Best Space-Saving Media TV Stands

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When you live in a small space, you have to get creative with your space, décor and furniture.
Swivel TV stands allow you angle the TV view anywhere in the room so that no one misses out.
Corner media TV stands allow you to sneak a full entertainment system into places like studio apartments without cluttering up floor space and sacrificing precious square footage. Check out the following space-saving media TV Stands.



Swivel TV Stands

Movie night is so much more fun when everyone can see the TV screen. Oddly shaped rooms and stationary TV stands can wreak havoc on some people’s line of sight, so why not use a swivel TV stand? It allows you angle the TV view anywhere in the room so that no one misses out.


1. Porch & Den Derbigny Swivel Riser

You’ve found yourself stuck with a TV stand that’s too low to the ground ever since you got your new couch. Don’t rush out to buy a new TV stand — get this swivel riser instead!

Porch & Den’s Derbigny Swivel Riser adds just the right amount of height to raise your TV to a comfortable level. The swivel feature lets you adjust the angle of the TV via a 360º range of motion. You’ll also get an extra shelf of storage space — nice!


2. TAVR 4-tiers Swivel Floor TV Stand

Larger collections of electronics and other media will require a more robust TV stand like this one from TAVR. Fitted with a TV mount that rotates 45º, it can hold TVs measuring 32-65”.

You get four large shelves (including the top surface) for every media player, video game console, remote, and accessory you need to make a complete entertainment center for the whole family to enjoy. Read more about this TAVR 4-Tiers TV Stand.


3. Convenience Concepts Swivel TV Stand

Not specifically a corner TV Stand, but: Have you ever been trying to watch TV, but you just can’t angle yourself to get the right view? Why switch seats when you can just swivel the TV stand?

Convenience Concepts’ Swivel TV Stand has a 360 degree range of motion to point the TV screen in whichever direction you choose. Three levels give you all the room you need for your entertainment system and gaming accessories.


4. TAVR Wood  TV Stand Entertainment Center

If a high-tech, glossy appearance is sticking out like a sore thumb amidst your rustic décor, try the TAVR Wood TV Stand. It uses lightly-colored laminate for a more natural appearance.

The TV’s head swivels up to 35º, and you can adjust the height of the TV mount anywhere from 46” to 51”. TAVR’s glass shelves are also height adjustable and have three different height settings.


5. FITUEYES Swivel TV Stand

This might just be the perfect rotating TV stand. FITUEYES Swivel TV Stand not only has a wide range of motion, but it also sports plenty of shelving for electronics and a cable management system to sort your cords out, keeping them out of the way.

After all, who needs a jumble of cables as an eyesore when you’re trying to concentrate on watching the big game?


6. Loctek P2 TV Floor Cart

Having your TV at an inappropriate height can cause some serious neck strain, which is why your TV stand should be height adjustable like this one from Loctek.

Loctek can fit TVs anywhere from 32″ to 70″ and adjusts its height from 34.8″ to 63″. You can also adjust the tilt, and the stand’s caster wheels make it a breeze to reposition your TV or move it to a different room.


7. Whalen Payton TV Stand

Whalen’s design for their hi-fi audio/video tower is quite stunning. It uses a curved frame to lean itself against the wall, keeping the media stand sturdy, as well as having floor levelers for added security.

Warm wood tones offset the cool glimmer of the tempered glass shelves for a sleek contemporary look. The cable management system keeps cords out of sight and out of your way for a fuss-free gaming session or movie night. More info at Amazon.

Corner media TV stands

These corner media TV stands – with features such as a cable management system, adjustable shelves, open cabinets or cabinets with doors – are a great way to fully enjoy your favourite shows, music or movies.


1. AVF Vico TV Stand

Highly sophisticated and modern, the AVF Vico TV Stand has a presence. Despite a width of 41.34 inches, it fits snugly into the corner while providing a wealth of storage space for accessories and gear.

It also supports up to 143 pounds on sturdy glass shelving, so you’ll never have to worry about overloading it with too many electronics. A cable management system in the back keeps cords organized.


2. WE Furniture Farmhouse TV Stand

Farmhouse furniture is getting to be really popular these days. Its charm is such that even corner TV stands are adopting the recycled and refurbished aesthetic. WE Furniture has created this lovely entertainment center, complete with glass doors and a cable management system at the back.

The space-saving design is perfect for small apartments and tight spaces, and it can fit TVs up to 48 inches on the generous top shelf. Available in various colors. Read more about these WE Furniture Farmhouse TV Stands.


3. Bush Furniture Tall Corner TV Stand

Don’t you just love TV stands with doors? Why expose your treasured electronics to dust and debris when you can protect them?

Bush Furniture’s Tall Corner TV Stand uses glass doors to keep electronics dust-free while still allowing you to display your impressive entertainment system. There are a total of four shelves and a top surface that can accommodate a 37-inch TV.


4. WE Furniture Corner TV Stand

The elegant WE Furniture Corner TV Stand fits in with many different décor styles, including modern and traditional. Two adjustable shelves give the user the power to customize their entertainment center.

There are also cable management holes at the back of each shelf (including both non-adjustable shelves) to keep electronic cords neat and tidy. You can fit up to a 60-inch TV on the large top surface. Available in various colors.


5. Driftwood TV Stand

There’s something magical about driftwood furniture. Whether you’re charmed by it’s beachy hues or its eco-friendly composition, there’s no denying that its traditional style brings a refreshing vibe to any home.

Each of its four shelves includes a cable management system to keep cords tangle-free. The top of the Driftwood TV Stand can fit up to a 55-inch TV.


6. Sauder Corner Entertainment Stand

I love the idea of having drawers on a TV stand. It’s a feature that you don’t find very often, although they’re not actually drawers.

Sauder’s Corner TV Stand has two open shelves and two faux drawers (which are actually just doors) for storing electronics, accessories, movies, and more. The oiled oak finish adds a wonderful texture to your décor, and the top of the stand accommodates up to a 40-inch TV.

Swivel And Corner media TV Stands


1. 5Rcom Swivel TV Stand

Do you want the benefits of a wall-mounted TV without having to drill holes in your wall? This swivel TV stand may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

The 5Rcom Swivel TV Stand requires absolutely no drilling, yet it easily mounts your TV and provides stability, along with the added benefit of three storage shelves. TVs up to 70″ can be mounted, but a smaller version with two tiers is available that fits TVS 27″-55″.


2. Rfiver Swivel and Corner TV Stand

If you’re short on space and need a swivel TV stand, Rfiver has your back. The Rfiver Swivel Corner TV Stand can hold a wide range of TV sizes from just about any brand, and it fits neatly into the corner to maximize your home’s space.

It has a whopping 90º degrees of swivel, a cable management system, and three tempered glass shelves for media items. The bottom shelves hold up to 33 pounds, while the top holds all the way up to 88 pounds.


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