7 Backyard Play Equipment Sets for Kids

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Time with your child is precious to you, so why not make a few extra happy memories with these fun playsets? Backyard play equipment is sure to satisfy active children and give them countless hours of quality time and exercise.


1. Bucket Swing & Swing Seat Combo

bucket swing & swing seat combo

If you didn’t have one of these Swing Seats from Squirrel Products when you were little, did you really have a childhood? The classic bucket seat is ideal for smaller children, while the swing seat can support children and young adults up to 250 pounds.

Plastic coating around the chain keeps small hands from being pinched, while the rest of the chain is coated in zinc to prevent rust, giving this childhood treasure a long life.


2. Step2 Kids Picnic Table

kids picnic table

Remember when sitting at the kids table was a bore? Well, it isn’t anymore! Step2 has designed their Kids Picnic Table for ages 18 months-4 years to be just like the one adults have. After all, when you were a kid, you wanted to be just like the grownups.

The table comes with enough seating for four (with a total weight limit of 160 pounds) and a removable umbrella for hot, sunny days.


3. Little Tikes Basketball Set

kids basketball set

I adored playing basketball as a kid, but I never had a kid-sized hoop. Sure enough, I got hit on the head a lot when gravity brought the ball back down to Earth. Give your child a safer option with the Little Tikes Basketball Set.

Three ‘basketballs’ come with a hoop that adjusts from two to four feet tall as your child grows. Ages 1½ to 5 can enjoy this game either indoors or outdoors.


4. Eezy Peezy Climbing Tower

kids climbing tower

If you’ve ever wanted a playground right in your backyard, Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars are going to blow your child’s mind. This amazing piece of kids play furniture is just like what you’d see at the park, but your kid gets it all to themselves!

Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower can support up to 150 pounds and can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing for year-round playtime and fun. Also discover these Energy-Burning Indoor Play Equipment.



SplashEZ, sprinkler and wading pool





5. Easy Score Soccer Set

kids soccer set

Train up a world champion soccer player with this fun and easy soccer set. Heavy duty metal goal posts are wrapped in padding to ensure your child remains uninjured should they bump into the frame.

This Little Tykes Soccer Set will help improve your child’s motor skills while also giving them exercise and entertaining them with a longstanding favorite game. The set, ideal for ages 2+, also includes a soccer ball and pump.


6. Eastern Jungle Gym Trapeze Bar & Gym Rings

kids trapeze bar and gym rings

With this addition to your child’s jungle gym, you’ll be training up the next Simone Biles!  Simply attach these gym rings to your current play set and watch as your child learns basic gymnastic skills that will strengthen their young bodies and improve coordination and motor skills.

Plastic coating on the Trapeze Bar and Gym Rings keep hands from slipping, allowing for a firm grip. This set is ideal for ages 3 and up.


7. TP Toys Spiro Spin Teeter Totter

kids seesaw

Who knew you could combine two of the most beloved childhood play sets into something so fun? TP Toys’ Spiro Spin Teeter Totter rotates a full 360 degrees to let kids spin while they enjoy the up and down motion of the seesaw.

The assist handle allows parents to control the motion of the seats for when younger children are using it. TP Toys’ play set is suitable for ages 3-8 and can support weights up to 77 pounds per child.


8. JumpTastic Wood Tree Swing Seat

kids tree swing set

Look out, Tony Hawk! The next pro-skateboarder is training for the X Games, and he or she is using this Wood Tree Swing Seat. JumpTastic’s outdoor play equipment is perfect for improving the balance and coordination that is required for skateboarding and surfing, and kids will have an absolute blast.

Handles on either side of the ropes and an anti-slip sticker help those who are still learning stay steady while swinging.

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