Playful Furniture For Kids! :) 41 Exciting Pieces

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Quick question. What’s the pinnacle of multipurpose furniture for children? Answer: furniture that’s superfunctional because it’s multifunctional and playful. A perfect example are pieces that are both furniture and toy. After all, it’s designed for children and kids gonna be kids.

Your kids can have tons of fun with these 41 furniture sets and pieces. Some are changeable or modular or offer a jolly learning environment because they spark the youngsters’ creativity.

Your little ones can assemble and disassemble elements like a giant jigsaw puzzle or just play and rest. The bright colors and thrilling forms and shapes make sure your kids will be blown away. All of the furniture for fun-loving kids and parents alike is available in online stores. Here we go,

41 Of The Best Playful Kids Furniture Pieces Out There 🙂


1. Labebe Rocking Horse

This magical pegasus won’t fly away, but your child’s imagination doesn’t know that. Your little princess will enjoy hours of rocking back and forth on this modern twist of a classic toy.

Featuring a padded seat and a seatbelt, there won’t be any falls or spills where your child could injure themselves. Even the Labebe Rocking Horse itself is a plush toy – so no more painful headbutts to the hard back of the horse’s head! Not that I’m speaking from experience…


2. SoftZone Butterfly Stools



SoftZone Butterfly Stools give your child the opportunity to build their own play area. Four foam stools stack easily on top of one another, but they also make for comfortable sitting, making them ideal for classrooms as well.

Cleaning them is a simple matter; just wipe them down with mild soap and water, and they’ll be good as new! Multiple color variations are available.


3. Emoji Poop Pillow

By now, we’ve all seen the “poop” emoji on our phones and on Facebook. This silly icon has made its way into a flurry of merchandise, including this poop Emoji Pillow from YINGGG.

Both laughable and endearing, its cute smiling face is a favorite for kids and teens alike. This emoji pillow makes a humorous addition to your child’s room (or a great gag gift for your co-workers!).


4. LeArning Tower Step Stool


Kids playful furniture doesn’t have to be just for fun. When your little helper wants to assist you in the kitchen, make sure they’re doing it safely with the Little Partners Learning Tower Step Stool.

It has everything your assistant chef needs: four adjustable heights (so it can grow with them), two steps, and four walls to keep them from falling. This step stool comes in a variety of fun colors to suit your child’s unique personality.


5. Vivora Niko Felt Seating Ball


Trust me when I say that working at a desk with a bad back is no fun. When it comes to spinal pain, most people don’t realize that it can affect children just as much. That’s why it’s important to promote spinal health early on in their lives.

The Vivora Niko Seating Ball is a great solution for both the classroom and your child’s bedroom. It encourages healthy posture, and the balancing act will keep your little wiggle-worm occupied so they can concentrate on their homework. Read more Active Sitting Chairs & Stools for Kids.


6. Swing Hammock


Add a little charm and color to your child’s bedroom with this comfortable Swing Hammock from OUTREE. Children ages 2 years and up can enjoy a cozy seat while they watch TV, read or play.

The hammock can support up to 170 pounds, making it safe and supportive. OUTREE’s swing hammock is suitable for both indoors and outdoors so your child can enjoy it all year long.


7. Eezy Peezy Climbing Tower


If you’ve ever wanted a playground right in your backyard, Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars are going to blow your child’s mind. This amazing piece of kids play furniture is just like what you’d see at the park, but your kid gets it all to themselves!

Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower can support up to 150 pounds and can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing for year-round playtime and fun. Discover these Energy-Burning Indoor Play Sets & Playground Equipment.


8. Whale Rocking Chair


I was obsessed with the ocean when I was a kid. It makes me wish I had something like the Whale Rocking Chair to boost my overactive imagination into hyperdrive. Sprout Collection has designed this rocking chair with a child’s imagination in mind.

Kids can explore the ocean depths and swim with dolphins without having to leave home. Parents will love how well the modern design fits in with the décor.


9. Melissa & Doug Jumbo Cardboard Blocks


Talk about a blast from the past! This classic kids toy has been around for decades, and the charm and appeal of them has not waned.

