Home-Work Sideboard Desk Combo

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Who doesn’t work at home? Even if you don’t there’s always administrative chores and other desk tasks that ask your attention. But we don’t always appreciate the prominent presence of a desk or workstation.

Or we just do not have room to fit our workstation in the living while the kitchen does have some space. For such situations the Home-Work Sideboard may be a clever solution.




Looks are deceiving when it comes to multifunctional furniture and that’s no different this time. The side board can be easily transformed into a workstation. Which makes that you can add multipurpose to your kitchen too.



The seemingly conventional three-cabinet sideboard hides a slide-out chair in the middle cabinet. When the chair is pulled out of the assembly a writing desk is revealed.

Place your laptop, sit down and get down to business.




The self-contained workspace is great to do some work as well as store your kitchen or office goods. Home-Work is designed by Sakura Adachi and was launched at Milan Furniture Fair 2014.

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