14 Outdoor Portable Table Lamps

Need an elegant portable table lamp for your porch? A modern table light for dark summer evenings? A lamp to illuminate garden dinners during dusk? These lamps offer various nifty features that will brighten your time spent on the patio.

Don’t forget to decide what’s optimal for your situation. Do you want a battery-operated lamp or a USB rechargeable light? Or one that runs on solar energy perhaps?

1. Carrie


Carrie is a Danish design, imbued with Scandinavian ideas of beauty and utility. The body is made of mouth-blown glass, opalized with acid, and the stand is made from powder-coated steel.

It’s outdoors-safe with a wide handle for portability, but it’s also elegant enough to use as a desk or table lamp. The USB charger gives up to 12 hours’ light from a single charge.


2. Rolling Portable Lamp


Different occasions call for different lighting, and the Metalarte Rolling Portable Lamp is perfect for all of them. Hidden wheels roll silently along from place to place, but you can also use the handle on top of the lamp to pick it up and transport it.

Use it poolside, on your terrace, or anywhere you need some mood lighting. Its compact size will fit in just about any space!


3. Guidelight


The Guidelight lets you choose between the precision of a flashlight and the soft glow of a lantern. It features a swiveling lamp head above a large white diffuser.

Roll the lamp head to one side, and it’ll give you a bright beam of light focused on a single spot. Roll the lamp head downwards, and the light bulb will shine into the diffuser, giving off a gentle warm light.


4. Transloetje


The Transloetje is a riff on the classic table lamp, with a transparent body that makes a feature of the filament light bulb inside. It even features an old-fashioned fabric-wrapped electric cord inside, but instead of plugging into the wall, the cord connects to a USB charger.

The body comes tinted in a rainbow of shades, from simple grey or colorless to bright violet or orange.


5. Lucis Wireless Lighting



With 17 million colors to choose from, the Lucis Lamp certainly gives you enough options. Its clever design doesn’t just please the eye, however. Lucis has no cords, no buttons, and absolutely no app to go with it.

All you have to do is charge it and touch it to turn it on. The Lucis Lamp can light up the night for up to 80 hours, giving you perfect mood lighting that will make it the life of the party.


6. Candela Tooli Set


The Tooli is a pair of matching lamps suitable for indoor or outdoor use, with cute antenna-shaped carrying handles. The two lamps sit on a recharging base, and when they are picked up they automatically start to glow.

They will also turn on automatically if the power cuts out, making them a useful alternative to those power-cut candles under the sink.


7. FollowMe


Tiny, portable, and rechargeable, the FollowMe features a dimmer switch and a tilting shade to offer a choice of direct or diffused light. Its oak veneer handle is wide enough to hook over your elbow, so when entertaining in the garden you can easily carry it out along with a tray of drinks.

It recharges via a USB port and can provide up to 20 hours’ glow, according to the level of brightness selected.


8. Dorcy


The Dorcy isn’t quite as pretty as the other lamps on our list, but it’s been a best-seller for decades thanks to its tough design and powerful bulb.

It’s primarily designed for camping or emergency use, running on four D batteries rather than a USB charge. Put on the unbreakable plastic shade, and it’s a table lamp which is bright enough to read by; take the shade off, and it gives a flashlight-bright beam.


9. Panel Lantern




Perforated iron sides give the Panel lantern a modern look, with a fixed-position handle to carry or hang it by.

Panel Lantern is available in two heights, 8“ or 15“, and a variety of muted colors: several of these lanterns make an eye-catching but minimal centerpiece when grouped together. 


10. Candela Glow



Candela Glow is a set of 8 rechargeable lights in a stylish carry case, which automatically switch on when they’re lifted from the base. The base doubles as a charger, giving each light up to 8 hours of power for each charge.

It’s ideal to keep by your back door for guests to grab a light when they step out into the yard. There are also colored covers available for a fun look.


11. Uma LED Sound Lantern


The UMA is designed for camping, with a Bluetooth speaker as well as a dimmable light. The internal LED light has “Warm-Dim” technology, so you’re never dazzled by a too-bright glow because the light automatically gets warmer as the intensity changes.

Both volume and brightness can be adjusted by a single touch. The speaker has 360o surround sound and is compatible with any mobile device. There’s also a leather carry strap.


12. LED Touch Lamp




The Elecstars LED Touch Lamp is two-in-one mini lamp has a touch-activated dimmable light and an integrated Bluetooth speaker, along with a built-in microphone so you can pick up phone calls hands-free.

The whole thing is tiny – a little larger than a can of beans – and the speaker produces a surprisingly powerful sound for something so compact. Kids will love that you can make the lights flash different colors in time to the music; if you prefer something more sedate for your bedtime reading, you can also set the light to plain white.


13. Color Changing LED Lights


These Color Changing Lights are available in a variety of shapes and sizes – balls, cubes, blocks, even a mushroom or Christmas tree. All are rechargeable and waterproof, and the larger ones are sturdy enough to sit on.

There are 16 color options and 4 color-changing modes, which can be controlled by remote or by the buttons on the base of the light. Simply plug them in to charge with the cable, and enjoy up to 8 hours’ light from a single charge.


14. Lantern Kartell



This portable LED Lantern Kartell designed by Fabio Novembre is the peak of modern design. Its luxurious design boasts of sophistication and classic usage while adding a contemporary feel to any room in which it is applied.

Portable lighting with a steady base, you can take it anywhere with you while still providing an eye-catching piece that many people will want to talk about when they visit.


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