Melissa & Doug’s Jumbo Cardboard Blocks are a fantastic and imaginative way to help your child develop crucial motor skills. The blocks can hold up to 150 pounds and come pediatrician-recommended. Your child will have a blast building their next castle or fort.


10. ECR4Kids Blossom Table & Chairs


Entering your kid’s room can be like walking into a jungle, but at least this one is nice to look at. ECR4Kids’ Indoor/Outdoor Blossom Table & Chairs bring the forest indoors and functions as a high-quality, easy to clean kids play table.

Hours of fun and play can be had while seated at the heavy duty plastic table. It’s certified phthalate-free, with low chemical emissions compared to other popular playsets so your child can be safe.


11. KidKraft Table And Two Chairs Set


As a parent, you’ve probably tripped over your kids’ toys and chairs more than a few times. Keep your toes pain-free with this Table and Two Chairs Set from Sprout.

This space-saving furniture set is easy to assemble and break down. It has two chairs that slide into place underneath the table so they don’t stick out. Available in ayua, green , grey and white.

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12. MallBest Kids Flip Open Sofa


Give your little tiger their very own sofa for their room with this bold patterned piece. It’s also a sleeper chair, so friends can stay over and use its comfy cushions for a great night’s sleep.

Should your child make a mess on their new MallBest Sofa, the cover is removable and washable. Don’t worry about the print fading; it has been designed to resist discoloring and color bleeding in the wash. Available in several prints for girls and boys.


13. Delta Children Chair Desk


My younger self would have loved to have had one of these! Kids will enjoy one of their favorite character’s faces painted all over this incredible Delta Children’s Chair Desk.

The desk’s surface even has a drink holder, and underneath the seat you’ll find a large cubby for storing coloring books, crayons, and other art supplies. While your child is coloring or doing homework, the high-backed seat provides spinal support for proper development.


14. ECR4Kids Carry Me Soft Seat


I remember time between classes, laying back and using my backpack as a pillow. It wasn’t very comfortable. Thankfully, ECR4Kids has developed a portable pillow- the Carry Me Soft Seat– that also lets you take your homework with you.

A plastic pocket can be used for reading material and coloring books, while the triangular cushion can be used as a back support while kids enjoy their favorite book. A seat cushion is also included that folds down from the other side.


15. Kids Desk and Stool Set


For the child who needs their own little workspace, this Desk and Stool Set is perfect for children who are homeschooled or for children who do their homework from school in their room. Perfect for school work or craft-work, your child can choose their color, and it comes ready to use and easy to assemble.

The storage compartment that the desks holds will fit any workbooks, coloring books, or pages of homework whenever they are finished, and does not take up a lot of space in the process.


16. Vinyl Soft Play Forms


There are a few universal toys from childhood that everyone remembers, and vinyl soft play forms are one of them. Do you remember when you would go to physical education class in school and jump around on the wedge, cylinder and rectangular shapes?

Bring the joy of a play center to your toddler’s room with Constructive Plaything’s Soft Play Forms and let your child experience the same joy you did once upon a time.


17. STASH Comfy Folding Kids Sofa Chair


I think that every kid wants to emulate his father somewhat. When I was a child, I wanted to have a big comfy recliner just like my dad to sit in while I watched TV. It’s a shame this purple beauty wasn’t around back then!

STASH is a kid-friendly sofa chair that has storage underneath the seat, and it also transforms into an ottoman. Now your child can feel like he or she is just like a grownup with their very own TV chair!


18.WEKAPO Bean Bag w/Storage


I’ve seen chairs, coffee tables, end tables, and ottomans with storage… but never a bean bag chair! That’s because WEKAPO doesn’t use beans as its filling – it uses stuffed animals.

Well, stuffed animals along with pillows, blankets, and whatever other soft clutter items you can find. It makes the perfect place to store dress up clothes and more out of the way while creating a comfy lounging spot for your kid. The WEKAPO Storage Bean Bag Chair is available in multiple colors and designs.


19. Step2 Write Desk

Don’t you wish you’d had a desk like this when you were a kid? Oh, the things you could draw and write if you’d had this desk! Although you can’t hit the reverse button and relive your childhood, you can give your kids the joy of the Step2 Write Desk.

