27 Uberstylish Modular Wall-Mounted Shelving Systems

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Want to maximize your living space as efficiently as possible but don’t want to compromize on style? You should really take a look here. We bet you will find the following modular shelving systems interesting. If not alluring. These modern, exceptionally cool pieces let you get creative in your home’s organization.

After all, when you want to optimally use the limited space you’ve got, vertical storage is the way to go. Shelving systems are particularly useful since you keep the floor surface free for other uses.

If you like stylish furniture and enjoy regularly redesigning and organizing your home these list may appeal to you. Rearrange, restyle, behold, admire and perhaps even drool a little bit with these 27 awesome wall-mounted shelving systems.


1. Wandt Modular Shelves



The idea of connecting wall shelves had never occurred to me until now. I always thought of them as floating islands made of metal or wood, but the Wandt Modular Shelves have shown me a new perspective.

The beauty of Wandt is that you can use these floating wall shelves in virtually any room, whether that’s as a floating TV stand or open shelving in the kitchen.


2. Jointed Wall


Half bookcase, half work of art, the Jointed Wall is a collection of rectangular shelving units which swoop across the wall in a large arc.

The black metal frame and wooden shelves are designed to display objects of all different sizes. At its highest point, the shelf has a series of hooks to hold lights, making it perfect for a dramatic look above a desk.


3. Cubit Sectional Bookcase


If you like stylish furniture and enjoy regularly redesigning and organizing your home the Cubit Sectional Bookcase may appeal to you. Made for not just books, this storage of knick knacks, plants, and pictures is a decorative way to draw the eye without creating bulk within your space.

By using the clever unvisible connector system, the modules can be individually controlled, rearranged or extended, depending on the needs and wishes.


4. Industrial DIY Pipe Shelf


You’ve picked out the perfect shelves for your apartment, but what kind of frame will you hang them on? This Industrial-Style Pipe Shelf may be the answer.

The standalone frame lets you install shelving of your choosing on a solid metal pipe frame that can hold up to four shelves. The base can be suspended from the ceiling or anchored to the floor, giving you even more customization options.


5. Sticotti Bookshelf


Available on pre-order from Kickstarter, the Sticotti Bookshelf is a modular piece which can be customized to your own requirements. The entire system hangs from a single wall mount bracket; once you’ve got the main bracket screwed into place, you can clip the shelves into position in seconds using the interlocking system.

The manufacturers pride themselves on the quality of their wooden bookshelves. When you place an order, you will be given a link to a live-stream where you can see the goods being made by artisans in the factory.


6. Infiniti Modular Shelving System


If you had to describe the Infiniti Modular Shelving System in one word, what would you choose? ‘Limitless’ seems like a good choice. Infiniti uses an open shelving system with no edges to allow you ‘infinite’ possibilities for configuration.

Each system comes with two shelves that can be placed together in a variety of different positions on the wall, desk or floor, giving you the opportunity to add on more shelves to your heart’s content.


7. Rivet Contemporary Cubic Floating Shelves


Looking for spacious open shelving in a delightful mid-century modern style? Look no further! Rivet’s Contemporary Cubic Floating Shelves are made from solid iron and rubberwood.

Each shelf is beautifully crafted and has loads of storage space for décor items. The interconnected shelves create a striking display that you’re sure to fall in love with.


8. Up The Wall Shelving System




People change and grow, and their home should be able to expand along with their horizons. The Up The Wall shelving system is ever-changing, allowing users to add on new modules when they so choose.

Up The Wall by Bent Hansen is never still, never fixed. It constantly climbs the walls, providing new and exciting storage space with each new addition. This module is perfect for children’s rooms so it can grow with them, yet be as versatile in their teens as it was when they were toddlers.


9. Randomissimo Module A and B




Playful and totally chic, the Randomissimo Module Shelves are a breath of fresh air for fans of modern design. This open shelving system also comes with a cubby built in that sports a colorful background.

This spot of color adds so much to the already well-designed shelf, and small space occupiers will love the square footage it saves them. It’s both fashionable and conservative; there’s so many ways you can arrange the shelves that it might take you awhile to decide how to put them up!


