15 Modern Floor Reading Lamps

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15 Modern Multifunctional Floor Lamps

You want your floor lamp to do it all, but is it possible? Thanks to these 15 modern multifunctional floor lamps, it is! You’ll save loads of space that would normally be taken up by three separate furniture items, leaving you to enjoy the extra room and reap the benefits of these excellent lighting solutions.

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Reading Lamps with Shelf/Table and USB Port


1. DLLT LED Floor Lamp


DLLT’s simple functionality makes it an ideal addition to any room in your home. Whether you’re setting up your home office or adding some lighting to your living room, this multifunctional floor lamp fits right in.

DLLT LED Floor Lamp features a contemporary design with features like a pull chain, USB port, and tray table. The linen fabric lampshade has excellent light transmission that illuminates your space without being harsh on your eyes.


  • Highly affordable and good quality
  • Slim, space-saving design
  • Easy to use and setup


  • Some users complain that the base isn’t stable enough
  • Tray table is rather small
  • Only one USB port


2. Rivet Modern Floor Lamp


With a distinctly mid-century modern style, Rivet Floor Lamp illuminates your space with more than just a light bulb. Its clean white design is refreshing and chic, but what’s even more refreshing are the features it comes with.

Tripod legs keep the lamp steady, while the tray table is edged to prevent items from falling off should the table get bumped. Also included are double pull chains and a USB charging port.


  • Trendy, dependable design
  • Very stable base
  • Metal shade makes it easy to clean and maintain


  • More expensive than other lamps with comparable features
  • Only one USB port


3. LED Floor Lamp with End Table


If you’re a bookworm like me, you want plenty of space on your end table for your favorite novels, but squeezing a floor lamp in there as well can be complicated. This LED Floor Lamp with End Table with a built-in end table isn’t complicated at all.

It’s a simple solution that you’ll love, especially since it has a second shelf underneath. It’s also Alexa-compatible for smart homes and comes with a single USB charging port.


  • Plenty of storage for couch-side items like remotes, books, etc.
  • Lampshade rotates for optimum lighting angles
  • Great price point


  • Possible design quality issues
  • Softer lighting, not ideal for full illumination of your space
  • Low-amp USB port


4. Brightech Sky Ultra LED Floor Lamp


Not a fan of lampshades? Well, with this minimalist floor lamp, you don’t need one! Brightech Sky Floor Lamp features a clean design that still has all the features you love without a cumbersome lampshade that you have to dust and wash.

Its dimmable LED light is powerful enough to light an entire room, yet soft enough to create mood lighting. Built into the floor lamp is a USB port and wireless charging system with a small tray table attached to the base.


  • Wireless and corded charging
  • Slim, space-saving design
  • Modern and minimalist
  • Great price


  • Tray table is very small
  • Some users reported difficulty with the wireless charging function


5. Brightech Maxwell Charger Shelf Floor Lamp


Brightech’s Maxwell Floor Lamp proves that you can have both plenty of shelving and a space-saving design. Three petite shelves have all the room you need for your remotes and electronics, with soft mood lighting and two USB charging ports, all at a great price point. The Maxwell Charger floor lamp is Alexa, Google, and Apple compatible.


  • Additional outlet built into the lamp next to USB ports
  • Available in a variety of finishes
  • Lovely Asian contemporary style at an affordable price


  • Plastic frame that can cause the lamp to be slightly unsteady


Reading Lamps with Table/Shelves


1. ROTTOGOON Floor Lamp


One of this lamp’s best features is its simplicity. It’s easy to use, easy to assemble, and its clean, modern look is to die for.

ROTTOGOON’s Floor Lamp comes with an adjustable lamp shade so you can angle the light just where you want it. It also features a tray table and a floor switch where all you have to do is step on it to turn the lamp on.


  • Warm white lighting that’s easy on the eyes
  • Foot switch
  • Elegant modern design


  • Slightly wobbly base
  • Small tray table


2. Hsyile Contemporary Floor Lamp


If you’re going for the ‘wow factor’, Hsyile’s Contemporary Floor Lamp is the way to go. Bold brass tones pair with a brilliant faux marble base to create a look your guests will love.

Hsyile provides precise lighting for those cozy afternoons when you want to curl up with a good book or browse Pinterest on your phone. The lamp won’t tip or wobble thanks to the heavy marble base (yes, real marble!).


  • Genuine marble base
  • Unique contemporary style
  • Large table surface
  • Slim design
  • Adjustable lamp head


  • Incandescent bulb instead of LED
  • Advertised as gold tone metal, but looks more like brass


3. OYEARS Modern Floor Lamp


OYEARS’ Modern Floor Lamp is a bookworm’s best friend. The curved neck of the lamp hangs right over where you need light the most without having to tilt or swivel the lamp head.

