The Garden Room In Michelberger Hotel Berlin

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Berlin isn’t the first place you think of when you’re considering a luxury hotel, but you should really take a closer look at the options this metropolis holds.

Architect Sigurd Larsen transformed the hotel room in both indoor and “outdoor” space by means of a wooden house surrounded by a “garden”.




The designer has created The Garden Room in the popular Michelberger hotel. The room includes a plywood house that conceals a bedroom, sauna and bathroom.




The design is so unique and extraordinary that you may never want to leave your hotel room. After all, who can resist a built-in sauna that’s just feet away from a plush, comfy bed?




What’s more, the sauna and house are completely private – that means no more sharing a room with sweaty travelers dressed only in towels. You have the place all to yourself!

Via Dezeen.


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