10. Magnetic Shifting Shelf




Have you ever mounted a set of wall shelves and weren’t happy with the arrangement? Even with simple installation, it’s difficult to move them around. With the Magnetique Shelf by Nils Holger Moormann, you don’t have to worry!

A metal banner goes on your wall; from there, all you have to do to create an amazing shelf display is attach special shelves with a magnetic back. If you don’t like the configuration, simply detach and move them in seconds!


11. Dedal Bookshelf Perforated Steel Plates





Mathieu Matégot (1910-2001) has designed in the 50s of the last century Dedal bookshelf. He was born in Hungary, lived and worked in France and designed numerous timeless products. Dedal Bookshelf is one of them. It is made of perforated powder-coated steel and available in colors black, gray, red, yellow and white.

The shelves can be attached in various ways, horizontally, vertically, or even on the floor. They can be combined with one or multiple colors, all depending to your own taste and preference. In addition to this item Matégot has designed more products from perforated steel like nesting tables, table lamps, bottle stands and magazine racks. The interplay of lines of the curved steel plates, is unique and remains beautiful to behold.


12. Antologia 6 Perpendicular Iron Bars




Antologia 6 is a flexible shelving system that consists of iron bars which are perpendicular to each other, to which shelves can be added. There are four different modules. Some are 10 cm from the wall and others 20 cm so that they can overlap, allowing for splendid compositions to be made.

A prescribed way to fit the modules together is not there. You can place one or more modules to the wall or in the corners, let them overlap each other and create splendid compositions.

The vertical and horizontal lines of the bars represent the bookcase a minimalist look. Available in polished lead or matt white at LOVEThESIGN.


13. Ashley Efharis Wall Shelf Set


Decor charm doesn’t have to come in complicated sculptures or mammoth mid-century modern couches. Sometimes, all you need is a simple, modular wall shelf.

The Ashley Efharis Wall Shelf Set comes in glimmering gold and natural wood for a clean-cut modern look. Use them to accessorize any room by placing small plants, knick knacks, or chic décor items on its minimalist shelves.


14. Magnetic Spirit Fixing System




Magnetic Spirit, a design concept, was born from the idea that everyone who wants their spirit let run free, should be able to make his own design. According to the designers Benoît Bayol en Christophe Bricard.

Magnetic Spirit an architectural furniture and interior design concept which potential is so great that its limits are invisible”.

Depending on your wishes or mood you can change the setup whenever you want. There are four distinct embodiments of Magnetic Spirit, which are made of hot-treated lacquered steel, 100 percent recyclable and executed in the colors black, white, warm gray or red.

The magnetic and easily detachable components can carry a weight of 16 kg. To us it has something of a Mondriaan-like appearance. You actually could be inspired by anything and make your own cubistic ‘painting’ made out of shelves. How cool is that? More photos and info at The Design Home.


15. T.Shelf Triangular Shelf System




T.Shelf is an another shelving system that lets you arrange its configuration. The triangular units can be converted into different configurations and thus, functions.

Go modest sized, small or create a large shelving system. T.Shelf by designer Jae Won Cho grows with your need for  storage space.


16. Alma With Fabric Panels





With Alma Shelf metal modules you can create your own unique storage system for your lovely books and beautiful objects. Really special and surprising are the fabric colorful panels on the inside of the units.

The three different modules, small, medium and large, can be hung and arranged where you want, to your own preference and taste.


17. Fishbone Shelf




If you want to leave your guests with an impression, consider purchasing the Fishbone Shelf. Rather than use a flat shelf, the designers decided to go with a less conventional choice: an upside down V-shape.

The result is an interesting and eye-catching bookshelf that functions as well as it impresses. Books can be placed at an angle on either side of the shelf while the middle point is used as a makeshift bookmarker. Simply leave your book facedown on the point and pick it up later.


18. Konnex, Linked Cubes


Konnex consists of a basic set of three cubes. Through the unique lock-in system it is possible to create a shelving system to your own needs and preferences. Each cube has comb-like slits in the side wall, with which the separate units can be linked to each other.

The uniqueness of this system is that you can compose the units in different ways. With several basis sets you can create large shelving system. Designed by German-based designer Florian Gross.