The built-in light illuminates the desk’s work space, and the amount of storage you get for pens, pencils and paint brushes is truly phenomenal.

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20. Lego Storage Box BricLego-via-Amazon



The little builder in your life will love this Lego Storage Box Brick, designed after the classic children’s favorite. With a variety of color choices, this storage brick makes a good hideaway for your child’s ever-expanding Lego collection or other toys and games.

Lego fans everywhere will love these stackable, collectible toy bins. Get it here.


21. P’kolino Table & Chairs



Spark your child’s creativity and drive to learn with the P’kolino Table and Chairs. P’kolino is like a puzzle box with features that stir the imagination. On the surface, the spacious top makes reading their favorite stories enjoyable and provides the perfect workspace for drawings.

The underside hides a chalkboard for even more artwork; if your child is old enough to read, you can leave them notes! P’kolino is equal parts learning and fun, and it’s a great headstart to help your child grow.


22. Pony Seating Objectpony-modular-kids-furniture



Say goodbye to the mess and fuss of typical children’s furniture. With Pony‘s lightweight but sturdy design, as well as its waterproof material, kids can rearrange this piece to use it as a desk, chair or a mountain to climb.

Add more fun to the mixture with more pieces that interlock to make this piece bigger and brighter. For more info visit CargoCollective.


23. P’Kolino Little Reader


Your little tyke needs a cozy reading chair too! Bookworms of all ages appreciate their own reading space, and the P’Kolino Little Reader is perfect for your tiny tot.

Twelve microfiber colors and patterns cater to all tastes, and its comfy cushions allow for hours of reading. The chair can easily be picked up or moved by you and your child thanks to its lightweight design.                       Also take a look at these:  Best Kids Easy Chairs.


24. Lümmel Pouf Chair Sofa

The multi-position Lümmel Pouf Chair Sofa highly resembles a piece from the popular game Tetris, and it’s just as fun (if not more so). You can use it for a cozy reading nook, your living room, or any other space that needs slim, comfortable seating.

Lümmel uses a solid wood frame over cold foam to provide support and durability for avid gamers and casual loungers.


25. Minnie Flip Open Sofa


Your little bundle of energy needs a spot to chill, just like you do. Why not give them this adorable licensed play furniture?

The Minnie Flip Open Sofa has soft foam cushioning to keep your tyke comfy; the couch cushion flips over and out to transform it into a cozy lounger. It’s also light enough that your toddler can easily move it from place to place.


26. FLIP for kidsFlip-Kids



The FLIP play collection For Kids brings multifunctional furniture to a whole new level. These playful, brightly colored pieces have so many uses that your kids will never get bored.

Younger kids can use it as a play horse to ride, and the older ones can make use of it as a table or chair. An award-winning design by Marco Hemmerling from Danish Studio Spade.


27. PS13 TetrisPS13-Tetris-for-Kids



We all remember playing Tetris. Now you can bring back those memories for your children with the new Tetris play set. With all four nostalgic designs, kids can take the puzzle apart and use each individual piece for something different.

Stacked together, they can make a comfy foam sofa or a large hypoallergenic nap mat. More info at Designskin.


28. Pony Chair


The bouncing, spring-loaded horses of our youth weren’t exactly the safest toys to play with.

With the Pony Chair from Vertigo Interiors USA, you won’t have to worry about toy-related injuries; the soft wool and durable build keep your child out of harm’s way, no matter if you’re using the Pony as a chair, table or room decoration.


29. Rainbow rockerRainbow-Rocker



Are rainy days keeping you and your kids from enjoying some time at the playground? The Rainbow Rocker brings the joy of the swing set into your home with this safe ground-level play furniture.

It’s perfect for small children to use as both a rocker and a table when flipped over. Set it on it’s side, and it becomes a table!


30. Foam Big Building Blocks

SoftZone Foam Big Building Blocks can be used to play, stack and sit on and help children to develop their creativity and motor skills during playtime. The blocs can be used to play, stack and sit on and help children to develop their creativity and motor skills during playtime.

Available are 3 sets of 7 foam blocks of different bright colors and different sizes. Each block can be wiped clean with just a damp cloth when playtime is over.


