14 Great Bunk Beds For Children

Whether you have one, two, three or more children, bunk beds are a kid’s favorite type of bed. Fighting with your sibling over the top bunk is part of childhood; it’s almost like a rite of passage. Bunk beds are a great way to save on space, and we’ve found several that we know you’ll fall in love with!


1. Morgan Single Bunk


Weary parents tired of shopping around for the perfect bunk bed to match their décor have no need to worry. The Morgan Bunk is like a chameleon despite its clearly white shade.

Its design is simplistic, yet functional while maintaining the integrity of good architecture, lending it to kids’ bedrooms of all shapes, sizes and color schemes.


2. IO Bunk Pod


This bunk bed looks AMAZING. The IO Bunk Pod doesn’t need any crazy color schemes or accessories to look absolutely stellar. Its design speaks for itself; IO is the closest thing to a spaceship sleep pod your child will get. We’re talking U.S.S. Enterprise-level awesomeness.

Even more amazing is the transformation the bunk bed can go through as your child grows. The beds can be separated and reconfigured to grow with your child, including the addition of a loft bed with a desk underneath!


3. Scoop Bunk Bed


With the Scoop Bunk Bed, there’s no need for a pillow fort! Kids can fortify themselves in this bunk bed cleverly disguised as a modern play castle.

Sleep is a place of total comfort and warmth as your child lays nestled in the cubby-style bunk. The built-in ladder ensures that your child won’t have to struggle to find it or risk falling should the ladder knock loose.


4. Happy Beds Vancouver

This space-saving Happy Beds Vancouver design is minimalist in its endeavor, but functions as two beds whenever you are in need of them. The beds easily disconnect, and the top bed can be placed anywhere on its own legs when the need to share a bunk-bed is no longer present.

Designed for function and for sturdiness, this bunk bed is the ultimate in multi-functional furniture.


5. Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed

As your children begin to grow up and their room changes, it helps to have a bed that accommodates this change.

The Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed rearranges easily into different configurations; the bottom bunk can be detached from the loft portion to become a separate or freestanding bed. Oeuf comes with an optional guard rail to keep your child safe, which can be taken off as they age.


6. Storkcraft Twin Bunk Bed


The Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed is a high quality bed which can be transformed into two separate beds. Provided with a solid stepladder and the top bed with guardrail over the full length and available in various non-toxic colors.

This bunk bed looks really nice and is a wonderful addition in your kids bedroom.


7. Cabin Bunk Bed


Most bunk beds leave little room for the sucker that calls top bunk, but that all changed with the introduction of the Cabin Bunk Bed. It was designed specifically to maximize head room so that both users can enjoy time spent in their respective bunk.

Another welcome addition to its design is the spare trundle bed which can also be used for storage by removing the mattress.


8. Zazie Futon Bunk Bed


Bulky beds that take up space aren’t much fun when you’re living in cramped quarters. The Zazie Futon Bunk Bed is a multifunctional kids bed that is both a sleeping space and a reading nook.

Its comfortable futon sits beneath the lofted bunk bed to give your child room to sit, read and relax. The X-frame creates an extra sturdy foundation, so you won’t have to worry about any wobbling.


9. Beanhome Bunk Bed


This stellar bunk bed makes me wish I was a kid again. Bedroom furniture was always so magical, and Beanhome’s Modular Bunk Bed sparks the imagination in a child’s mind. Circular cutouts can become portals on a submarine, and the top bunk can be a tower.

Granted, you’ll probably want all the playtime to go on before bedtime. When it’s not a makeshift castle, the cozy mattresses are the perfect lullaby for sleepy kids.


10. Frankie Bunk Bed


Let me say first of all that I adore the names of the color options. “Deep Domino” sounds really cool. I’m particular to the “Limewash Green” myself. The Frankie Bunk Bed is ideal for pre-teens and teenagers who have outgrown childish designs.

Not only is this evident in the color names, but in the look and feel of the bunk bed as well. You could easily use it for dorms on college campuses as well!


11. Twin Doll House Bunk Bed


What I wouldn’t have given to have this as a kid! Two childrens’ bunks make up the Twin Doll House Bunk Bed. A fun, feminine array of pastel colors create the effect of sleeping in your very own life-size doll house.

The top bunk is on the ‘top floor’, whereas the more open bunk on the bottom would typically be used by the eldest child. The bed also includes storage and steps that can double as bookshelves.


12. DHP Metal Bunk Bed



The DHP Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed is sturdy and has a good bed frame. The front ladder is attached to the bed for extra safety.

There is a guard rail completely around the top bed so parents do not have to worry about their kid ever falling or getting trapped between the wall and bed. This bunk bed looks great and is available in black or silver metal finish.


13. Domino Bunk Bed

The Domino Bunk Bed has everything a kid could possibly want in a bunk bed – and it checks off every item on a parent’s list as well! Not only does this bunk bed set have a sturdy build and mattresses that come with the frame, but it has a secret that only comes out after dark: a glow-in-the-dark ladder.

Getting up for a drink of water is no longer a stumble through the dark, and the built-in shelves for each bunk let kids store their favorite toys.


14. Camden Low Bunk Bed


Just about everything at Pottery Barn looks absolutely amazing. That goes without saying about the Camden Twin-over-Twin Bunk Bed. Poplar wood is what makes up the solid construction of the modern twin frame, which has been finished in brilliant white to fit in with most décor schemes.

Depending on which your child prefers, the ladder can be attached to either side to accommodate what they’re used to.


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