15 Unique Space-Saving Multifunctional Staircases

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bookshelf staircase


Bookshelf stairs. Astonishing staircase that doubles as a bookcase in which every inch of space is utilized. Great example of how a staircase can become a favorite part of the home. I already see myself snuggling up with a book and cup of tea. Design by London-based Levitate Architects.


concrete and steel stairs with storage space


Renovated house by Kodde Architects at the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam with of concrete and steel stairs. In this old renovated canal house the combination of concrete and steel offers a very exclusive and exciting look.


stairs with built-in storage cabinets and drawers


Stairs with built-in storage cabinets and drawers in a small apartment in Manhattan. Designed by Specht Harpman Architects.




Slide next to the staircase, smart creative multifunctional staircase and fun for kids. Found on Gizmodo.


slide and bookshelf stairs


What’s better than a sliding staircase or a library staircase? A staircase that stores all your books and has a slide!

This slide and amazing staircase and bookshelf combo is part of the Panorama House which also features reading nooks, and even cinema seating oriented towards a projection screen.


wide stone staircase


Great wide stone staircase with wood treads on top with a vast amount of space for books. But not only books, this is a great example of how a stair becomes part of the interior instead of being an element that lets you transport yourself to another floor.

We are already imagining pillows and trays added to it to make it even more part of the day to day living room.


staircase with storage underneath


From the wooden planks of a bookcase Design Studio Sundaymorning has created these staircase in a renovated house in a Pine Wood in Tuscany. The stairs with storage underneath perfectly suits the bookcase that connects with the staircase itself. Wooden stairs and bookcase contiguous.

Look it up at Italian-based Studio Sundaymorning.


staircase doubles as storage cupboards


Staircase doubles as storage cupboards in this tiny Paris apartment by French architects Schemaa. A bit steep if you ask us but very stylish nonetheless. Image via Dezeen.




Modern staircase part of a tiny house on wheels called 221 square feet tiny house on wheels named hOMe.  More photos on Home DSGN.


drawer staircase


One of the most logical and obvious ways of making optimal use of the unused space of stairs, staircase drawers. Actually, if you think about it, it’s strange that not more closed staircases have drawers.


staircase with hidden storage system


A more evolved version of the drawer staircase, an even more space efficient staircase with hidden storage system. This understairs storage-system is a combination of multifunctional and space-saving staircase design.


staircase to loft with built-in kitchen


Staircase to loft with built-in kitchen. The kitchen appliances fit perfectly underneath the staircase. Image via TinyHousePins.


thin staircase combined with cooking hood and book storage


The clever merger of various architectural elements in  this amazingly thin staircase combined with cooking hood and book storage. We also like the techno looks of this set-up.


bookshelf staircase


This white staircase also utilizes the often unused void beneath for book storage and a visually pleasing aspect is met as well. Especially the wooden fish grate floor matches perfectly with the rest of the room.

You could say, with this bookshelf staircase, the floor really ties the room together. Image via Inhabitat.


stairs with a rope swing


These cool stairs with a rope swing are part of a rooftop house extension called the Didden Village in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. More about this interesting project by MVRDV.

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