31. Otto & Bens’ Folding Storage Ottoman Chest


Your child’s room is already a mess, and you’re tired of creating more clutter by putting space-hogging toy boxes in every corner. Otto & Bens’ Folding Storage Ottoman Chest is the perfect solution for a messy room where every square inch counts.

This easy to clean storage ottoman can hold toys, blankets, shoes and more. When not in use, or when you have to transport it for a move, the box folds up to only a few centimeters wide. Available in more designs and sizes.


32. Toy Chest Bench



The Bold N Bright Toy Chest makes organization of your child’s toys easy and fun. This voluminous chest can hold up to six cubic feet of toy storage and comes with two small bins that slide neatly out from under it.

The chest’s lid detaches in order to prevent smaller children from getting a bumped and bruised head and can be easily reattached for when they get older. Available here.


33. Titot





As adorable as it is functional, TITOT adds a unique touch to your child’s room. It is both a comfortable, supportive chair and table, and the design looks like the proverbial pachyderm it’s named after.

Let your children’s imagination run wild as they include the Elephant Chair in their playtime fun!


34. ECR4Kids Multipurpose wooden Chair and Table Set


Multifunctional furniture stretches beyond the boundaries of regular furniture, but it’s particularly useful when it crosses age boundaries. The Multipurpose Chair and Table Set from ECR4Kids grows with your child.

Use them as chairs, tables, side table, benches or shelves. This mix-and-match furniture set , but it also lets you connect with them through the sharing of its components, bringing you closer together.


35. Fatboy Bean BagFatboy-co9xs



Large, plush, and just a little bit silly, this plucky bunny is a quirky but enjoyable toy your children will love to cuddle with. Standing at over six feet tall, this giant woodland creature is made from soft cotton and filled with cushioning beads.

Nap time with this oversized fellow means you won’t need to use a bed; Fatboy Bean Bag is big enough on his own to be used as a bunny-shaped mattress. Available at Amazon.

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36. My First Playhouse


Who wouldn’t have loved to have had this as a child? All I got was the cardboard box from the refrigerator when we bought one. Destitute childhoods aside, this playhouse is a mansion for a small child.

My First Playhouse even has a mailbox on the outside for your child to receive important packages (perhaps a new shipment of Play-Doh), and it can easily be moved from room to room after being assembled.


37. BObles Crocodile/ Elephant/ Fish / Chicken



BObles has taken just a few of your favorite animals and made them into playtime companions in their new furniture collection. The Crocodile can be used as a set of steps or a ramp, helping small children to improve their motor skills and learn how to safely climb steps.

BObles’ other animals Elephant, Fish and Chicken each have their own function as both furniture pieces and learning tools. Check it out here.


38. Tassen

Tassen is more than a picture-perfect enigma – it’s an ergonomic play stool that sparks your child’s imagination. It encourages your child to think outside the (toy) box, whether that’s using it as a seating option or pretending it’s a play horse to ride.

Tassen is made to be stackable so that you can keep multiple units on hand. Use it for your child’s room, a classroom or a daycare center for simplified seating and entertainment.


39. ToysOpoly Inflatable Hopper



This is another one of those quintessential childhood toys I was talking about. Let your child experience hours of bouncing fun with the ToysOpoly Inflatable Hopper. Your child’s imagination will be nurtured all the way up to seven years old.

If the hopper starts to lose its bouncing power, simply reinflate it; it will be back to its hip-hoppity self in no time, and your child will have even more hours of entertainment. Also take a look at these:                                                    Best Balance Toys for Joung Active Kids.


40. Teenage Convertible Chair




This Teenage Convertible Chair offers three options in one. Fold it up for a low seat that’s just the right height for kids; unroll it for a spare bed; flip up the head of the bed to make a lounge chair that’s great for watching movies.

The colorful design will be great for any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, and the polyester filling is fire-resistant for safety.


41. UPJ ChairUPJ-playful-kids-furniture




Italian furniture brand B&B’s almost liquid design makes a playful, attention-capturing addition to your child’s playroom, the UPJ chair. These cleverly assembled armchairs are a safe, comfortable solution to playtime that will keep your child occupied for hours.

Other sets include The Ball Single, The Roll and Tangram for a variety of leisure activities and games.



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