Exocet Chair Offers Various Features

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Exocet Chair functions as a lounge chair, a two person seater, or just a really stylish chair with adjustable backrest. The exceptional chair can be rotated in various positions and thereby provides multiple functions of sitting and lying.

The Exocet Chair has been exhibited – together with the Nyctable, another creation of Stéphane Leathead – in January at the Ids2015, the famous Interior Design Event of Canada. Patent has been requested on the design.

To me this seat is somewhat reminiscent of a snail, which can hide itself in his snail shell or can make itself long. With a little bit of imagination it could remind of a giant clothespin too. A really well-shaped one. Similar to the little household item, Exocet embodies multifunctionality.

Beyond aesthetical pleasure the scultpure-like piece introduces playfulness into the living room. Not only by its appearance but even more so by it’s welcoming character. This chair truly invites one to use it as you please. Whether you sit upright, chill, lounge alone or together, lie down watching TV or just enjoy it’s visual allure.


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Exocet Chair, created by Canadian-based multiple award winning Stéphane Leathead is currently for sale in limited numbers.


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  • hi sirs !
    thanks for this design !! very nice and cute !!!

    but i have few questions :

    1- has this chair a lock for fixing position ?
    2- can i know of designing this chair and its table ? can i make it ???? !!!
    3- how mach this chair and table? can u send me to IRAN ??

    yours truly – ahmad asgha

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