Dot And Cross Kids Cot Sofa

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As any parent knows, children’s needs change quickly as they grow up, and with these changes comes the need for interior designs to adapt to keep up.

The Dot and Cross furniture line, developed by four Italian interior designers and launched at the 2014 London Design Festival, has been created with this in mind.




The Dot and Cross Convertible Bed is the centrepiece of the range. The crib, featuring soft pastel colours, is oval-shaped to minimise the risk of injury from sharp corners.

The sides, which sweep around the crib to form two near-semi-circles, are designed to be “like the affectionate gesture of an embrace,” and create a space where a young child can both sleep and play.




As a child grows up, however, and graduates from a crib to a bed, the Dot and Cross Convertible Bed can be transformed for another use. With the simple removal of the front wooden rail, the bed changes from a cot to a small sofa.

The rounded sides continue to create a small alcove, perfect for the corners of a child’s room, and the sofa can fit two or three small children for collaborative play.




In this way, Dot and Cross has truly created a product that fits in with their motto, “Design for growing up”! Look it up at Dogtrot.



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