9 Portable Decorative Outdoor Garden Lighting Ideas

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Outdoor lighting is available in a wide variety. Yet if you’re looking for modern, stylish portable garden lighting ideas you may have to do some online digging. In order to help you pick we’ve assembled an overview of contemporary decorative lighting that outshines the much more common rustic, old-fashioned lamps and lanterns.


1. Fatboy Edison Lamp

Fatboy Edison lamp

outdoor floor lamp

Named after the inventor of the first light bulb, the Fatboy Edison Lamp comes in two sizes – a tiny portable one and a medium-sized desk light. Both lamps mimic the traditional shape of a shaded table lamp, but their polyethylene material lights up from top to bottom.

The all-in-one construction means it’s safe to use outside, and the rechargeable LED light gives up to 24 hours’ glow. A good example of portable garden lighting ideas!


2. Oxo Candela Luau

portable outdoor floor lamp

portable outdoor floor lantern

The Oxo Candela Luau is a multi-purpose lamp. Leave it on the charging base, and it’s a stylish table lamp with a dimmable illumination. Lift it off the base and it auto-illuminates, so you can use it as a portable outdoor lamp.

Twist the base to dim the light: it lasts up to 10 hours depending on the brightness setting. Cleverly, it will also auto-illuminate in case of a power failure, so it saves having to scramble around in the kitchen drawers for candles.


3. Loftek Color Changing Light Cube

color changing LED cube

color changing big LED cube

This Color Changing Rechargeable LED Cube brings light to a dark room in a bright way. Modern and minimalist in style, this cube is the ultimate in style-lighting for a room.

Perfect for tabletop, lighting a corner, or needing a display on multiple tables for a party or wedding, it boasts of waterproofness, quick setup, and reducing the carbon footprint by being eco-friendly. Also available as cube night light and cube chair.


4. Fatboy Bolleke Lamp

Fatboy outdoor hanging lamp

Simple and efficient – these are two words I would use to describe the Fatboy Bolleke Lamp. Fatboy doesn’t need complicated design or extra bits and bobbles to impress anyone.

Whether you hang it from a tree or dangle it from a doorknob, it will provide the warm glow of outdoor lighting nonetheless.


5. Solar Glass Ball Table Light

solar glass table light

solar glass ball table light

This cheap-and-cheerful lamp has a bulb which is powered by a solar panel at the top of the table light. Decorative and suitable for indoors in the living room or bedroom and for outdoors. In the day, the crystal glass outer sparkles prettily, and at night it glows with a bright light.

All models are white on the outside, but you can buy models with different colored internal bulbs. Hit the link to learn more about the Solar Glass Ball Table Light.


6. Honey  Lantern

rechargeable LED portable lantern

outdoor LED portable lantern

These lights are modeled on old-fashioned Chinese paper lanterns, brought up to date with colored LED lights inside. You can set the lanterns to dynamic color change, where they cycle slowly through the rainbow, or fix your preferred color.

The Honey Lantern is rechargeable and a leather strap at the top means you can hang it up for extra illumination.


7. Balad Garden Lamp

garden portable lantern

multi-purpose garden portable lantern

Inspired by the days when people had to carry lanterns from room to room, the Balad Garden Lamp is a hanging lamp which can convert to a hand-held lantern with just a touch. Choose to suspend it from the stand (which doubles as a charging station), or lift it off and carry it around with you.

The lamp, available in large or small, has a white polypropylene diffuser shade with a choice of six colored handles. By using a button on the side of the lamp, you can switch between gentle ambient light and bright task light. One of the best portable garden lighting ideas you can buy.


8. LOFTEK LED Ball NIght Light

color changing ball night light

ouitdoor color changing ball

This LOFTEK Color Changing Light is waterproof, floatable an rechargeable. There are 16 color options and 4 color-changing modes, which can be controlled by remote control. Can also be used indoors as a mood lamp or as a night light in the nursery.

Simply plug it in to charge with the cable, and enjoy up to 8-10 hours’ light from a single charge.


9. Rattan Solar Lantern

rattan solar lantern

rattan lantern with solar cell

If you’re looking for a subtle outdoors light, this is the one. Crafted from natural rattan vine (which has been fumigated and sundried), from a distance the Rattan Solar Lantern looks like a birds’ nest.

The interlacing rattan makes striking shadows on walls and floor, with a soothing dim glow.



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