12 Modular Bookshelf Systems


1. Karim Rashid Kurl Bookcase



Glass furniture is so beautiful and surreal. Any piece of furniture becomes infinitely more elegant when made out of glass, which is of course very true when it comes to the Kurl Bookcase.

Wild neon colors boldly go where no shelf has gone before while maintaining a sense of order and dependability. Don’t worry about it scratching your floors – the Kurl Bookcase comes with protective guards for any rough edges


2. Brick / bookshelf systems






Brick evokes the image of something solid, sturdy, and totally dependable. That’s exactly what this modular bookshelf is, and it’s turning heads because of its unusual design. The Brick is tilted at a 45-degree angle, and any books placed on its shelves share its point of view.

For some, this shelf is an essential; the angle takes the weight off of the thin spine of the book and distributes it more evenly, adding a few years to the life of your book collection.


3. Bookcase Totem



Much like the ancient piece of architecture it’s named after, the Bookcase Totem has a design that’s both mysterious and attractive. Mismatched lengths and a smooth lacquer finish make this modular bookcase a piece to be greatly desired.

Each unit fits its angles against the next, creating a sturdy base and seamless interlocking, and shelves can also be flipped upside down for a more striking visual appeal.


4. Woody Column



Woody Column shelving system is made of soap-treated oak sticks and powder-coated steel. The here shown is the largest of the Woody collection. The dimensions are h 77.5″ x w 81″ x d17.5″ (196.5 x 206.5 x 44.5cm).

Woody looks light but has a very stable structure.  A superb product of Hay Denmark.


5. Eziocase Bookcase





The Eziocase Bookcase is the very picture of eclectic style with completely functional shelving. You won’t have to worry about fitting all of your books on this one – the Eziocase several options for angled or straight shelving to balance out its form, and shelves of different sizes hold anything from a pocketbook to a coffee table tome.

Quality design keeps the Eziocase sturdy and durable for many years of literary storage.


6. Urban Bookcase






The rectangular spaces of the Casamania Urban bookcase remind us of an industrial city landscape, bright windows of white space peering through darkened silhouettes of buildings. Of course, these windows aren’t usually filled up with books from corner to corner.

The Casamania Urban bookcase holds books, magazines, knick knacks, and other storage items within its capable walls. The L-shape design lets it fit easily against another Urban shelf, allowing you to customize its layout.


7. Tetra Shelving




Are you tired of a one-size-fits-all bookshelf? The Tetra shelf has room for all the nooks and crannies you could ever need. This trapezoidal bookshelf has a unique perspective on modular storage, and users can order it in either a whole piece or as various composites, allowing them to form different arrangements and shapes of their own.

Ditch your old bookshelf and invest in one that moves and changes with you!


8. Build Modular Shelving






Build is whatever you need it to be – a stool, a centerpiece, or a modular shelving system like no other. The rough diamond shapes fitted together look like a cluster of coral from an exotic reef far away.

The elemental, earthy feel of Build makes it seem like it has sprouted from your walls, ready and willing to hold whatever you want it to. Build easily assembles into whatever configuration you put your mind to, making it a highly customizable option.


9. Puzzle Bookshelf


Puzzle modular shelving system



Fluid design meets modular innovation in the Puzzle modular bookshelf system. Dozens of configurations give you the opportunity to use the full scope of your imagination to construct your masterpiece.

The pieces of the Puzzle bookshelf (which are available in a variety of shapes) fit seamlessly together to create a furniture piece that is both artistic and functional. With five different material options, customization can go even further.


10. Meta Bookcase





The Meta Bookcase is pure, simple and unassuming in every part of its form. This modular bookcase uses plain design, paired with vivacious color, to make any room just a little bit brighter and more interesting. Staggered shelves that are securely attached to one another emphasize this aesthetic further.

Whether you’re using it for an office or study, or you want to add a touch of color to your child’s room, the Meta Bookcase will fit in anywhere.


11. Kartell Sound-Rack





Sound-Rack Storage Unit by Piero Lissoni for Kartell is a multi-purpose stackable shelving system, consisting of rectangular units with a painted steel frame and translucent containers. An ideal storage solution for offices but also at your place.


12. Brickbox Modular Bookcase



These pile up boxes are not just handy for easily moving things from one home to another, they can then stand on their ends and stack sturdily, resulting in an eye-catching wall of unique storage while reducing cardboard waste in moving.

Brickbox Modular Bookcase is durable, comes in various colors, and sleekly store your books, records, pictures, and plants until it’s time to move again. Then? You just grab and go.




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