17 Best Balance Toys For Young Active Kids

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Toddlers and young children seem to have boundless energy. Parents can sometimes have trouble keeping up, but kids’ balance toys can help. These fun and functional toys are designed to harness a child’s imagination and focus their energy in healthy ways, as well as help improve skills necessary for your child’s development such as balance and coordination. Let the fun begin!


1. SoftZone Foam Play Set

            [9 months – 3 years]

kids foam play set

kids foam play set

Bring the gym right into your home for your little one with the SoftZone Foam Play Set, designed for ages 9 months to 3 years. This delightful set of foam blocks allows your child to climb, jump, and crawl while improving their balance.

Each block is a different shape, encouraging your child to place them together in different configurations as they please. Each block wipes clean with just a damp cloth when playtime is over.


2. GYMNIC Rody Bounce Horse

            [3 months +]

kids bounce horse

This is another one of those quintessential childhood toys I was talking about. Let your child experience hours of bouncing fun with the GYMNIC Rody Bounce Horse.

Your child will be focused on improving their balance and coordination and their imagination will be nurtured all the way up from to months and up. The Rody Bounce Horse is available in many colors!


3. sit ‘n Spin Toy

            [18 months – 6 years]spinning activity toy

Playskool has been the go-to brand for children’s toys, and I have many fond memories of the Sit ‘n Spin. Designed for ages 18 months to 6 years, the Sit ‘n Spin provides hours of fun. This toy is one of the easiest to operate.

All your child has to do is spin themselves is to pull the top while in a seated position. While they’re having fun and laughing, they’re also strengthening their muscles and expending all that extra energy they save for bedtime!


4. Step-a-Logs

            [ages 2+]

floor balance beams for kids

Give your little gymnast a headstart with Step-A-Logs! Brightly colored, miniature platforms are strung together with rope to create a chained obstacle course for ages 2 and up. Not only is it fun to play with, but your child’s motor skills will drastically improve with regular use.

Balance, coordination, and focus will become second nature to your formerly teetering toddler. Step-A-Logs are lightweight and store easily when playtime is over.


5. Moluk Bilibo

            [ages 2+]

MOLUK Bilibo kids balance toy

MOLUK Bilibo kids balance toy

Turn your tipsy toddler into a balance champ with Moluk’s Bilibo toy! Bilibo is designed for ages 2+ and comes in bright, fun colors to stimulate your child’s imagination.

Bilibo’s rocking motion encourages its user to learn coordination, balance, and other developmental skills that help them gain confidence as they grow. Made from shatter-proof polyethylene, Bilibo is durable enough to last your child through this crucial developmental stage.


6. Schwinn Balance Bike

            [ages 2-4]

kids balance bike

I remember my first Schwinn Balance Bike. This classic brand offers bicycles for all ages, and the Balance Bike for ages 2-4 is a wonderful way to boost your child’s balance skills.

The Balance Bike has no pedals, which encourages your child to acclimatize themselves to the feel of a bike without subjecting them to the risk of falling. When it’s time to give a bicycle with pedals a try, Schwinn has many other models that your child will enjoy!


7. Spooner Boards Freestyle

            [ages 2+]
balance board for kids

Winter can give both kids and adults some serious cabin fever. Why watch your child tear around the house when they can expend their extra energy on this brightly colored balance board?

Easy to use and well-balanced, the Spooner Boards Freestyle for ages 2-15 ! makes indoor fun an enjoyable (and healthy) daily routine. Your child will be so focused on improving their balance and coordination that they won’t have time to destroy your house!


8. Teeter Popper

            [ages 3+]

teeterboard for kids

teeterboard for kids

Are you looking for a safe, fun way to improve your child’s balance? The Teeter Popper uses suction cups to make sure it never teeters too far. Teeter Popper combines the playfulness of a teeter totter with a surfing type balance act, improving your child’s motor skills using a rocking motion.

This toy is designed for ages 3 and up, and it features eye-popping colors to spark your child’s imagination. Teeter Popper is made of strong plastic and can hold up to 110 pounds.


