Halo Mix & Match Seating System




The Halo Seating System has the habit of making you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Its plush cushions let you sink into it while remaining firm enough for support, but that’s not the best part about this inventive piece.




The Halo has an adjustable backrest that lets you rearrange its features for different seating options.




One minute it’s a leisure sofa with room for three, and the next it’s a single-seater for watching your favorite shows on Netflix.




The Halo coordinates with your daily schedule in ways no other seating system can. Why pay for several different seating options when you can get all of them with a single purchase?




Thirteen different colors make spicing up your living room d├ęcor a breeze; you can personalize without having to over-accessorize. Look it up here.



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