6 Floating Corner Mount Shelves

Are you trying to get rid of clutter, but you don’t have room for regular wall shelves? Floating corner shelves are a great idea for those who want more leg room in tiny spaces.

Whether you’re dying to show off your book collection, or you just want a place to put some knick knacks, floating corner shelves solve the problem with grace and ease.


1. Wave Corner Shelf


I love this idea! Some couches take up every square centimeter of floor space, and the Wave Corner Shelf solves this problem beautifully.

You can place it in the corner next to your sofa that lets you use it as a magazine rack, a place for your coffee or tea, or a spot for all your TV remotes. The shelves are quite broad; you’ll have plenty of room for storage and display.


2. Shelving Solution Corner Shelf


Do you struggle to keep plants out of your cat’s reach? Maybe you just don’t like the idea of a big, bulky bookshelf taking up space in your living room. Shelving Solution Corner Shelves make for a quick fix.

These floating corner shelves take up very little space, but they’ll have a big role in tidying up your house. A great budget option, Shelving Solution Corner Shelves are also a good gift idea for the minimalist in your life.


3. 3D Diamond Corner Shelf


3D printing has become a very popular way to create anything from basic models of buildings and tools to furniture and home d├ęcor. If you have a 3D printer at home, you may want to consider the Diamond Corner Shelf model from CG Trader.

It’s designed for a single item (or several very small items), and it adds character to whatever room it’s in. With this floating corner shelf, you get the option to customize it as much as you like.


4. Franklin Shelf


The Franklin floating corner shelf is different from its peers. Why? Because it can be mounted two different ways, and each has its advantages. Franklin can be placed on inverted or protruding corners.

Handcrafted from sturdy hardwoods, this floating corner shelf will last you for years and years. Franklin Shelf lends itself more to display items rather than a full-on bookshelf, but there’s nothing stopping you from putting a few novels up there.


5. Pivot Shelf


Do you have too many corners in your house and not enough room for shelves? The Pivot Shelf solves this problem with ingenuity and finesse.

Its clever design allows you to mount it on inward-facing and outward-facing corners with ease. You can set just about anything on its sturdy platform.


6. Danya Large Corner Shelf


Danya Large Corner Shelf has a reversing geometrical design of corner shelving that easily mounts into corner spaces. No walls are needed! Every nook and cranny of your space has potential, especially those unused corners where no other furniture piece will fit.

Thankfully, this Corner Mounted Shelf is just the ticket. Place any knick-knacks, books or other items on its sturdy structure and watch spare floor space magically appear! Available in multiple colors.


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