9. Little Tykes 3′ Trampoline

            [ages 3-6]

kids small trampoline with handle

Is there anything more fun for a child than a trampoline? Soaring to never-before-seen heights, kids get a kick out of bouncing up and down on them, but it can be a bit unsafe for smaller children.

Little Tykes 3′ Trampoline for ages 3-6 uses a smaller bouncing area and a handle to keep your little one down to earth while still letting them enjoy themselves.


10. WALIKI Hopper Ball

                  [ages 3+]

The WALIKI Hopper Ball combines an exercise ball with a balance ball to create an imaginative kids balance toy. Built from eco-conscious materials, this sustainable balance ball improves coordination while drawing out all the extra energy your child has.

The Hopper Ball also strengthens and tones muscles so your child can stay fit and healthy. Kids ages 3 and up are sure to love this bouncy balance toy.


11. Gonge Riverstones

                  [ages 3-7]

non-slip balance stepping stones for kids

Much like Step-A-Logs, Gonge Riverstones are an obstacle course of fun. They mimic the natural river stones that peek over the river’s surface, and your child can hop-hop-hop across them easily. Varying heights give a bit of a challenge; the taller the stone, the harder it becomes to balance on.

Children ages 3-7 can enjoy this wonderful toy that is equal parts fun and functional, improving coordination and teaching balance skills.


12. WALIKI Wood Balance Board

                  [ages 3-8]

If you want a fun-looking toy that your child will play with for hours, the WALIKI Wood Balance Board is a great pick. This kids balance toy for ages 3-8 has an elephant motif in pink or in blue that encourages your child’s imagination to run wild.

Motor skills develop quickly when using the WALIKI Balance Board. Soon, your tipsy toddler will have the balance of a gymnast. Simular item: the WOOD CITY Balance Board.


13. Springee Balance Beam

                  [fits kids from toddlers to teens]

kids balance beam

Your aspiring gymnast needs practice, but daily trips to the gym are a hassle. Thankfully, Springee’s Balance Beam makes daily practice sessions easily accessible – right in your own home!

The balance beam folds up for simple and quick transportation, but once it’s in place, the non-slip bumps on its underside keep it firmly in place, making practicing safe by reducing accidents. Toddlers to teens, this balance beam fits them all!


14. Just Jump It Steppers

                  [ages 3+]

foot steppers for children

If you remember clomping around on coffee cans with twine strung through them, get ready for a blast from the past. Just Jump It Steppers are the newer, safer version of a classic childhood game.

Kids ages 3 and up can enjoy this delightful balance act both indoors and outdoors. Children can hold onto the rope to keep the durable foot steppers under their feet as they trot around on these updated stilts, improving balance as they go!


15. Deluxe Bungee Boing

                  [ages 3+]

Foam Bouncing Toy

Pogo sticks can be an accident waiting to happen for young children, but the Deluxe Bungee Boing is a kids balance toy you can feel safe giving them. The padded foam bottom provides a stable, bounceable surface that comes in bright colors.

The handle, also made of soft foam, lets your child keep a firm grip as they enjoy hopping around indoors or outdoors. Bungee Boing is suitable for ages 3 and up.


16. Vivora Niko Felt Ball

                  [ages 4+]

felt seating ball for kids

felt seating ball for kids

Trust me when I say that working at a desk with a bad back is no fun. When it comes to spinal pain, most people don’t realize that it can affect children just as much. That’s why it’s important to promote spinal health early on in their lives.

The Vivora Niko Seating Ball  for ages 4 and up is a great solution for both the classroom and your child’s bedroom. It encourages healthy posture, and the balancing act will keep your little wiggle-worm occupied so they can concentrate on their homework.                                                                             You may also like: the Vivora Luno Exercise Ball for adults: a great addition to any home or office.


17. Geospace Walkaroo Stilts

                 [ages 6 to Adult]

kids Walkaroo balance stilts

Doesn’t something like this make you envious that you aren’t a child anymore? Geospace Walkaroo Stilts let your child feel ten feet tall. The good news is that the stilts can adjust to a size suitable for adults as well.

Broad foot pads give kids a firm hold, while the handles allow for good grip and balance. It’s a fun and unusual way to exercise that will have your child itching to get outside and explore the world.


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