Acrobat Adjustable Overbed or Laptop Table

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Acrobat Adjustable Overbed or Laptop Table


Why work late nights at the office when you can cozy up in your own bed? The Acrobat adjustable overbed laptop table gives you the opportunity to work on your laptop in the comfort of your own home.


Acrobat Adjustable Overbed-Laptop Table


Rather than spend another hour in a desk chair, you can lay atop comfy pillows while you finish typing up the next day’s PowerPoint.

Acrobat Adjustable Overbed-Laptop Table


Acrobat can be adjusted from 23.5” to 38” high and folds down when not in use, which makes it easier to transport for on-the-go work sessions. You can also adjust the angle of the laptop table to prevent eye and neck strain.


Acrobat Adjustable Laptop or Overbed Table


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