11 Wall Storage Pockets

If you live in a small space and don’t have room for bulky shelves, wall storage pockets are a great way to create more storage space without boxing you in. These wall storage pockets give you the freedom to put storage where you choose, whether that’s clustered together or scattered about the room.


1. Normann Copenhagen Storage Pockets



I can see Normann Copenhagen’s Storage Pockets being a godsend for pet owners, cat owners especially. It’s tough to keep plants out of the reach of their destructive paws, so what’s an apartment-dweller to do?

Use these wall storage pockets as planters, pen holders, utensil holders and more to keep items you don’t want damaged out of harm’s way. They also add a touch of glam to any room you put them in.


2. Three-Pocket Wall File Set


As if your desk wasn’t crowded enough, now your boss wants you to keep your set of files there too. Rather than get a heavy metal file cabinet to free up your desk space, why not use this Three-Pocket Wall File Set and save yourself the trouble?

It easily expands to hold all your most important papers without breaking. You’ll love all the elbow room you’ll be getting when you use this handy storage option.


3. Leather Wall Pockets



If you prefer to have a more eye-catching wall pocket, you should look at these handcrafted Leather Wall Pockets.

Available in two versions: the wide one is suitable for post, keys or glasses and the tall one for pens and pencils. For more info and purchase go to the Brooklyn-based company Crate&Barrel.


4. Leaning Wall Pocket


The Leaning Wall Pocket reminds you of the olden days when pastel mailboxes hung on doorsteps surrounded by white picket fences. This nostalgia comes straight into your home in the form of a modular catch-all shelf.

A slim angle pushes out from the wall to form a pocket shelf for letters, pens and other assorted accessories. For larger objects, the Leaning Wall Pocket is also available in an extra-wide size. It’s a quaint addition to any room in your home.


5. Officemate Magnetic Organizer


When you don’t have room for several wall pockets, this one may be all you need. The Officemate Magnet Plus Magnetic Organizer is as versatile as it is space-saving.

One larger wall storage pocket is divided into three spaces: one for pens/pencils, and the other for miscellaneous home or office items. You can keep everything you need for a grocery list or memo station all in one place. Simple!


6. Origami Wall Pockets



Add the allure of three-dimensional wall art and use it as storage at the same time! The Origami Wall Pocket comes as an attractive ‘pocket’ that can hold a variety of lightweight objects for storage or decoration purposes.

Use it in your office as an on-the-wall pen cup, or bring a little green into your home by using it as a planter. What possibilities can you see in this unique piece?


7. Wallpockets Set



Inspired by clusters of barnacles, these pentagonal tidies can be stuck to the wall in any configuration. One side opens so they can be used to hold small items. These cheap-and-cheerful holders come in a rainbow of different colors and are made from high-density recycled cardboard.

Brilliantly, they are stuck on with adhesive tabs, so no drilling or hardware is required – perfect for extra storage. Learn more about the Wallpockets Set.


8. Over-The-Door Storage Pockets



Have you ever been stuck with a small closet? You know, the one that’s little more than a broom cupboard? I have – it stinks! Thank goodness for this Over-The-Door Organizer with wall pockets.

Cosmetics, notebooks and accessories fit snugly inside each cozy cotton pocket to keep you organized and ready to slay. This wall pocket organizer has all the storage you need so you never have to worry about small closets again!


9. Biggy Magnetic Container


Your shirt pocket was always keep your most precious possessions close to you, and now your living space can know the same comfort.

The Biggy Magnetic Container keeps all the knick knacks you need on hand, and no drilling or nailing is necessary. Perch uses command strips to keep your walls flawless, making this a great addition to apartments or rented homes.


10. Flora Pocket Black



We can’t let the adults have all the fun; these wall storage pockets are just for kids! The Flora Pocket Black isn’t just easy on the eyes. It’s also completely customizable!

Your child gets the fun of decorating their own wall pocket with the chalk included when you purchase it. That’s right – you can draw and write whatever you like on the pocket’s exterior. Simply wipe with a wet wipe to reset it.


11. Umbra Cubby Organizer



The Umbra Cubby Organizer is, perhaps, the smallest coat rack you’ll ever see, but don’t be fooled by its diminutive size. The cubby can hold all of your accessories for going out, including your keys, sunglasses and mobile phone.

Two hooks of the Entryway Organizer let you display your favorite outerwear, but you can always save one for any visitor that comes by and wants to try out this stunning little piece of ingenuity.


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