Equipped with a small tray table (with just enough room for a novel and your coffee cup), OYEARS provides eye-friendly lighting packaged in a space-saving modern design that fits in well with any home.


  • Simple design that blends with most decor
  • Lamp head tilts up to 45° vertically and 270° horizontally
  • Easy assembly


  • On switch is at the top of the lamp
  • Not very sturdy


4. CASATOCA Floor Lamp


College students will love how affordable and beneficial this floor lamp is. CASATOCA Floor Lamp uses an iron frame to give its lamp sturdiness and durability, preventing tipping and giving the product a long life.

Two shelves give you a small space to put decorations or knick knacks, and the company claims to have provided a “dust-proof” lampshade that’s also dirt-resistant. A floor switch is provided to turn the lamp on and off.


  • Affordable and durable
  • Rustic style that also fits in with modern spaces
  • Can use either LED or incandescent bulbs


  • No way to turn lamp on/off except for the floor switch
  • Not much storage space


5. Catalina Lighting Metal Floor Lamp


Catalina Lighting’s Metal Floor Lamp boasts ease of use and a quick assembly, but it has plenty of other features going for it. This highly affordable lamp has a modern design that features two storage shelves, a black matte metal base, and a hidden cord that runs through one of the legs.

At just under $56, it’s a great budget option that still lets you decorate your home or office with some modern charm.


  • Hidden rotary switch
  • Slim and space-saving
  • Good value for your money
  • Easy assembly


  • Cord is rather short
  • Not very sturdy
  • Some users have reported that the legs aren’t even


Modern Adjustable Floor Reading Lamps


1. Brightech Eclipse Modern LED Floor Lamp


Like the sun itself, Brightech’s Eclipse Floor Lamp illuminates every corner of your space for the brightest and clearest home lighting. Eclipse’s design mimics the shapes of the moon and the sun as they form an eclipse; two hoops, one resting inside the other, compose the head of the lamp.

A convenient touch switch is set with three brightness levels that vary from mood lighting to full room illumination.


  • Highly modern design
  • Powerful illumination
  • Both hoops can be adjusted independently
  • Built-in dimmer switchCons:


  • The pole/frame is very thin, so some wobbling may occur
  • No replacement hoops exist if the lighting fixture burns out


2. Miroco LED Floor Lamp


Miroco Floor Lamp has a very interesting take on the mother daughter lamp. Instead of having two separate lamp heads, Miroco combines them into one.

Both sides of the lamp head illuminate and have separate controls with so many color temperature and brightness options that it’ll make your head spin. The lamp is controlled via an embossed/debossed buttons on an easy-to-use touch panel.


  • Chic and modern
  • Inexpensive, yet high quality
  • Simple touch panel for controlling different lamp functions
  • Adjustable height
  • 1-hour timer


  • Doesn’t work with light switches; some users had trouble with smart plugs as well


3. Dodocool 2-in-1 Adjustable Floor Lamp


The perfect reading lamp doesn’t exist… or does it? If it does, the Dodocool 2-in-1 Lamp certainly comes close. Cuddle up with your favorite book and this versatile reading lamp without having to get out of bed to adjust it.

Dodocool’s control switch is at the top of the lamp head, which has a goose neck for adjusting the angle and tilt. You can also adjust the color temperature and brightness, as well as set a sleep timer.


  • Fully adjustable, all from the comfort of your bed or desk
  • Multiple light settings
  • Slim modern design
  • Flicker-free lighting that’s easy on the eyes


  • Instructions for assembly are complicated
  • Base isn’t very sturdy


4. TaoTronics LED Floor Lamp


Why get up from your cozy spot to adjust your lamp when you can do it via remote? TaoTronics Floor Lamp comes with a magnetized remote that will stick to any metal surface, making sure that it’s always in a convenient spot and never lost.

Uninhibited by a lamp shade, the rounded lamp head diffuses eye-friendly light all around the room, while the smaller ‘daughter’ lamp gives precision lighting for reading and other activities.


  • Wide variety of brightness and color temperature settings
  • Lamp head swivels 90º to the left or right
  • Sofa-hugging design
  • Weighted base for stability


  • Many users have reported issues with delivery, broken parts upon arrival due to poor packaging


5. Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp


Three lamp heads are always better than one. Brightech’s Trilage Arc Floor Lamp is a statement piece that your guests will not soon forget. Standing at a whopping 84 inches tall, the lamp easily illuminates your entire space.

Each lamp head can be swung around to different positions; placing it between furniture pieces would making sharing the lamp a no-brainer. Users can choose to light one, two, or three lamp heads depending on how much light they need.


  • Elegant statement piece
  • Highly adjustable thanks to “spider” lamp heads
  • Solid marble base


  • Lamp heads cannot be operated individually
  • No dimming feature


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