Modern Modular Sideboard Cabinets

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Sideboards are a sneaky way to fit in some extra storage, and that’s why we love them. Sideboards provide a modern look while acting as a display shelf, book shelf, junk drawer, or whatever you fancy them to be. These modern modular sideboards will have you excited to add one to your own home or office.


1. Palafitta

The Palafitta Modular Sideboard is a visual treat, but it’s also a highly functional storage unit. Suspended in the air by a stainless steel frame, Palafitta both provides storage in three large rectagular units and also leaves room underneath for more storage.

Each storage compartment is placed so that the steel frame doesn’t block it, but rather works in conjunction with it to maximize storage space.


2. Cubit Sideboard With Stand

I love changeable furniture. I’m sure there are many like me who don’t want to look at the same boring setup each day, which is why I’m happy to introduce this modern Modular Sideboard from Cubit.

The base is made from one of the strongest woods available on the market: solid oak. If you’ve ever had oak furniture, you know this will last virtually forever. Arrange and rearrange the colored cabinets whenever you choose!


3. Brix with Drawers



This modern sideboard looks almost alien, like a flat line trying to ease its way along the space of your wall. It is a thing of beauty, and it’s perfect for the modern home.

Meet the Brix Sideboard! With different color options for its many drawers, as well as a healthy number of configurations, Brix is bold and brilliant in its design.


4. Way basics Storage Cube organizers

Quaint and cozy, this modular storage cube is just too cute. It’s also a great solution for those living in small spaces. When you can’t fit a full-on bookshelf or dresser in your tiny living space, modular storage brings an end to your troubles.

The Way Basics Eco Storage Cube Organizers are available in both closed and open cubes; it can be stacked vertically in order to create additional storage space.


5. MAKLAINE 3 Drawer Modular Buffet

MAKLAINE’s series of modular storage units has given birth to this modest three drawer buffet. Three push to open drawers allow you to store and organize a wide variety of items.

Thanks to its simple design, MAKLAINE Drawer Modular Buffet fits into any room in your home, whether you choose to utilize it as a sideboard, bathroom vanity, chest of drawers for clothing, or a TV stand with storage for media.


6. HPL Sideboard

Wait… I get that this is a sideboard, but what’s that attached to it? That, my fellow furniture-lovers, is a sleek modern bench with leather cushions. As far as modern modular sideboards go, the HPL Sideboard has to be the classiest and most functional.

Storage drawers combined with comfortable classic seating (the bench is optional) allow you to use your home or office space to your advantage without taking up a ton of room.


7. Credenza Swing

Oh my! Italian design has never failed to amaze, but the Credenza Swing sideboard has raised the bar a couple of notches. The different wood finishes, rather than clashing, create a harmonious design that delights the eye while being exceptionally alluring.

Whether you want to use this as a sideboard, couch table or TV stand is up to you – the possibilities for this unique design are quite endless!


8. Cabinet Base

Sleek and simple, Cabinet Base is the sideboard minimalists need to complete their home décor. Flat white shelves combine beautifully with an oak veneer base to create a magical effect that requires no addition of decoration.

Cabinet Base comes with the option of anywhere from 2 to 4 cabinets, allowing you to leave the base as bare or hidden as you please.


9. Citti Cabinet

Have you seen a vertical sideboard before? Neither have I! Citti is a welcome solution to the problem of tiny apartments and big city life. New Yorkers and other urbanites don’t have the space for palace-sized furniture (or regular furniture for that matter), and every square inch is precious.

Citti is compact and clean, as well as generous with its vertical storage space. Don’t worry if you aren’t an apartment dweller – Citti comes in a horizontal configuration as well!


10. Cas

If you need an extra-long, storage-packed modern sideboard, Cas will rise to the challenge. In fact, Cas has set the bar for the biggest consumer sideboard available, and we have to say we’re impressed!

My favorite thing about this modern modular sideboard is the lighting on the underside of the table, inside the open cubbies. The lighting makes for a perfect display setup to showcase your prized possessions… or your DVD collection.


11. Performanuf

The Performanuf is a furniture piece that can change shape and arrangement with little more than a push is incredibly desirable. Each module on the Performanuf can be slid back and forth, opened and closed, and generally rearranged to whatever suits your fancy that particular day.

It can be a sideboard, bookshelf, cupboard, shoe rack, entertainment center and more. There’s no limit to its uses, and anyone trying to narrow down exactly what its true intended function is will be left without an answer.


12. Play Play

The Play Play Modular Storage concept is a menagerie of colorful drawers in a series of interchangable storage containers.
While it lends itself best to kids’ furniture and children’s bedrooms, adults can use it to form a quirky décor scheme in any room of their home.

Play Play comes in several varieties that feature your choice of drawer colors, allowing you to pick and choose at will and let you take control. Designed and manufactured by De Steyl, Cape Town South Africa.


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