16 Modern Multifunctional Desk Lamps

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No matter how spacious your desk surface, stuff seems to pile up automatically and in time, space always becomes a scarce commodity. Optimize your desktop with these clever multipurpose desk lamps. Lamps with storage, clamps, USB ports, adjustable flexible arm or neck and more.

Desk lighting designed for optimal flexibility and convenience so you can make the most out of your office, whether it’s at home, the corporate setting or at the coworking space.


1. TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp


The simple, shiny design of the TaoTronics TT-DL16 LED Desk Lamp has an appeal that goes deeper than aesthetics.

This eco-friendly adjustable lamp has a night light and a 1-hour auto-timer that shuts the lamp off to conserve energy. Six lighting levels and five color modes ensure you get uniform illumination with no strain on your eyes.


2. W153 Île Table Lamp


If you had shown me a picture of this with no context, I never would have guessed it was a lamp. The  W153 Île Table Lamp is cleverly disguised, I must say. Looking more like a miniature umbrella, its charm transcends context, making it a lovely addition to a room whether being used or not.

This clamp lamp works a little differently than most – the ‘shade’ is used to direct the light of the bulb that’s screwed into the base, giving you a wider range of direction. See also these architect swing arm clamp lamps.


3. Seenda LED Desk Lamp


They say that you shouldn’t look at electronic screens in the dark, but what if lamps hurt your eyes too? Some lamps have enough lumens that you could call it ‘overkill’, but not the Seenda LED Desk Lamp.

Seenda’s mild light is bright enough to read by, but gentle enough that it won’t feel like your eyeballs are burning. Seenda includes a handy USB charging station with two ports and a phone stand to charge it while you sleep.


4. Fade Versatile Task Light

Fade Task Light


The Fade Task Light looks like a futuristic robotic arm, but it’s an amazing piece of technology that illuminates your life in more ways than one.

This lamp is capable of mimicking any type of lighting, from sunsets to high noon and more, making it the most versatile lamp you’ll ever own.


5. TW Lighting The Ivy LED Desk Lamp


Sleek and modern, TW Lighting’s LED desk lamp is a friendly budget option for those looking for trendy lighting for their home.

The IVY LED Desk Lamp has a bendable neck to allow you to get the perfect angle for your lighting, and its energy usage is surprisingly low, making it more eco-friendly and affordable. A USB port gives you a place to charge your phone without having to give up an outlet.


6. Nintiue Industrial Table Lamp


There are some definite mood lighting vibes going on here. The industrial style of this versatile Nintiue Industrial Table Lamp is truly beautiful to behold.

Nintiue’s frame is composed of heavy duty metal paired with a clear glass shade and vintage Edison bulb (bulb included). A dimming switch gives users several brightness options, and two USB ports allow devices to charge via the lamp’s base.


7. Kelvin Edge Base

The Kelvin Edge Base is based on a classic anglepoise style, but it is supported by the most up-to-date technology. In 2013 it was upgraded with a daylight sensor, so it can intelligently provide the best possible lighting for your situation.

It will even adjust the visual warmth of the light, from a cool daylight to a warm evening light. If you prefer to control the settings yourself, there is an override button on the base. It’s available as a floor lamp or a smaller tabletop version.


8. LEPOWER Desk Lamp


Designed to reduce eye strain, LEPOWER’s Desk Lamp is also eco-friendly. Its LED bulb uses less energy to provide the same amount of light.

Five different light settings let you adjust the lamp to the type of room it’s in or the time of day, giving your the best illumination for your space. LEPOWER also has three color temperature settings and a flexible goose neck arm.


9. Luxe Cordless Lamp

Apple users will be happy to know that there’s a multifunctional lamp to match their laptop or smartphone. The Luxe Cordless Lamp is sleek, efficient, and bright, with four different color options; its six brightness levels and 360 degree rotation make it a versatile office addition.

Cramped dorm rooms can also benefit from its variety of luminous angles and three different light modes. It’s also water-resistant and great for reducing eye strain!


10. Welwerks Eye-Care Desk Lamp With Clamp


The Wellwerks Eye-Care Desk Clamp can be bent to practically any angle and is 360 º rotatable thanks to its swing arm lamp. This eye-care dimmable lamp comes with a wide range of brightness without a flicker, and the LEDs last far longer than regular lightbulbs.

The sturdy metal clamp is easy to setup and will fit to any desk of to 2.8″/7.1cm(max) thickness. Made of metal this architect table lamp shows a sleek and modern look.


11. Timp Desk Lamp



Utility prices are forcing all of us to be more economical, so it’s nice to see a lamp that conforms to an energy-saving lifestyle. The Timp Desk Lamp uses raw design and a unique lamp shape and turns traditional lighting fixtures into relics of the past.

A rectangular 21W bulb is secured to a solid oak frame, and it can be easily attached to any standard desk to provide superior lighting at half the cost.


12. Tenergy Led Lamp with Dimmer and Charger


This Tenergy LED Desk Lamp not only illuminates your space, but it also charges your devices! You can simply plug in your phone or tablet to the lamp, which uses a wall adapter for power, and charge while you use both.

Five different light settings let you brighten or dim to your preferred level. The chic design makes a great addition to any room.


13. Donewin LED Desk Lamp


Why clutter up your desk with a calendar, clock, pen holder, nightlight, and lamp, when you can have all those things in one product? Donewin’s LED Desk Lamp is all those things in a compact form.

Not only does it have an USB charging port, dimmable light switch, but there’s also a  color-changing bulb for mood lighting. Its gooseneck design makes it easy to point light where you need it.


14. Gooseneck Clip Desk Lamp



The Gooseneck Clip Desk Lamp from UnicornTech makes reading and studying by lampside simple with its unique design.

Rather than having to adjust to let the light shine on your text, the Gooseneck can easily clip onto any perch to give you the best light possible. Its flexible neck lets you bend the light to whatever position you like.


15. THIN LED Extending Task Lamp



This lamp is so thin, it’s barely even there! Don’t be fooled by its size. The THIN Task Lamp can produce up to 500 lumens of light and can be adjusted by a dial hidden on its side.

The arm of the lamp extends and bends up to three feet, allowing it to illuminate your work space without being in the way.


16. Flos Piani Desk Lamp


The ideal choice for a stylish desktop, the Piani table lamps feature a tray underneath to hold small items. With a flat-topped LED light to illuminate your possessions, this is like a very modern take on a valet tray.

Piani Italian Desk Lamp was designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, two celebrated French designers who have been lauded for their clever take on architectural styles.


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