Visit Connox for more information.


19. Tangram Floating Shelf




The idea for the Tangram Floating Shelf is based on the ancient Chinese tangram puzzle. A tangram consists of seven pieces, the tans, which together form a square. These pieces are five rectangular isosceles triangles in three different sizes, one square and one parallelogram.

They may be arranged and re-arranged on the wall in a variety of configurations, creating a sculptural style, practical for books and other decorative items. By combining the tangram pieces, you can create an unlimited number of configurations, not only geometric shapes but also animal and human figures or certain objects.


20. Build Honeycomb-like Shelving System




Build is a flexible and durable shelving system that is easy to mount and to demount. Another seemingly organic system that, with its hexagonal shapes, resembles honey combs. Mother Nature’s winning formula is utilized in many life forms due to its strength, simplicity, and durability. No wonder there’s now a honeycomb cluster shelving system.

You can run wild your imagination and design a configuration to your own needs and taste. Mounted on the wall, the composition provides a sculptural appearance. The units can be held in place and mounted on the wall by using special clips.

Build is available in the colors white and black and in the versions open back and closed back. Made from polypropylene, a very light and a shock absorbing material which is lightweight and 100% recyclable. The modules can not only be installed against the wall but also free standing in the room. In addition, a separate module can function for storage, as a seat or low table. Find out more in our earlier post.


21. Stacked STorage system




After the success of Stacked storage system from Muuto, JDS Architects have created a new version of Stacked, with backboard. By combining the units with each other you can create your own shelf system. The units with and the units without backboard can be used together.

They can be connected with colorful steel clips. The boxes are available in many color options and multiple sizes.


22. SheLLf Modern Bookcase


Kristalia SheLLf Modern Bookcase is, quite literally, a work of art. Originally intended to be a one-hit-wonder wall sculpture, it has expanded into the world of wall shelving.

SheLLf appears to burst out from the wall with its 3D protrusions and angled shelves. A multitude of cubes give you all the storage space you need for displaying your best treasures.


23. KINGSO Rustic Wall Shelf


Can we say “100% Instagrammable”? Yes we can! KINGSO’s Rustic Wall Shelf is just the right mix of modern and minimalist. The shelf makes the perfect centerpiece for any room.

You can utilize its three shelves to hold any number of knick knacks and display items. KINGSO mounts directly to your wall with just four screws and is a piece of cake to assemble, so you’ll be snapping cute photos for Instagram in no time.


24. Make / Shift With Waved Edges

Make-Shift-img   Make-Shift-modular-shelving-system


Make/Shift is a self-adjusting shelving system that can be installed not only against a wall, but also at almost any angle. The wedge shaped units are attached to each other by the waved edges. This unique shelving system is carried out in a variety of different materials, including expanded polyproylene better known as ARPRO that is lightweight, flexible, strong and hypoallergenic.

Also, with transparent clips at the backside of the shelves, so that they remain invisible, can be created free-standing compositions. In shape and color the units can be adapted to any room.

Make/Shift is designed by Peter Marigold.


25. Dots Bookshelf




Dots bookshelf consists of a modular system of panels to which small wooden cylinders are attached in a regular pattern. The creation has won the Red Dot Design Award 2014 in the category of Interior Design Elements. According to the jury:

This shelving system is very flexible in use, easily adapting to individual needs and different room requirements in a user-friendly way.

Designed by Aris Architects for Polarislife.


26. Z-Shelf Of Bent Metal Sheet




Designer Ron Arad has created many beautiful design furniture pieces for Moroso, including Do-Lo-Rez sofa.

Here we have Z-Shelf: modern stylish bookshelves of lacquered steel, which can be mounted on the wall in many different ways.


27. Citybook Connected With Magnets





Citybook, designed by Antonella Di Luca and and Ubaldo Righi is a flexible modular system that can be suitable for a variety of rooms. The modules can be connected to each other by small magnets, which offers the possibility to create superb shelving systems.

With the modules and bases can be endlessly varied and compositions can be made to your own taste and needs.


What do you think?

Have a favorite? Or more? Hard to choose only one right? Let us know what you think below.



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