10 Best Energy-Burning Indoor Play Sets & Playground Equipment For Active Kids

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Rain, rain, go away… It can be a bummer for kids when the weather doesn’t coordinate with their playtime, but pent-up energy can lead to destruction in the home. Active kids need an energy-burning outlet on rainy days. Try these energy-burning indoor play sets and playground equipment.


1. SoftScape Big Foam Building Blocs

SoftScape has so many great products for active children; we fell in love with this building bloc set for ages 9 months-5 years! Oversized foam blocs let your toddler explore and create without making a mess. Each bloc is made from sturdy, yet lightweight foam covered in soft leather polyurethane (a mild, non-toxic alternative to plastics) that washes easily with soap and warm water.

This Big Foam Building Blocs comes in two different color options, from earthy neutrals to bright primary colors.


2. Step2 Sports Activity Center

Step2 Sports Activity Center offers several sports and play activities for boys and girls. Children ages1-3 can enjoy basketball, soccer, football and more thanks to this compact, yet plentiful indoor play set.

It even comes with a basketball, soccer ball and football to get things going. Step2 Sports Activity Center encourages hand-eye coordination and essential motor skills to give your child a good headstart.


3. Gymnastics Exercise Mat

Encourage your little gymnast to improve his or her game with the Gymnastics Tumbling Exercise Mat. The mat measures 4’x2′ and is made from highly-durable vinyl and polyethylene foam. It’s also stain and mildew resistant, so you don’t have to worry about sweat stains, spills, or other water damage.

Should you want additional mats to make the surface area bigger, velcro straps on the mat’s underside allow you to connect mats and extend your child’s play area.


4. Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent

Is there any place more beloved by children than the ball pit? Even adults yearn for the days when they met the height requirement. Kiddey Ball Pit uses a play tent to house a miniature ball pit for ages 1 to 4 – it’s just like the full-size version, but it fits right inside your home.

A roll-up tent flap folds down when the ball pit is not in use to keep any ‘spills’ from happening.


5. Little Tikes First Slide

Now you can bring a playground favorite indoors with the Little Tikes First Slide. This compact, lightweight slide rests against the wall when not in use and folds for easy storage.

When your child is ready for play, simply unfold it again and you’re ready to go. This toddler slide is ideal for toddlers ages 1,5-6, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


6. Lil’ Monkey Climber Set

This indoor/outdoor playset will keep your child occupied for hours, but it also teaches them coordination and builds confidence on the playground. The Lil’ Monkey Climber Set comes with a slide and three gym cubes for climbing in and on.

In addition to improving balance and drawing out pent-up energy, the slide encourages tidyness by easily folding up when not in use. This set is ideal for ages 2-4.


7. ECR4Kids Peek-a-boo Caterpillar

Wow, it looks like something you’d find on a regular playground! At over four feet long, this caterpillar playground equipment is less compact than other products, but it’s ten times the fun.

Children ages 2-4 can sharpen their motor skills, improve coordination, and have one heck of a good time crawling through and playing on this amazing Caterpillar from ECR4Kids.


8. Little Tikes Basketball Set

I adored playing basketball as a kid, but I never had a kid-sized hoop. Sure enough, I got hit on the head a lot when gravity brought the ball back down to Earth. Give your child a safer option with the Little Tikes Basketball Set.

Three ‘basketballs’ come with a hoop that adjusts from two to four feet tall as your child grows. Ages 1½ to 5 can enjoy this game either indoors or outdoors.

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9. Step2 Unicorn Up & Down Roller Coaster

Don’t panic, parents. This roller coaster is actually really safe. Non-slip steps and a track well make sure your child won’t fall or tip over the car as they get on.

A 10-foot long track assembles easily with no tools required and can be used indoors for hours of play. Your child will love riding down its gentle slopes again and again. Ages 2-5 can use the Step2 Up & Down Unicorn Roller Coaster.


10. Little Tykes 3′ Trampoline

Is there anything more fun for a child than a trampoline? Soaring to never-before-seen heights, kids get a kick out of bouncing up and down on them, but it can be a bit unsafe for smaller children.

Little Tykes 3′  Trampoline for ages 3-6 uses a smaller bouncing area and a handle to keep your little one down to earth while still letting them enjoy themselves.


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