfect for home offices and is suitable for organizing important documents, accessories, and office tools.

This multifunctional rolling cart with two hanging baskets to organize your small items is also very suitable in your kitchen, bathroom or living room. Available in four colors. Looking for a simular option? Check out the Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart.


11. Clamp-On Desk Divider


You want an open workspace, but you still want your privacy. How are you supposed to manage that, short of carving up your cubicle?

The Clamp-On Desk Divider Privacy Screen lets you turn any flat top desk into a cozy space that comfortably keeps others out while giving you some elbow room. The divider fits onto just about any flat desk or counter space to give you a place to work away from prying eyes and is available in many different sizes.


12. TW Lighting Ivy Desk Lamp

Most small home offices are unforgiving towards floor lamps. They may be real eye candy but they occupy too much space. A practical solution is a high-quality energy saving desk lamp such as the TW Lighting Ivy Desk Lamp with USB charger.

Its pleasant light, and minimalist appearance make it a valuable addition for students as well as home workers. Don’t miss these modern multifunctional desk lamps.


13. Lorell Tablet Arm Chair

Lorell Tablet Arm Chair, sleek in design, is the answer to every minimalist who wants to have a few chairs scattered throughout their space.

With an attached desk to work when necessary, this is the perfect solution to a children’s room, a classroom, an office, or even a den if someone enjoys eating and watching television. The minimalist design makes it fitting for any household setting.


14. SAMDI Wooden Laptop Stand

This SAMDI Wooden Laptop Stand is both practical and beautiful. By lifting your laptop off the desk, it allows air to ventilate underneath, preventing your computer from overheating and making it run more efficiently.

And with its all-in-one curved plywood design, it looks far more stylish than the usual black-and-grey computer kit. It’s designed for the Macbook Pro, but will work for any small laptop.


15. Kate & Laurel Floating Wall Shelves

Cute and quaint, with just the right touch of modern and minimalist, Kate & Laurel Floating Wall Shelves make a room complete. Each shelf features wood and metal shelves with clear lining for the outer edge of the shelf to keep items from falling out.

Although no screws or hardware are included, the shelves come with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging. Shelves can hold up to seven pounds each, making it perfect for décor or display items.


16. Corvus Mid-Century Wood Adjustable Office Chair

Can you believe this luxurious-looking office chair is made from bent plywood? The Corvus Adjustable Office Chair has elegant mid-century modern style that adds both fashion and function to your home office.

Its padded seat and back, which are contoured to mold perfectly to your body, are made from bonded leather with an abundance of filling to keep you comfortable all day.


17. KINGRACK Storage Rolling Cart

We all know by now that the paperless office is a myth. In fact, the computer has instigated even more paper use. So while the hopes of minimalist desk workers on a reign of electronic documents have been shredded, we need good storage solutions for our paper piles more than ever.

The highly versatile KINGRACK 3-Tier Rolling Cart with its customized storage capacity helps you keep your desk ordered and is available in white and gray.


18. 3-Piece Corner Desk

3-Piece Corner Desk

Expertly tame those tricky corners that are often not optimally used. When you are short on space, utilizing a corner can pay off big time. Its L-shape provides a corner wedge while the absence of drawers and shelves creates a minimalist and stylish look.

The highly popular Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk can be set up as one long desk too, is sturdy, stable, and spacious enough to offer a perfect solution for those who need more desk surface than just a keyboard and a screen.


19. HON Ignition Adjustable Computer Chair

This adjustable office chair is a lifesaver for anyone with a desk-bound job. It had a unique suspended construction which is designed to spread pressure evenly across your thighs, rather than concentrating all your weight on your pelvis like traditional upholstered chairs.

Despite its slim profile, it’s comfortable even if you’re tall and heavy, and the seat is endlessly adjustable to fit your own preferences. The ergonomic shape of the HON Ignition Adjustable Computer Chair forces you to sit upright, which may feel odd at first if you’re used to slumping while you work, but it will save your back in the long run.


20. Foldable Laptop Desk

Working from home is something I greatly enjoy. The peace and quiet I get here can’t be found in any office cubicle, and nothing beats having an entire pot of coffee all to myself. That being said, you need an awesome laptop desk to truly enjoy the work-at-home experience.

Your laptop has plenty of room on the main tray, and your phone or cup of coffee [in the cup holder!] can perch on the side tray, always close at hand. Check out the Foldable Laptop Desk, which is also available in natural color.


21. Round Tufted Back Swivel Chair


The Coaster may not win the first prize in the category ‘most comfortable desk chair’ but boy is this a stylish addition to your domestic cubicle. It tilts and is height-adjustable like any self-respecting office chair.

If you’re looking for a high-quality chair for the home office that doesn’t take up much space and makes your visitors jealous, the Round Tufted Back Swivel Chair may be just the chair you’re looking for.


22. Follow Me 1 and 2


Follow Me 1 and 2 are the perfect companions for the business person who’s on the move. Two different models have shelving space that lets you take supplies with you to whatever room you’re working in.

You won’t have to worry about bringing items one by one to a meeting or a second office; Follow Me 1 and 2 are easy transportable with an easy-to-hold handle and wheels with casters to lock them in place. Alternative product: the IRIS Storage Cart


23. Modos Modular Furniture System


A truly fresh breeze in home office furniture is brought by the Modos furniture system. This revolutionary system will sweep office settings around the world. Now you can build up your desk, standing desk, shelving system, benches, stools or whatnot with these modular elements.

Modos is like Lego or Meccano for offices. Flat-pack furniture, move over! Modos is here.


24. Fold Out Floating Desk

A desk you can hide in a jiffy. When all you need is a surface to put your netbook on or jot down some notes this fold down desk may be your best bet. It’s so unobtrusive when it’s closed, you can fit it anywhere.

Got some unused space in the hallway? This Fold Out Floating Desk by Wooden-Life let’s you make the most of it. Perhaps not the most appropriate solution for full-time labor or heavy studying but nonetheless a clever solution for small homes.


25. Multifunctional Office Islands


The iconic garage pin board makes its entrance into the home office. Students and telecommuters alike will appreciate the organizational qualities of Islands.

Whether it’s your chemistry exam study guide or your HR big book, your cuppa Joe, art class gear, or iPad, the Island Office Element stores them for you while keeping your workroom necessities in reach.


26. Fläpps Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is a modern version of the old-fashioned secretary’s desk. Closed, it is just 6cm thick and sits unobtrusively on the wall. Open it up to reveal a practical desk with a decently-sized workspace.

The back of the desk has differently-sized fabric pockets to hold papers and stationery, so you can hold things securely when the desk is closed up. See also these best furniture for small spaces.



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