Bolsa Desk With Pockets


made of solid oak

If you’re looking for a desk with strength and sustainability, you may want to consider the Bolsa Desk from WeWood. Buyers are immediately charmed by the earthy, light appearance and find the raw design nearly irresistible.

Not only is it made of oak, but oak is the strongest wood builders use to build quality furniture and housing. This desk will stand the test of time like no other.


leather or cork saddlebag

A convenient side pocket, assembled with real leather, adds to its functionality.

You can put anything from writing utensils to spare electronic devices such as USB drives and headphones. Better yet, there’s a convenient cubby hole for knick knacks or whatever you want.



an original storage solution

You’ll enjoy this sturdy, wobble-free desk for years to come. Hit up Clippings to learn more.




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