CATable 1.0 Cat Centered Desk

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“It is a table for us, and a paradise for cats“


We love cats. Our furry friends are often praised for their curiosity and willfullness. Which, we fear, is exactly the problem with this desk. Cats just like to step on our keyboard while we are working.



They need to block our view on the screen once in a while. Or is it that they want to help out?



Anyway, the specifically designed CATable may be changing that. The idea is nice, keep your cat close but give it its own hiding space.

As is the execution, because this table looks awesome. But if it will keep your kitten occupied when you need it? Only one way to kill your curiosity.



CATable 1.0 is created by Ruan Hao from LYCs Architecture, based in Hangzhou and Hong Kong.


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